My Own Story of Love (part 1)

Hi guys Hasfan here again thank you for your comments.I’m very happy after reading your comments,it means a lot to me keep supporting guys.And now i start my FF first part.Here we go……

         A  beautiful two houses are shown with one gate.Left side house was Bose Mansion and right side house was Dixit Mansion.

Inside of Dixit Mansion:

           One  boy room is shown,he is working in laptop camera shows his eyes only on top edge of the laptop from left to right.A lady calling the boy from downstairs.

Ishwari : Dev,comefast breakfast is ready
Dev : Yes mom coming
He taken his mobile,laptop,watch and his bag and go to downstairs.

Meanwhile in Bose Mansion,
A lady coming with tray having some dishes.
Asha : Ishaani,Pragya come for breakfast,if Sona wake up ? Where is Shravan ?
Ishaani : Yes mom and kumbkharni Sona is still sleeping
Pragya : And Shravan went to college early
Asha : Oh no,the girl is always get late for college

Asha went to Sona’s room

Asha : Sona… Sona wake up
Sona ~ sleepy tone ~ : Two more minutes mom
Asha : Sona wake up the time is already 9 you are late for your college
Sona : What ? ~ she wakes up with jerk ~ oh no i’m getting late
Asha : Go get ready soon

She goes to washroom with hurry and get ready and went to breakfat table.

Dixit Mansion :
                    Dev comes down and saw his father,brother and sisters are all already sat and Ishwari serves them.He comes and sit.
Dev : Good morning
All : Good morning
Nikki : Bhaiya why you so late to breakfast table today ?
Dev : I am working in laptop
Nikki : Working or Chatting with girlfriends ? ~ she said with teasing manner ~
Dev passed her a death glare
Ishwari : Nikki……shutup your mouth and eat
Nikki : Maa how can we eat by shut the mouth ?
All laugh
Varun : Bhai yesterday Principal called you  and Shravan bhaiya anything problem ?
Dev : No nothing like that coming month our college to finish 25th anniversery so he thought that it to be grand so as a chairman I and Shravan went to disscuss something about that
Varun : oh ok

Raghuwar : Dev
Dev : yes papa
Raghuwar : Dev this your last year in college so whats your next plan ?
Dev : Papa today is last year first day of my college there is still more time to think about this ?
Raghuwar : No Dev time is fast this one year will go like one one month
Dev : Yes dad ok i will think about it
Ishwari : ok ok all stop your chat and eat and Riya today is your first day of college so better be early
Riya : ok maa
Raghuwar : ok Neha,Riya,Nikki comefast i will drop you
NRN : ok papa
Varun : ok maa i also go
Ishwari : ok beta go careful

Bose Mansion :
                     Sona com downstairs with a brite smile on her face.She sees her family members are in brealfast table go towards them.

Sona : Good morning
All : Good morning
Bijoy : why my princess wake up so early today ?
Sona : Papa i know i’m late don’t make fun of me
Bijoy : where is Shravan ?
Ishaani : Today he went to college early
Sona : What ??? Shravan went to college early thats impossible
Pragya : All are don’t like you Sona who always wakes late
Sona makes puppy face
Pushkar : Di today evening i will go to Abhi jiju concert can you join with me ?
Sona : oh jiju’s concert but i can’t come but you ask Pragya di she will surely come to jiju concert
Pragya slighyly blushed
Pushkar : whay you say di ?

Pragya : no no i can’t come i have many works you go and enjoy
Pushkar : ok di
Pragya : ok maa papa i’m going to college
Ishaani : yeah ma i also going i’m getting late for office
Sona : yes yes otherwise Ranveer jiju swift office infront of home
All laugh.Ishaani shies.
They all finished their breakfast and went to their respective places.

So guys how was it ?
I think is boring one this is my first attempt in writing so that only like this,please comment and let me know about my mistakes and by that i can improve myself
Keep supporting♥♥♥

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  1. Madhuri

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  2. Awesome episode dear

  3. Hasfan

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  4. Priya12

    Noo, ths epi was funny not boring…..and wat language u know……means mother tongue?????(if u don’t mind)………post the epi soon

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    Really nice Hasan …plzs post soon

  6. Sami

    Fab desr

  7. Hasfan

    Thank You all
    Priya di I’m tamilan and thank god you found that funny but i thought that might be boring one and i post next soon
    And varshitha di my name is hasfan i thought you mistyped once again thank you
    ♥♥♥keep supporting♥♥♥

    1. Priya12

      Me 2 tamilian…

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    . Eager to read ur next part….
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  9. Amazing….. Waiting for next

  10. Hasfan

    Thank you Maleeha di can i call you di ?

    1. I’m 16 years old….. I don’t know ur age…. So, u can decide if I’m ur di or younger than u…

  11. Hasfan

    Thank you so much Maleeha di and erina di can i call you di ?

  12. Nice episode waiting for next episode plzz post soon

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    Maleeha we are in same age and next month i’m going to finish 16

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