A Story of Love and Revenge (Naagin+Kawach) Season 2 Part: 24

Thanks Jasminerahul, sarvesh, geeta and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. So, Let’s start part 24. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Rocky accepts Shesa’s naagin truth, Rivanya tell each other about Rosha, Rocky proposes Shesa, Rainaa tells Shivanya about Tanvi.

The Episode starts with Shivanya saying that But How she become ichadari naagin..?? Rainaa says I don’t know this..!! Shivanya says you go, I come, Rainaa says okay..!! She leaves from there.

Shagun/Tanvi, who was overhearing this while hiding, is shocked. Shivanya thinks I’ve to wash face….Maybe my tiredness go away..!! She goes to washroom. She opens tap. Shagun/Tanvi smirks. She comes inside. Evil tune plays. She releases fire from her mouth. Room starts burning a little. Shagun/Tanvi thinks Now, Neither you’ll get water to stop fire nor you’ll be saved Shivanya….My first target will end..!! She leaves from there.

Shivanya,who was in washroom, thinks what happened to water suddenly..?? Rithik, who was in hall, says From where this smell is coming..?? Rishabh says its seems that something is burning..!! Rithik runs from there..!! Rithik comes to his room. He is shocked to see fire. Shivanya opens washroom door and is also shocked.

Rainaa thinks Why Shivanya isn’t coming, I go and check. She leaves from her room.

Naagin tune plays. Shivanya says this fire…. Rithik says You stay there….I do something..!! He thinks I wish, I could get water now..!! Rithik’s eyes turns grey. Shivanya is shocked. Rithik’s dress changes to some other dress(Arhaan’s dress from kawach).

Rithik’s hand lifts up and water releases from his hand as well as mouth. Rithik is shocked as well as Shivanya. Rainaa comes.

Fire get stop and everything change in its old form. It was seeming like something has not happened. Shivanya runs and hugs Rithik. Rithik also turns in her real form. Rithik says Shivanya, How I’ve done all this..?? Rainaa recalls Maa Durga’s Words; Rithik’s power is water, he can do anything with water, even he can release water..!!

Rainaa says Shivanya, Tell Rithik about Tanvi..!! Shivanya nods. Shivanya tells Rithik about discotheque incident. Rithik is hell shocked. He says I’ll not leave that Tanvi. He tries to go but Shivanya stops him, saying, Rithik, you take care of family. Rithik nods. Shivanya says and ask Shesha and Pari that I’m calling them to Shagun’s room. Rithik says okay. Rainaa says now we’ll handle Tanvi by our own way. Shivanya and Rithik nods. Rithik says Do your work. Shivanya nods and takes Rainaa with her. Rithik leaves from there.

Rithik comes to hall. Rithik says Shesha and Pari, You both go, Shivanya is calling you both in Shagun’s room. Shesha and Pari nod and leaves from hall.

Rithik says Rajbeer, Rishabh and Rocky, you trio come with me. Yamini thinks, I never tell anyone….How much bad mother I’m, I can’t shower love on my Rocky and Rishabh, Please forgave me my son Rocky and Rishabh. Rishabh, Rocky and Rajbeer leaves with Rithik.

Screen shifts to Shagun/Tanvi’s room. Shagun/Tanvi is Laughing evilly and says Shivanya…. your topic is end today….Now, Garland will also be with your portrait..!! Someone opens door. Shagun/Tanvi is hell shocked.

Rocky, Rishabh, Rajbeer and Rithik comes to garden. They sit there. Rocky says Anything important..?? Rajbeer says Is everything okay na..?? Rithik says Wait a minute….I tell you all matter..!!

Shagun/Tanvi says Shivanya..!! Rainaa says you think you have finished Shivanya, so sad, that water flow over your dreams. Shagun/Tanvi fumes. Shivanya says Shagun, will you not ask your would be bhabi to come inside..?? Sorry….Why I ask you..?? Shivanya and Rainaa goes inside.

Rocky says But when all this happen..?? Rishabh says I’m getting a feeling that I’m more in supernatural world than Humans’ world. Rajbeer says But how Tanvi become a supernatural..?? Rithik gives Don’t-Know-Anything expression.

Screen shifts to Shagun/Tanvi’s room. Shesha and Pari come. Shesha says is everything okay, Shivanya..?? Pari says I guess, there’s some thrilling news for us..?? Shivanya says more thrilling, than your thinking….Close door and come here. Pari closes door.

Shivanya says Now welcome Shagun, oops sorry, Tanvi. Shesha says what..?? Pari says Tanvi.. Is she the same Tanvi, to whom Rithik was to get married..?? Rainaa says yes….She is the same Tanvi. Shesha and Pari are shocked. Shagun/Tanvi turns into her real form/Tanvi. Pari, Shesha and Shivanya are shocked.

Naagin ki Shakti plays. Tanvi turns into half human and half snake. Seeing this, Rainaa also turns into half human and half snake. All are surprised. LORD SHIV IS SHOWN. Tanvi and Rainaa looks at each other. Screen freezes on Rainaa and Tanvi.

Precap: Tanvi says Truth….So truth is that I was almost died that day….. Shivanya says But….What..??

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Tanvi’s plan to put Shivanya in fire flopped.ritik saved shivanya.thrilling scene when ritik’s form changed to save shivanya with water.surprise is that ritik has d power of water.r rishab rocky yamini’s sons?unexpected twist.what really happened?waiting to know tanvi’s truth.plz say how rainaa who was honeybee became a snake?

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine di….Actually this idea suddenly get in my mind to show rishabh and rocky as yamini’s sons. Next part will tell that exactly what happened with tanvi..!! Actually…While Riana praying was to Maa Durga, she felt, she should be a naagin to defeat tanvi….because in previous time… All was with her…. As tanvi us evil naagin as well… And bee’s power is somehow less than naagin also so she think of being naagin….!! It will Riana’s POV in next part as well.

  2. Sarveshjoshi42

    Amazing part i really liked how Ritik saved Shivanya and at end girl power shown i really liked that and plzzz update soon.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks sarvesh.

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