A Story of Love and Revenge (Naagin+Kawach) Season 2 Part: 25

Thanks Jasminerahul, sarvesh and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. And I’m really sorry for being late. My tests has started and I can’t ignore my studies. Will try my best to update next one soon. Today is my birthday as well, so don’t forget to wish me. So, Let’s start part 25. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Shagun/Tanvi try to kill Shivanya, Rithik’s power is water, Rishabh and Rocky are Yamini’s sons, Girls confronting Tanvi.

The Episode starts with Shesha saying Raina, you’re naagin..!! Pari says But I remember..You was honeybee previous time….Right..?? Raina says Yes..I know..Actually.. When I see Tanvi.. I was shocked….I prayed Maa Durga to give me Naagin powers..She hear my prayers. Shivanya says But you’ve powers same to Naagvanshis..Right..?? Raina says Yes..But you’re more powerful than us..!! Tanvi says Oh Oh! Shivanya says Now Tanvi.. Will you tell us truth..OR..we use some other way..Hmm..?? Tanvi says Oh..So too much craziness to know truth…Hmm..?? Shesha says Just says it..!! Tanvi says Truth…. So Truth is that I was almost died that day..!! Shivanya gives confusion-expression and says But.. Shivanya then gives shocking expression and says What..?? You died that day..?? Tanvi says Yes….But thankfully to Saudamini..who saved me….Flashback….

Tanvi is shown in her room. She takes out poison and dies. Saudamini, who was seeing all this , comes to Tanvi’s dead body and thinks this girl is so mad in her love..crazy girl..Wait a min..Why should I not help her. Who knows..She take my Revenge..?? She takes poison out from Tanvi’s body using her powers. Tanvi wakes up. Flashback ends.

Raina says I wish she has let you die on the spot..!! Shesha says She kamini witch..!! She died but give us a shock..!! Tanvi smirks and says Then who has completed revenge.. Hmm..?? Shivanya says What happened next..?? Tanvi says Saudamini make me understand that I should take revenge from you..She also tell me about your powers and this that you’re naagin. She tell me that I can also be supernatural…Flashback….

Saudamini comes to Guru Maa’s cave taking Tanvi. They both are shocked to see Guru Maa’s dead body. They enter in cave next. They saw some books. Tanvi sees a jar and a snake been captured in it. Tanvi was to open bottle’s lid but Saudamini shouts Arey..What are you doing..?? Beware..!! Tanvi nods.

Tanvi sees a book and reads title of book, Naagvanshi. Tanvi says its seems to be so tough to read..!! Saudamini says Let me read..!! Tanvi nods and gives book to Saudamini. Saudamini says I explain you in simple words..It is written in old Language, called Sanskrit..!! It is written detail fully in book, so I summarize to you to tell.. okay..?? Tanvi nods. Saudamini reads. After Saudamini completes it, Tanvi smirks. She looks at jar. Saudamini asks Tanvi to do it. Tanvi opens jar’s lid. Snake come outside. Saudamini says Now..what I’m saying..do same..okay..?? Tanvi says okay..!! Tanvi holds snake. Saudamini chants mantras.

Sometime later….
Light blasts inside the cave. Inside the cave, Tanvi is shown in half human and half snake form. She shouts Now, I’ll take my revenge. Saudamini says Oh..Enemy of Wisdom.. Have patience.. There is written in book.. that it will take four years for you to turning into full Naagin. 4 years. Tanvi says I’ll wait..!! Saudamini says Good..From now..This cave is your residence..okay..?? Tanvi says of course..!! Flashback ends.

All are shocked hearing truth. Raina turns into her human form. Someone opens door. She is Amrita. Amrita is shocked to see Tanvi. Tanvi smirks and turns to her Shagun’s form. Divya comes and says Maa is calling you all. Amrita says Yeah..let’s go..!! All girls come to hall. All boys were there. Yamini says Everyone listen.. I want to make a announcement..!! Roshini says yes, say..!! Yamini says Rocky and Rishabh are my own kids..!! Rocky and Rishabh shouts on Yamini for separating them from their family. Someone shakes Yamini. It was Rishabh. Rishabh asks Is everything okay..?? Yamini says I want to tell you something. Rishabh says Yes, Tell us..!! Yamini says Beta..If I say I’m your and Rocky’s mother then..?? Rishabh says Then obviously.. You’re our mother. Yamini bursts out Rocky and Rishabh..you’re my own..my biological sons. All are shocked.

Rocky says Aunty.. Yamini says Yes..its true..I’m your mother..!! Shivanya says How it is possible..?? All question same. Shagun/Tanvi smile evilly and thinks This family drama will continue for long. She controls her smile. Rocky and Rishabh asks Yamini..Is it true..??? Yamini says Yes..!! Rishabh and Rocky hug Yamini.

Rocky says Maa..Rishabh says Maa..!! Rithik says will you not meet your brother..?? Hmm..?? Rishabh says of course. Rocky and Rishabh hug Rithik. Rajbeer has teary eyes. Rithik sees and says Arey Rajbeer.. why are you standing there..?? Come and join us. Rithik opens arms. Rajbeer also join them in the hug. Shagun/Tanvi fumes. Screen freezes on “R” boys.

Precap: Rishabh says But how all this happen..?? Yamini says This incident happen when you was inside my womb..!!

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  1. Happy birthday Shakaib. I’m silent reader of Fan fictions. Daring to comment to wish you. And episode was superb.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Rivanya.

  2. Sarveshjoshi42

    Amazing Part it was and i really loved it and confrontation of all girls to tanvi was awesome and last part when yamini told truth that Rocky and Rishabh are his own sons i really liked that scene very much and plzzz update it soon .

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks sarvesh.

  3. Jasminerahul

    shocking that its saudamini who saved tanvi n made her a naagin brainwashing her 2 take revenge.hope d real shagun escapes n makes an entry.surprising that rishab rocky r yamini’s sons.waiting 2 know what happened btw them.loved the hug of all 4 boys

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine di. Next part will disclose Truth.

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