My Own Story of Love (part 2)

Hi guys i’m back with my second part of my FF.Last part i didn’t enoygh comments but those who commented make me feel good.ok enough of my talk.we will go to the story.Here we go……

Outside of Dixit Mansion :
Dev was stepping out of the house suddenly he got a call he looks here and there and attend the call
Dev : Good morning Sir
Sir : Good morning
Dev : Sir anything important you called on this time
Sir : Nothing like that but you have to come to our place on 5pm today
Dev : ok Sir i will be there on sharply 5pm
Dev cuts the call.But somehow he feels sad
Dev~pov~:I don’t know how long i keep this matter as secret but every second i feel guilty for hiding this from you
That time Dev sees Sona,she came out of her and take her scooty and went.
Dev smiles seeing her.
Dev~pov~:whenever i feel sad you make me feel good my all sorrows are gone by your one smile I don’t know why i feel releived after seeing you ?
Dev came from his thought and went to college in his bike.
               Dev and Sona reached college.Sona till now didn’t meet Dev,so she desperate to meet him.Suddenly a girl came and scared Sona.
Girl : Booo!!!!!
Sona : ohhh!!! Sumo you scared me
The girl was Sumo
Sumo : hahaha you are never changed Sona
Sona : ok ok enough where is Preeti and Elena ?
Sumo : there are in their way and you say why you tensed?
Sona : me no i’m fine
Sumo : arey Sona tell na
Sona : i’m fine and i just waiting for Dev
Sumo : Dev!!! I mean why?
Sona : i never met him from morning even he didn’t pick my call irritating idiot.
Sumo smiles hearing her anger
Sumo : Its okay he may be busy when he will free he will call you now we go
Sona : okay come lets go

A lavish car entered the college campus.A man talking to his daughter inside the car.

Gujral : Natasha you don’t worry I already talk to the pricipal you first go to the class and he will come and introduce you to all.
Natasha :ok dad,you don’t worry I will go by myself,ok bye
Gujral : ok take care dear

Natasha step out of the car and walking towards her class by wearing her glass with her stylish attitude.All boys in the campus mesmerized by her beauty and style.she entered her classroom there also same all boys in class staring and girls feels jealous of her,but Natasha never mind anyone and searched where to sit because already all benches are full.suddenly her eyes caught a boy sitting in bench by listening music wearing headphone.she suddenly got a crush on him.she feels to sit beside him,luckily the bench was empty.she goes and stand beside him and ask.

Natasha : Excuse me can i sit here ?

He was hearing music so he doesn’t know someone stand beside him.she patted his shoulders.He lift his face.He was Dev,she again asked.
Natasha : can i sit here ?
Dev~sees here and there~ : okay you sit here.
Some girls from behind the benches are talk something with eachother
Girl 1 : Oh no !!!See her
Girl 2 :now only she came and she sat beside him
Natasha overhear their covo and understand that they also had crush on him because she also had crush on him.she want to know his name,but how ?she thinks.suddenly one boh called him.
Rahul : Dev here you asked i store that in this pendrive~saying this he throw the pendrive to Dev but it targets to Natasha.Dev catched that.
Dev : Sorry~he said to Natasha~Rahul be careful while throwing
Rahul : Sorry
Natasha : Its okay
Natasha~pov~ :his name is Dev nicename like him.thanks Rahul

Dev doing some work in his laptop and Natasha oftenly stared him.Dev finished his work and called Rahul.
Dev : Rahul do you have chewgum?
Rahul : yes
Dev : give two
Rahul : here it is
Dev :thanks
Rahul : you always welcome
He smiled and went outside.
Dev chewed one and give one to Natasha,first Natasha hesitate but later she have it.
Someone patted Dev from back.
Santhi : Dev,Sona called me
Dev : oh shit did you tell her that i’m here?
Santhi : yes and she is coming here
Dev : oh no i’m finished now
Natasha who listened their convo was clueless
Natasha (thinks): who is that Sona?and why he was acting weired by her?
Suddenly Sona came and beat Dev with her books
Sona : you idiot stupid why you didn’t pick my call?
Dev : wait wait wait
Sona stop beating him and Dev take Sona’s favourite choclate and flower from the bag and seeing that Sona smiles.
Sona : you only know how to make me calm,right?
Dev : yes because we know each other from since childhood
Sona : ok then tell why i called you?
Dev : of course i know,you want to go to shopping for that i have to accompany you,right?
Sona~surprised~ :you know it,then why?
Dev : because i didn’t have time to come thats why
Sona : I don’t know that you have to come thats final
Dev : okay this sunday morning 10 am
Sona : okay done~she looks Natasha and ask~ who is she? I never see her before?
Dev : i also don’t know and your name?
Natasha : I’m Natasha newly joined this college,today is my first day
Dev : oh i’m Dev and she is Sona
Natasha : hello
Sona : hello
Sona gets a phone call and she smiled seeing the name flashed on the phone screen
Sona : Good morning,where are you ?
Boy : I’m in canteen come fast
Sona : okay wait,i’ll be there in 5 mins
Boy : okay bye
Sona cuts the call.
Dev : who is that?
Sona :Rithwik he is waiting for me in canteen
Dev expressions slightly changed by hear this but he doesn’t show that
Dev : okay you go bye
Sona : ok bye Dev bye Natasha
Natasha : bye
Natasha was trying to talk to Dev
Natasha : Dev I….
Suddenly Rahul came by calling him
Rahul : Dev comefast there that Chirag and Vicky are troubling your sister.
Hearing this Dev got furious and went.

College campus :

Chirag and Vicky are circling Riya
Chirag : hey babe,which class you are studying?
Riya : that none of your bussinesd leave me you ba***rd
Chirag : oh see buddy she got so much courage
Vicky : yes she must have afterall she is Dev’s sister
Chirag : oh Dev’s sister then come babe we will play some game because your brother likes to play games~saying he catches her hand~
Riya : idiot leave my hand anybody please help
Vicky : oh ho sorry baby there is no one here to help you
Suddenly he got a punch in his face his nose bleeding
Chirag : how dare you to beat my friends
Dev :you how dare to trouble my sister
Riya runs and hides behind Dev.Dev beat them badly.One boy patted Dev’s shoulder from back,without seeing him Dev raised his hand to beat him but he gets shocked and stopped by seeing him.

So guys why dev stopped ?
Who was that boy ?
Keep guessing
Let me know about today episode and all please comments and if i have put any mistakes please let me know about it i will improve by that
♥♥♥keep supporting♥♥♥

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  1. Priya12

    Ths epi was awesomeeee……..i think dev is in love with sona….of course…Becoz he is jealous of rithwik N 4 dev …sona is mama ponnu r8……N I guess the boy was rithwik……waiting for nxt epi….post soon

  2. Manya

    Post soon
    Love love❤️❤️

  3. Awesome episode dear plz post the next episode soon

  4. Hey the episode was good but at first I thought kuch kuch hota hair jaisa plot hoga ??BT it’s really nice

  5. Hasfan

    Thank you all i will post the next part soon

  6. Hasfan

    Thank you priya and yes Dev and Sona are cousins and we see who is the boy in next part.I will post the next part soon….♥♥♥

  7. Awesome….

  8. V.V.harshita

    Awsome episode dear plzs post soon

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