My Own Story of Love (part 5)

Hi guys Hasfan here again, I am really sorry for the late I tried to post soon but can’t once again sorry for that please forgive me.And really thanks to all whose are commented to my previous FF.keep supporting like this I will surely give my best.ok enough of my talks let’s move to the story.Here we go…..

Sona~Pov~: why Sumo talk was disturbing me? Why I am feeling something correct in her talk ? Did Rithwik planned and loved me ? No no how could it be like this? I must talk to Rithwik about this.

She goes to bed with confusion
Dixit Mansion :
Ishwari was pacing here and there in front of house door. Raghuwar comes there.
Raghuwar : Ishwari why are pacing like this?
Ishwari : Dev didn’t return home
Raghuwar : what? It’s already 10.Did you call him?
Ishwari : yes I tried but it switched off even I asked Shravan and Sona they also didn’t know

Raghuwar : hmm ok he will come soon you don’t worry he’s not a kid now
Ishwari :but my all children are kids to me, I didn’t know if he eat or not? I will sleep only after he came if you want you can go
Raghuwar :no I will not go, I also go to sleep after he came
That time Dev entered the house.He sees his mom and dad in the hall,he goes towards them.Raghuwar sees him and moves to him.
Dev :ma, papa what happened? Why you two are still wake
Raghuwar :Dev what happened to you? Where you went? What happened to your phone?
Dev :oh that I went for an imp work and my phone battery is dead,why anything problem?
Raghuwar :yes, your mother, she really worried about you and she is waiting for you,go and talk to her
Dev :yes papa

Dev and Raghuwar go towards Ishwari who facing his opposite position.Raghuwar signs Dev to talk to her and Dev nodded
Dev :ma
Ishwari didn’t turn
Dev moves infront of her
Dev : ma I am really sorry I won’t repeat this again
Ishwari ~turns another side~:Raghuwar please tell your son that I don’t want to talk to him~angry tone~
Dev again goes infront of her
Dev :sorry ma ~holding his ears showing puppy face~
Ishwari :Raghuwar tell him I don’t talk to the person who doesn’t think about the family~again turns another side~
Dev :is it ?

Ishwari : yes
Dev :then who will put ointment to my wound
Ishwari was shocked.
Ishwari :what ?where you got hurt? How it happens? Show me~with concerned ~
Ishwari checks Dev hand but find nothing.Dev smiles
Dev :someone say that she doesn’t talk to me but now she showing so much concern.
Raghuwar chuckles
Ishwari :Dev you lied OMG you know how much I panicked
Dev :sorry ma but what to do? My lovely caring mom was angry on me and she said that she doesn’t talk to his son so that I did like this ~he pulls her cheeks ~
Dev :ma you know can’t be angry on me then why this acting
Ishwari :its all because of you

Dev :me?
Ishwari :yes tell where were you? Why is your is phone is switched off? Why you come home so late?
Dev :ma bas we can talk about this later now please feed some food to my stomach,it was craving for you handmade food.
Ishwari and Raghuwar smiles seeing his reaction
Ishwari :come I will serve you
The three share a light family moment.After dinner Dev went to his room.He sits in the bed.

Dev~pov~:Ma and Papa was really caring and worrying about me but I hide this secret from them how can I tell that I…. but one day I have to tell them not one day tomorrow itself I will tell this about them.
Dev went to sleep.

Next day morning,
Dev came down from his room and sees his family members are in breakfast table. He goes towards them.
Ishwari :Dev come and sit I’ve prepared your favorite dishes
Varun : haan bhai come fast otherwise this Nikki will eat all food,see she already ate so much
Nikki : papa see bhai is complaining me I’m only ate little food na
All smiles. Dev smiles and sit.
Dev :Papa I want to tell you something
Raghuwar :hmm tell Dev

Dev :papa..that…I..was… that was…
Nikki :Papa I think Dev bhaiya committed some mistakes otherwise he hid something from you that’s why he stammering like this
She chuckles.Dev was stunned.
Ishwari :Nikki shut your mouth,my son will never do like that things
Dev feels guilty.
Dev~pov~:I’m trying hard to tell them but my maa words was startled me if I tell this to them now how they feel. No I never tell to them let it be a secret forever
Raghuwar :Dev…
Dev :…..
Dev didn’t respond,he was lost in thoughts
Raghuwar :DEV~little loudly~
Dev came to his sense
Dev :ahh papa

Raghuwar :Dev what happened?
Dev :nothing papa
Raghuwar :ok tell what you came to tell
Dev :ahh papa…that.. Oh in our college function you are also one of the chief guest Principal gave responsibility to us to inviting you…
Raghuwar :that’s all..
Dev :aah yes papa
Raghuwar :for this you behaved like this,ok don’t worry I will come and whose else?
Dev :You, Bijoy uncle, Ranveer bhaiya and Mr. Gujral
Raghuwar :oh Mr. Gujral also coming
Dev :yes do you know him?

Raghuwar :yes he is one of the famous bussiness tycoon and we are currently doing a deal with him
Ishwari :ok ok all stop your talk and eat
All smiles and eat, Dev finished his breakfast.
Dev :ohh ok papa I take leave,bye.
Dev leaves.
Gujral Mansion :
Dev and Shravan entered Gujral mansion. Maid comes towards them.
Maid :Excuse me,who are you? What you want?
Dev :we are from xyz university we want to meet Mr.Gujral
Maid :ok sir you wait here I wil inform sir
Dev : ok
Maid :Sir do you want anything to drink?
Shravan :No thanks
Maid leaves. Dev and Shravan sat in the couch.
Shravan :Dev house seems beautiful,isn’t it?

Dev :yes
Dev gets a call he leaves aside to attend the call.
Natasha came downstairs. She sees one person sitting in the couch and another person talking in phone,she doesn’t see Dev’s face.She goes towards Shravan.
Natasha :Excuse me who are you?
Shravan :my name is Shravan, we came here to meet Mr.Gujral
Natasha :oh wait here Dad is getting ready he will come now.
Shravan :oh are you his daughter?

Natasha :yes my name is Natasha,you wait here I will come now
Saying so she moves her right side to go that time Dev finished his talk and turn his left side and come seeing his phone and both clashed.Natasha was going to fell down but Dev catches her by palm and make her stand straight.Natasha was lost in Dev’s eyes.
Dev was surprised to see Natasha there
Dev :Natasha..
Natasha was lost she didn’t respond. Dev snaps his finger.Natasha came out from her world
Dev :Natasha what are you doing here?
Shravan :Dev she is Mr.Gujral’s daughter

Dev looks her. She smiles and nodded yes
Shravan :wait a minute you two already know each other?
Dev :yeah Shravan she is in my class
Shravan :really? But I didn’t see her before
Natasha :yesterday only I joined.
Dev :and Natasha by the way this is my cousin Shravan
Natasha :now only we introduced
Gujral comes downstairs.
Gujral :Good morning darling ~seeing Natasha ~
Natasha :Good morning dad ~side hugged him ~
Natasha :and dad they are my collegemates
Gujral :oh I see,nice meeting
He shooked his hans with both.

Both :same here Sir
Gujral :ok sit
They all sit in the couch.
Gujral :so tell me why you came to meet me?
Dev explain about their college fuction and inviting him as guest behalf of college committee.All the way of his talk to Gujral Natasha only stared Dev and Shravan noticed her.
Gujral :ok all the best for your function I will surely come afterall my daughter was studying in that college so I will definitely come
Dev :Thank you Sir,we take our leave

Gujral :yeah sure and Natasha shall we move?
Natasha :yes dad
They all step out of the mansion.Dev and Shravan went towards their bike, Natasha was goes towards the car ,turn and see Dev and smiles Dev didn’t see this but Shravan noticed all. After Natasha car went. Now Dev and Shravan was ready in their bike to go.
Shravan :Dev what you think about Natasha?
Dev was confused.

Dev :what about her?
Shravan :she was in your class so you know something about her,don’t you?
Dev :Shravan yesterday only she joined and we didn’t even introduced ourselves properly,why are you asking like this?
Shravan :that’s Dev I think she liked
Dev looks on
Shravan :when you talk to her father she only stared at you may be she loves you
Dev was shocked.
Dev :No Shravan it didn’t be like that yesterday only she met me
Shravan :Dev,love can come within fraction of seconds but we only understand that lately
Dev :no Shravan she can’t love me,she mustn’t love me

Shravan :what? Why are you saying like this?
Dev :ah Shravan that’s nothing come let’s go
Dev and Shravan leaves.

Hi guys how was it?
I know it’s boring one because I didn’t add any such scenes to enjoy and even I didn’t add devakshi and shraman scenes but coming parts I must add their scenes.
Guys if you didn’t like this FF please let me know I will end this,I don’t want to waste your time.

I’m really sorry for the late actually this week was filled with my exams and I’m totally busy with that please forgive me for the late and please comment all and support me,your support give me strength and confidence to write more.

With love,

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