A Story of Love and Revenge (Naagin+Kawach) Part:7, 8, 9 & 10

Thanks Siddhi,RSTHEFFWRITER,Jasmine,Ramya.Riya,Lucky,Raseeda and all for reading and giving love to my fan fiction. Let’s start Part 7-10.
Recap: Pari is Shivanya and Shesa’s sister,Shivanya,Shesa and Pari do Shiv Tandav, Rainaa feeling guilty,Rithik sees Rainaa,Pari,Shesa and Shivanya.

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The episode starts in Raheja House,Rithik comes to Shivanya and says you’re a naagin. Shesa says No!we’re….
Shivanya: Stop Shesa! now I can’t hide truth from Rithik because i….
Rithik: what,Shivanya?
Shesa: Shivanya,you know,he is….
Shivanya: However, he is,I’ll tell him truth. Listen Rithik, I’m a naagin, your Father and Saleish uncle kill my parents.
Rithik: What????I’ll not spare you!
He strangulates Shivanya.
Rainaa: Leave her!
Pari pleads Rithik to leave Shivanya. Shesa try to stop Rithik but Rithik pushes her. Shesa is shocked. Rithik lifts Shivanya in air. Trio are shocked.
Shivanya thinks: My Rithik love me,he won’t try to kill his love.
Shesa bites Rithik. Nothing happen to him. Shivanya,Shesa,Pari and Rainaa are shocked!
Pari: He is not Rithik. She sees sindoor and throws some of it on Rithik. Rithik falls on bed. Shivanya falls on sofa. Shivanya stands. Saudamini appears and says what happened to you Shivanya? did your love try to kill you? Shivanya says so, it means you were inside Rithik’s body.
Saudamini: But this black naagin bites your pati, only sometime am your love will die. Shivanya aka shesa to take her poison back. Shesa: OK! and turns into snake and takes her poison back. Saudamini take shesa and goes to garden. Rainaa says Shivanya ,you take care of Rithik and I go and save Shesa. she turns into bee and leaves. Pari too turns into snake and leaves.
Shivanya says Rithik opens your eyes,if something happen to you,how will I live? Rithik opens his eyes. Shivanya hugs him. Rithik wipes her tears and says what happened, Shivanya? Shivanya says nothing and hugs him again. Rivanya tune plays. Rithik smiles.
In garden,Shesa turns into human Rainaa and Pari too reaches and turns into human. Pari says leave shesa,otherwise I’ll not spare you, Saudamini! Saudamini says what will you do???? Pari strangulates Saudamini. Saudamini gets a shock. Saudamini manages push Pari. Pari sees her hand and is surprised and shows Saudamini. Saudamini is shocked to see sindoor on Pari,s hand. Pari says will you leave now or I come to you! Saudamini leaves.
Shesa and Rainaa comes to Pari and hugs her. Pari says Shiv Ji and Hanuman Ji will save us from all troubles. Shesa says Pari,where will you go? Pari tells her. Shesa says OK! Pari says I’ve to leave. She leaves. Shesa says Rainaa,you can leave if you wish. Rainaa says I’ll live with Shivanya that evil spirits can come back anytime. Shesa says OK! And please take care of my sister. Rainaa says OK! you don’t worry and leaves in her bee form.
Pari is seen going in her snake form. Swalika comes and takes her. She reaches near a cliff. Shesa thinks why I’m feeling
like someone own, is in trouble! Is Shivanya is in trouble, no, Rainaa is with her. Yes Pari,I’ve to go to Pari. Shesa turns in her snake form. Saudamini sees her and thinks these sisters always reach for their help but not this time. She enters in Shesa and turns into human and leaves. She reaches near cliff. She goes sto Swalika and shouts leave my sister. Swalika gets fear seeing Shesa/Saudamini and leaves Pari. Pari turns into human. Shesa/Saudamini goes to Pari and says good bye,my cute sister. Pari says what are you saying,shesa? we are sisters and have promise to help each other in any problem. Shesa/Saudamini says from when you came in my life, Shivanya starts giving you more importance, and forget me. Now I’ll forget that you’re my sister. Pari is shocked.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ ⑧

Shesa/Saudamini pushes Pari. Pari was to fall but someone holds her hand,she is none other than shesa/saudamini. Shesa/Saudamini thinks I want to kill her and now,me is saving her. She try to leave from Pari but can’t. Saudamini comes out of shesa. Shesa comes into her senses and saves Pari. Pari says wow! saudamini,what a trick you plan, I was almost trap in your plan that shesa is killing me but…. Shesa says I’ve a vardaan that I’ll save my sisters from all troubles then how someone use my body, even me harm my sisters. Both smiles.
Swalika says what’s going on,I was to kill Pari but you…. Saudamini says what? I want to kill her by my hands. Pari says get lost from here. Both leaves.
Pari says shesa, I’ve a doubt in my heart! Shesa says what?Pari says how I save after falling from cliff? Shesa says do you know someone, who can tell you? Pari says yes,Hera Ji can tell us and you know that she has ask me to go to yogi raj. Shesa says let’s go! Both leave in their snake form. Pari reaches to Hera with shesa. Hera says Pari,I’ve got powers by which we can kill those evil spirits. Hera says who is with you? Pari says she is my sister. Hera says it mean yogi raj has tell you,Pari says yes,he has tell me that I’m a naagin! Hera says what? Yogi raj didn’t tell me this! shesa says it means you save Pari after she fall from cliff. Hera says yes, flashback,
Hera pass by cliff and sees a girl,holding branch of tree. She hills her hand and save her from falling. She thinks don’t know!, whose child she is? Yogi Raj comes searching for Pari. Yogi Raj thinks it’ll be better for that she live in humans’ world. He asks Hera to take care of Pari and to send her to her when she is of at least 22 and leaves. Hera thinks how can I grow up a child? it’ll be better I give her to Bundela family. Hera goes to Bundela house and asks kamo Dadi to take care of Pari. FB ends.
Pari says now we three sisters will wind story of those three evil spirits. Shesa says yes. Shesa says now,I go to shiv mandir. Pari says OK! Shesa leaves. Pari thinks what will happen, if family come to know about my reality, I love Rajbeer, I don’t want to lose him. she leaves.
Next morning,
Rithik gets ready. Shivanya comes and says at last, my pati Dev get ready. Rithik smiles and thinks slowly, Shivanya is falling in love with me. Rithik says let’s go. Shivanya sees bee and thinks what Rainaa wants to say to me and says you go, Rithik, I come. Rithik says OK! Rainaa turns into human and says sorry Shivanya, I can’t take care of your family! Shivanya says what happened, why you are saying like this? Rainaa tells her about Manjauliaka killing anky! Shivanya says really, it happened! Rainaa says yes Shivanya! Shivanya says it’s first time four new muss that evil destroy evil! Rainaa says what? Shivanya says yes, aliyah Raheja kill my parents. Rainaa says it means, I was taking tension in free! Shivanya smiles. She’s leaves. Shivanya come downstairs. Rithik says we’ve to do papa’s last rituals now!
At cliff, They completes anky’s last rituals. Yamini sees at Ankush’s dead body and thinks now, I can’t live with this secret more. she signs to Shivanya to come and leaves from there. Shivanya follows her. Yamini says Shivanya,I hide this secret from everyone. Shivanya says what, Maa?
Saudamini sees Shesa in mandir from outside. she thinks I can’t kill them but can kill her sister’s love from her. She goes to Shivanya and shows her that she is strangulating Yamini! Shivanya sees and thinks, if she do something to, no, she calls Shesa.
Shesa hears and comes out of mandir. Saudamini leaves from there and enters in shesa. she changes her form into Shivanya and goes top Rithik. Shivanya/Saudamini/Shesa signs to Rithik to follow her. Rithik follows her. Saudamini/Shesa/Shivanya reaches near cliff. Rithik too comes there. Shivanya sees and is shocked. she says Maa,2 minutes,i come and leaves. Yamini sees Divya weeping and goes to her.
Shivanya/Saudamini/Shesa turns into Shesa/Saudamini and bites Rithik. Rithik shouts Shivanya. Shivanya comes to them. Rithik falls. Saudamini comes out of Shesa and says your sister’s love is dead.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ ⑨

Shesa says Saudamini, I’ll not spare you! and moves towards her. Saudamini leaves and comes beside shesa. Shesa sees backward. Shivanya says Saudamini, you’ve done a big mistake today, I’ll not spare you! Saudamini says what will you do,naagin? First fight with your enemy! A Mongoose comes and changes his form into human(played by Rajat Tokas).Saudamini says you must be thinking that how I come to know that he is your enemy, then listen,Flash Back
Manjauliaka says to Saudamini;Maa!I know a way by which we can kill those naagins! Saudamini says what’s the way? tell me! Manjauliaka says Guru Maa! Saudamini says who is she now? Manjauliaka tells Saudamini about Guru Maa. Saudamini says she is the only way…. Swalika says go fast Maa! else we come to know those naagins have kill her too. Saudamini says OK! and leaves. Saudamini comes to Guru Maa,and says Guru Maa! Guru Maa says who? Saudamini says here! Guru Maa sees saudamini and says who are you? Saudamini says I’m too naggin’s biggest enemy and want to Tell me the ways by
which I can defeat naagin. Guru Maa says these are naagin’s biggest enemy and their powers are greater than naagin,if they join hands, then how many naagin/naagins come,they will kill all! A mongoose and pea-hen comes. Guru Maa says Take them with you! They’ll help you! Saudamini takes both in her hands and leaves.
Guru Maa is seen tensed. She thinks, who WS she,and what relation both have?But it’ll be better that naagin die! FB ends.

A Pea-Hen comes and turns into human(same Mayuri as in naagin). Shivanya thinks, how we not will handle them! we need someone for help,but…..yes Pari and Rainaa. She calls Rainaa and Pari. Rainaa comes I’m her bee form and turns into human.
In Bundela House, Pari thinks Why Shivanya is calling me? I’ve to go to her. She sits like a naagin. Rajbeer sees and says Pari. Pari stands and says what happened? Rajbeer says we are going to do last rituals of papa, will you not come? Pari says sorry rajbeer, I’ve a headache that’s why I can’t come. Rajbeer says its OK! if you don’t want to come. Rajbeer leaves with family. Pari turns into naagin and leaves. Bundela family comes to the same place where Anky’s last rituals was happening. Pari comes to Shivanya and turns into human. Pari says what happened to Rithik? Shivanya tells her. Pari says and who are those? Shesa says our Biggest enemy, this one is kabir;an ichadari mongoose/nevla and second one is Mayuri;an Ichadari Morni/Pea-hen. Rithik opens his eyes and says Shivanya. Shivanya says shesa,once again,please do a favour on me,save my….I mean, save Rithik. Shesa says he is your love and I’ll save your love for you! Shivanya says is Shesa saying right, is Rithik is my love? Shesa turns into snake and takes her poison back. Kabir turns into mongoose and attack on Shesa. Pari helps shesa. Mayuri turns into Pea-hen. Shivanya says come Rainaa! Rainaa says OK! all join and user their powers. kabir turns into dead human body. Shivanya and Shesa throws his body from cliff. Saudamini asks Mayuri to attack! Mayuri attacks on all. Shivanya Shesa,Pari and Rainaa wins. Mayuri too dies and turns into ash. Saudamini sees Rithik waking. She enters in his body and calls Swalika and Manjauliaka. Rithik/Saudamini stands band says Shivanya! You help that naagin, you cheat me Shivanya, I love you and you make joke of my love. Shivanya says listen to me,rithik,its not truth….Rithik says you mean,my eyes are cheating me. Rajbeer sees Pari and come here. Rajbeer says Pari. Pari sees and is shocked. Rithik/Saudamini try to fall from cliff but Rajbeer save him/her. Rajbeer says what are you doing? Rithik/Saudamini slaps Rajbeer tightly. Rajbeer falls and gets hit by stone. Manjauliaka and Swalika comes. Rajbeer try to stand but falls again and gets hit by stone again. Shivanya sees here and there but can’t find Saudamini. She thinks is Saudamini inside rithik? Rithik/saudamini says i can’t give you pain and can’t bear this pain but can get free from his world and moves back and falls. Saudamini comes out Rithik’s body.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ ⑩

Shivanya says Rithik and sees down. She moves her hand to Rithik and save Rithik. Shivanya says wakeup rithik! Pari says Rajbeer! Shesa sees all coming and leaves. Rainaa too leaves. Saudamini says let them express their feelings and leaves. Swalika and Manjauliaka too leave. Pari says wake up,rajbeer! Janki says what happened to my rajbeer???? Pari says that saudamini try to kill rithik but Shivanya save him and she harm rajbeer! Yamini says are you sisters? Shivanya says no! Aangad says then how you know so much about this???? Pari says Maa; we’ve to take rajbeer hospital, its not time to talk! Kamo Dadi says Pari is saying right! we’ve to take rajbeer hospital! Rithik wakes up and says Shivanya! Shivanya says rithik and hugs him. There Sung pyar mai nahi chodna, plays in background. Rithik says but why you try to to kill me? Shivanya says she was not me, She was naagin. Rithik says Sorry Shivanya! but I promise you that I’ll never doubt on you, again. Shivanya thinks why I feel, he is the one, who is made for me.
Pari says please take rajbeer to hospital. Bundela family takes rajbeer to hospital.
Dr treats him and tells family that he is save but…. Pari says but what, Dr?Dr says his face was totally injured that’s why we’ve done his plastic surgery. Pari says Face is not important for us, infect Rajbeer’s life is important for us. Dr SAS thanks for understanding the problem! and leaves.
Dadi says we go to home, when there is pari, nothing can happen to out rajbeer. Janki smiles and says yes and ask everyone to come.
Bundela family reaches in House. Dadi says let’s do pooja for thanking god! Shreya says yes. Pooja starts. Hanuman Chalisa starts in background. Swalika sees this and thinks I’ve to tell Maa! She calls saudamini and Manjauliaka. Manjauliaka SAS today,there one step they take out, they will go up! Saudamini smirks. Swalika think I feeling first time like humans us to, why I’m so scare,no!I’ve to concrete on my revenge! All comes out of house mandir.
Saudamini strangulates Kamo Dadi. Dadi shouts for help. Manjauliaka use her powers and kill all there. Janki hides and cries. Dadi dies.
Saudamini says Janki,come out, see you Jagad…. Janki thinks,Rajbeer’s father and come out. Saudamini says I wish your husband could be alive but only because of you, he dies. She was to strangulate Janki but Swalika says Maa! Saudamini says what? oh! you’ve not kill anyone yet,right and you want to kill her,its OK! You can! saudamini says I leave with Manjauliaka and you kill her. She leaves and Manjauliaka too leave. Swalika moves to wards Janki. Janki shouts No!
After Some time,
Swalika’s hand are seen red. She leaves from there.
In Raheja House,Raheja family comes. Yamini says Shivanya,I’ve held a pooja in house and want that you do pooja. Tanvi says why,aunty? Yamini says for house’s peace. Tanvi says you think when a manhoos like her is here and sees at Shivanya. Tanvi continues saying peace can’t come in this house! Rithik shouts Tanvi! Tanvi says truth will not change by shouting, its truth that she is manhoos. Rithik slaps her and says have you ever look at you? first,look at you and then throws mid on others. Tanvi leaves. Shivanya smiles seeing Rithik. Rithik sees Shivanya and smiles. Rivanya tune plays. While,Suri comes with his wife. Screen freezes on Rithik,Suri and Shivanya.

Precap: Shivanya kisses Rithik. Saudamini says yes, Swalika is not my own daughter.

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