A Story of Love and Revenge (Naagin+Kawach) Part: 11 to 15

Siddhi,mouni roy fan,Lucky,Jasminerahul,RSTHEFFWRITER,Ramya.riya and all for reading and giving love to my fan fiction. Let’s start Part 11-15.

Recap: Saudamini try to kill Shivanya using Rithik’s Body,Shesa/Saudamini bites Rithik,Rainaa,Shivanya,Shesa and Pari finish Kabir and Mayuri,Rithik slaps Tanvi.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ 11

The episode starts in Raheja house. Yamini says you go to your room. Rivanya leaves. Yamini greets Malisha and Suri.
Rivanya enters in their room. Shivanya says rithik,why you save me respect in front of all. Rithik says Shivanya…. Shivanya says what???? Rithik says let’s play a game. Shivanya says OK! Rithik says so then close your eyes and you’ll see the person without which you can’t live,without which your life is in completed,the one you love. First,I’ll! Shivanya nods. Rithik closes his eyes. Someone opens his eyes. She is none other than Shivanya. Shivanya kisses Rithik! Rithik smiles. Someone pinches rithik. Rithik opens his eyes and says Ouch! She is Nome other than Shivanya. Rithik says what are you doing? Shivanya says its since 10 mins, you don’t open your eyes. well, who came in your imagination???? Rithik says you! ! Shivanya says really!OK! now I’ll do this. Rithik says of course! Why not? Shivanya close eyes and imagine rithik in her mind. Shivanya opens her eyes. Rithik says you open eyes so early, well! who was? Shivanya shy and leaves. Rithik thinks Shivanya is too slowly loving me! Shivanya think is Rithik is the one who is written in my destiny. She sees Malisha and her eyes turns into red and recalls about her parents’ death. She thinks tonight, is turn of third one!

Swalika come to saudamini cave. Manjauliaka says what are you saying Maa?
Saudamini: Yes,Swalika is not my own daughter!
M: but how it happened?
Saudamini: I was passing by Janki’s room in hospital and see a baby. Janki was unconscious. I go inside and then, FB starts starts….
Saudamini: Dr, what happened to the lady?
Dr: A car accident was happen and lady is hit by car and she is 7 months pregnant. We tried our best to save Baby and Mother. Now both are save.
Saudamini smirks. Sh e starts black magic on Dr and asks him to go out and tell her family that Patient has lost her child. Dr does same as saudamini says. Saudamini thinks, this baby will be my weapon,if my reality reveal and she will be my weapon. FB ends.
Manjauliaka: But if she come to know about this….
Saudamini: don’t worry,I’ll snatch all powers from her. and then she will be a simple soul then.
Manjauliaka: and her body!
Saudamini says, Her body and soul are separated. Flash Back,
Saudamini comes in old haveli and says Bhaironat and Hera turn you into Ashes. I cant change you onto body again because you’re my weapon. a weapon by which I can fight. But will separate your body and soul. You’ll be Change into a evil spirit. She spells and blows towards ash. ash turns into human. Saudamini says you’re unconscious,you cant know this! she puts hand in Swalika’s Mouth and take out! she opens her hand and Swalika’s soul appears. Saudamini says Swalika and starts her drama. FB ends.
Kawach’s earlier title tune plays. Swalika is shocked. Saudamini says if she only see her body,her soul and body will join together but will happen if she knows the truth. Both laugh evily.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ 12

Saudamini: If she needs her body,she has to first turns into Simple soul. Swalika leaves.
Screen shifts to hospital. Dr says to pari, Rajbeer can get discharge tonight,well remove his bandages from face tonight. Pari: thanks Dr.
PARI comes to Rajbeer’s room. She sits near Rajbeer and says yull be fine soon. and you know all are waiting for you in home. Swalika comes. Pari says you! Swalika hugs her and says sorry bhabi! Pari is shocked. Pari Says Bhabi! Swalika says yes,rajbeer is my brother and you’re my bhabi! Infect Bundela family is my real family. Pari is shocked. Pari says what are you saying? You’re that Saudamini’s…. Swalika says I too was cheated by her. She tells her. Pari says Swalika, are you saying truth? Swalika says yes bhabi! And will you go to old haveli and get my body back. pari says to be honest, I don’t want to believe you till but trusting on you once. Swalika says thanks bhabi. Pari reaches old haveli and start searching for Swalika’s body. Hanuman Chalisa plays in background. Pari thinks where saudamini can kept body? Yes,behind grave. She sees body and gets happy.
Swalika comes to saudamini and strangulates her. Manjauliaka says she is our mother, how can you do that? Swalika says if she can hide my reality then its nothing. Saudamini pushes her and shouts,Now! and starts snatching Swalika’s Powers. Swalika lifts in air and shouts. She falls. Saudamini says you’re a simple soul now, Swalika says thanks, saudamini for helping me and how can you forget that my body and soul can join. Good bye. She leaves.
Saudamini says let’s stop her Manjauliaka. Manjauliaka says OK! Both leaves.
Swalika comes to pari. Pari says your body is here, see it fast. Swalika sees. Saudamini and Manjauliaka comes. Saudamini shouts no! Swalika gets stuck with her body. light blasts. Swalika wakes up and says now,I’m a simple human. Manjauliaka says I’ll kill you. Swalika says is she coming? Pari says yes! I called her. Saudamini says who???? A woman enters and says me. Saudamini and Manjauliaka turns back and are shocked to see. She is none other than Janki. Swalika says how was a shock? Saudamini says but you kill her! Swalika says yes,I was to kill her but,FB starts….
Swalika moves towards Janki. Janki says no!please don’t do this! Swalika was to strangulate her but take sher Hans back and says don’t know,but why I don’t want to kill you,even I want to kill you,go! I leave you! She sees Kamo Dadi and goes to her and says don’t know! but my heart is saying,today that happened,is not happen right. Suddenly,she touches blood! Janki says thanks!FB ends.
Pari says and I call Maa,to come with Hera Ji! Manjauliaka says what a plan you make! and claps. Hera enters with bhaironat. Hera enters with bhaironat. Bhaironat says Hera! let’s do our work! Saudamini thinks I’ll not spare him! She signs to Manjauliaka to come. Both go to Bhaironat and strangulates him. and use their powers. Bhaironat starts hanuman Chalisa. Saudamini leaves from there. Manjauliaka too leaves. Bhaironat falls. Hera comes to him. And says guru dev! bhaironat says Hera! its my last be
breath. Hera says don’t say that! bhaironat says yes,its true,but make rajbeer and pari marry and you know…. that you will give powers to pari. Hera says yes. but don’t leave me alone.bhaironat says my life’s journey was till there and dies.
Hera stands and saudamini and Manjauliaka,I’ll not spare you! Swalika goes to Janki and hugs her and says Maa! Janki says you’re my daughter. Swalika says yes,I’m your daughter. Janki says meri bachi/my daughter.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ 13

Pari says first, I too not believe that Swalika is member of our family, but when I saw her body,I was too shocked. Janki says she isn’t Swalika,infect she is my Roshni, Flash Back
Jagad comes to Janki and says Have you think of child’s name. Janki says yes,if daughter born then name will be Roshni. Jagad says OK! and if son born then We’ll name him shakti. Janki says OK! Both smiles.

Pari says Maa! I want to tell you something. Janki says yes,tell me. Pari says Roshni knows this and its your right that you know about me! I’m naagin. Janki says what???? Roshni says yes Maa! Its truth. Hera says pari is saying right. Janki says however, you’re but you both love each other. And lobe don’t see anything, if see,then only hearts. Pari smiles and ask Hera when marriage will happen? Hera says Tonight.
At Hospital,
Pari,Hera,Roshni and Janki comes. Dr comes and says you can now see Rajbeer,come with me! Pari says OK! and leaves.
Doctor arrive at Rajbeer’s room, and informs him that his bandages are going to be removed now, he will be able to see his face again. Pari,Roshni,Janki and Hera comes. Rajbeer holds Pari’s hands while the doctor remove the bandage. Rajbeer opens his eyes. . Rajbeer(played by Vishal Singh) sees his face in mirror and is shocked. He says Pari its not my face. Doctor says yes,we’ve done plastic surgery and give you another face. Rajbeer says How will my family members react,have you ever think? Pari says Rajbeer,for love,Face isn’t important, however,your face is changed but Heart,is that of My Rajbeer’s. Rajbeer hugs pari and says thanks pari.
Rajbeer sees Roshni. Roshni hugs him. Janki says she is your sister. Rajbeer says really! Pari says yes! Rajbeer says but how can a evil spirit be my sister. Pari tells him. Roshni says Bhai! Rajbeer says yes! Roshni says that Saudamini and Manjauliaka has killed our family. Rajbeer says what? Janki says yes and tells her. Hera says you’ve to marry pari! Rajbeer says I’ll marry pari!
At Night,
In Raheja House,
Suri: Malisha, I’ve work with Yamini Ji! you enjoy and I go!
Malisha: OK!
Suri comes to Yamini.
Suri: What going on Yamini?
Yamini: none of your business.
Malisha is seen. Shivanya is seen coming. She changes into Suri. and comes to Malisha.
Suri/Shivanya: I’m sorry to say but….
Malisha: What?
Suri/Shivanya changes into shivanya.
Shivanya: today is your last day!
Malisha: You!
Shivanya: Yes,its me,that naagin,who wants revenge.
She bites Malisha.
Suri try touch Yamini but Yamini holds his hand.
Yamini: Revenge is started and I’m 100% sure that your wife Malisha will too die in this game of revenge.
Suri: What????
Yamini: yes!
They hear shout.
Malisha dies. Shivanya leaves. Suri comes here. Suri cries over Malisha’s dead body. All comes.
Rithik: That naagin has not spare them too! Shivanya says rithik. Suri: I’ll not spare that naagin. Suri says I’ll do her last rituals now!
Rithik: But….
Suri: its final.
He throws petrol on Malisha and burns her.
Malisha’s dead body slowly turns into ashes.
Yamini says you all go,I console Suri. All leaves. Yamini says Suri,I’ve said you that your wife will die, and its happened. Suri says get lost! Yamini leaves.
At mandir,
Rajri’s marriage starts. Pundit asks Mantras. Hera do Pari’s kanyadan. They take pheras. Rajbeer makes pari wear mangalsutra. Rajbeer then puts sindoor in Pari’s forehead. Pundit asks them them to take elders’ Aashirwaad.
At Bundela house,
Saudamini comes and says I will not let happen their last rituals. They can’t live in peace after death too. She throws fire on house. House burns. Saudamini leaves.
Rajri comes and see ashes instead of house. Janki cries. Roshni consoles her. Hera says yes its time to do the real work. Pari says yes. Hera says see in my eyes. Pari sees. Hera says now all powers of mine is yours. Powers transfers. Hera falls.

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ 14

Pari sits near Hera and says Hera Ji! Hera says only,you can fight with them and its last time,we’re seeing each other. It was rule that I’ll die but to be honest, I don’t care about my life. Hera dies.
Pari says Hera Ji’s sacrifice will not go waste. I’ll kill those evil spirits. Janki SAYS where we’ll go? Pari says Raheja house. Janki says yes Chaya will help us. They reach Raheja house. Yamini sees and says You! Pari says yes,I’m that girl that was on cliff. Janki says I tell you and tell about Saudamini and Manjauliaka.
Yamini: I accept they are. It can happen. You can live here.
Yamini take them to their room.
Rajbeer: Maa! I and pari go! you and Roshni take care.Roshni says yes!
Rajri come to their room. Pari says Rajbeer. Rajbeer says yes! Pari turns into naagin and the into human.
R: I know this.
P: what????
R: yes! Maa tell me.
P: will you accept me!
R: Yes, but I want right on you.
P: you have already right on me.
Both consummate. Song plays, Tumhe Apna banane ka junoon in background.
Next Morning,
Shesa comes to Shivanya,Pari too comes. Shivanya says Now,its turn of fourth killer,Guru Maa!
Shesa says yes! Pari says shivanya, I go with shesa. You take care of rithik. Rainaa comes and says I too go with them. Shivanya says OK! you go and kill Guru Maa!
Shesa: yes.
Trio leaves.
Rithik comes and says shivanya! I’m going with Suri uncle to shiv mandir.
Shivanya: OK!
Rithik leaves.
Tanvi while sitting in room thinks, Why Maa and papa leave me alone in this world where no one takes care of me,just think of themselves. I can’t live a life like this. She takes out poision and drinks. Tanvi dies.
Shivanya pass by Yamini’s room. Yamini calls her and asks for rithik. Shivanya says he go to Shiv mandir with Suri uncle. Yamini is shocked. shivanya says is all OK?
Y: No shivanya!
S: What happened?
Y: You remember,I was to tell you secret but you leave from there,yesterday.
S: yes Maa!
Y: Suri is killer of Naag/Naagin. Shivanya is shocked and says what?
Y: listen, when rithik was of 5 years. Murderers kill this naag/naagin for naagmani. rtihik’s real father is not Ankush’s Raheja,infect my real pati/husband,Sangram Singh. He was seeing this. He runs to me. Been a Pattni/wife,he tell this to me. Those murderers come to us in search of Sangram. Rithik was seeing this. Ankush raheja take rithik and then,Flashback,
anky says to Yamini to Kill your pati otherwise, Rithik will die. Sangram says Yamini kill me. Yamini says what are you saying?He says yes. Suri comes and says I’ll count till 5 otherwise your child will be shoot. Yamini says no! Ankush says 5,4,3….
Sangram says shoot me Yamini, Yamini shoots sangram. Sangram dies. Ankush’s fills Yamini’s hairline with sindoor and says from now,you’re my patni/wife.


S: Suri is 5th killer.
Y: yes. yesterday,when he come to me,he said to me that he’ll kill rithik. please save rithik.
S: Now,its turn of last one,the one,which I didn’t see in my Parents’ eyes.
Y: You’re naagin.
Shivanya turns into half human and half snake and says yes,and Suri,I’m coming,a naagin is coming!
Y: Go! Complete your revenge and save my Rithik.
Shivanya turns into snake and leaves.
At Guru Maa’s cave,
Shesa,Pari and Rainaa reaches at Guru maa’s cave. Pari try to enters but cant.
Rainaa sees some type leaves on start. Rainaa says I try to enter and enters in cave. She comes back with holding guru maa with neck. Shesa and pari looks at her in anger. Guru Maa says who are you???? Shesa says Naagin. Guru maa looks in shock. Pari says you killed our parents na, now its your end here. Rainaa says yes and she also know where is naagmani????

ⓟⓐⓡⓣ 15

Guru Maa says I tell you about naagmani and you’ll leave me. Pari says OK! Shesa says but…. Pari signs shesa to stop. Guru Maa comes back with naagmani. She says you think I’ll give you naagmani back. shesa says yes and trues to touch naagmani but lifts in air and falls. Guru Maa says it was a simple stone, which cause of your losting of powers. Only 1 hour, your powers will be finish. She shows them naagmani and says it’s real one. Rainaa snatches naagmani from guru Maa and says Ichadari makhi ho mai/I’m ichadari bee. Your death starts now. She pushes guru Maa. Shesa says world can change in one hour and you’re a simple human. She changes into half human and half naagin. Rainaa turns into half human and half bee and says I think you’ve not see a bee from near,will you wish to see,I think yes,she carry guru Maa. Pari change into human and Then snake and then human and falls. Shesa says pari. Pari stands and says shesa you kill our parents’ murderers, don’t worry for me,I’m fine. Rainaa and shesa kill guru Maa.
Shivanya reaches Shiv mandir. Suri is seen with rithik. Suri turns Rithik and stabs him. Shivanya shouts Rithik. Rithik falls. Shivanya comes to Suri and says Suri you’ve done much sins but today you’ve done your life’s biggest sin and naagin will not spare you for this! she bites Suri. Suri dies.
Shivanya checks rithik pulse and shouts rithik! She says you’ve promise that you’ll not leave me,yes naagmani can save you. She calls shesa.
Shesa says why shivanya is calling me???? She asks pari and Rainaa to come. All leaves.
Shesa,Pari and Rainaa comes to Shivanya. Shivanya says Please find naagmani,to save rithik. Rainaa says shivanya, there’s naagmani. She gives naagmani to shivanya. Shivanya puts it on rithik. Rithik become fine and wakes up. Song plays,
pal bhar thair jao
Dil ye sambhal jae
kaise tumhe roka karoo
mere taraf aata
har gam phisal jae
aankhon me tum ko bharoo
bin bole bate tum se karo
agar tum saath ho
agar tum saath ho
rah be rah be
nahair nagia se tere duniya me
mere duniya ha there cahaton mai
mai dhal jatee hoon there aadton me
agar tum saath ho

Both cries.

tere nazron me hai tere sapne
tere sapno me hai narazi
mujhe lagta ha kai batain dil ke
hote lafzon ke dhokebaazi
tum saath ho ya na ho kya farq ha
bedard thi zindagi bedard ha
agar tum saath ho
agar tum saath ho

Shivanya says rithik why you was leaving me?

Palke jhapakte hoon
din ye nikal jai
bhaite bhaite bhage phiroon
mere taraf aata
har gam phisal jae
aankhon me tum ko bharoo
bin bole bate tum se karo
agar tum saath ho
agar tum saath ho

Rithik says Don’t cry shivanya!

tere nazron me hai tere sapne
tere sapno me hai narazi
mujhe lagta ha kai batain dil ke
hote lafzon ke dhokebaazi
tum saath ho ya na ho kya farq ha
bedard thi zindagi bedard ha
agar tum saath ho

Both hug.

dil ye sambhal jae
agar tum saath ho
har gam phisal jae
agar tum saath ho
din ye nikal jae
agar tum saath ho
har gam phisal jae

Rithik: Shivanya! who are they?
Shivanya: She is my sister,Shesa,this one is my sister pari,and third one is my friend ,rainaa.
R: But why Suri uncle stab me?
Shi: I’ll tell you all, but when,we will reach home.

Shesa tries to change into naagin but can’t. Pari says shesa,what happened to you? Rainaa says her powers are finished. Pari says its one hour passed,it was to happen. Rainaa says you sit on me,Shesa. Rainaa turns into a big bee and shesa sits in her. Rainaa flies. Pari leaves in her snake form.
Shi: Let’s go rithik. Rithik in shock,says: yes.
Both leaves.

Precap: Manjauliaka gets blowing with air. Pari try to change into naagin but can’t. Saudamini looks in shock. Rainaa falls.

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    Rajbeer pari married.wow.Shivanya with yamini’s support killed malisha.OMG!didnt know that she was also a vamp.gud that rajbeer accepted pari knowing that she is naagin n their consummation n song was romantic.shocking that yamini’s hus was sangram n she was forced 2 kill him by suri 2 save ritik n ankush married her.so sad.guru ma is killed by Rianaa n Shesha.OMG!shocking that suri stabbed ritik,but happy that when shivanya put naagmani on ritik he became fine.that scene of rivanya was emotional with song.suri too killed by shivanya.happy.shesha lost her power.Oh!but sitting on rianaa ,the bee was lovely

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