Story of love change the beast (season -2) part-2


Recap -sanskar tells about his love

Sanskar is sitting in car….driver stops the car
Sanskar -what happened
Driver -sanskar baba engine failure . I will call mechanic….
Sanskar -okay kaka….
Driver goes…sanskar is sitting in car and seeing surrounding the busy Streets….he remember something he rest his head on back seat and thinks

Sanskar -this street is so busy lots of people. …rather than my usual route which is silent and lonely
Suddenly he feels someone holds his hand from back and pull him backwards and pins to wall …sanskar standing closing his eyes…..but feels kiss on his both eyes so he opens it….and see shona And people staring them
Sanskar -please leave me ….people are seeing us
Shona-this you should be thought before coming from this route baby
Sanskar -have some shame
Shona playing with his face by her fingure. .
Shona- if your father did shame then you want be their if I did shame then how will jnr sanskar or jnr shona will come
Sanskar -please leave me. …I promise I will not come from this route ever
Shona-this give me a kissed
Sanskar -shocks
Shona- if you have problem then I can get it in my way
Sanskar takes her hand and kiss on it…
Shona-do I look father of a church …..
Sanskar -then
Shona shows her lips …sanskar turn her face and gives kiss on her cheeks and run away
Flashback ends

Sanskar opens his eyes with smile see engine is repaired ….driver starts the car and goes
In cbi beuro
Inspector -sir kilos of drugs has came to kolkatta through port
Laksh -how brought it …where
Inspector -don sahil . know don’t know
Laksh -it’s delivery near xyz area….by properly investigation from the goons of that area we will not every thing

In mm
Ragini -look maa your son has gone for investigation with that sakshi
Sanskar -someone is jealous
Ragini -you stay their is will show you who is jealous
Sanskar starts running Ragini starts chasing her…..they reach at sanskar room. ..then ragini beaten sanskar with pillow. ..then they both sit
Ragini -did your shona ever become jealous
Sanskar -no i tried to but
Ragini -but what
Sanskar – i was beaten up by two
Ragini – how tell na
Sanskar -okay….as you know I was torchered by her…so I thought an idea for solving my problem. ….I asked help from roshni. ..she was my batch mate…to pretend to be my gf in front of worse decision

Sanskar -roshni look their there is she as accepted. ….she is waiting for me
Shona -hi what’s up…who is she you friend
Sanskar -my
Roshni -hey look i am his gf and you are coming BTW us….
Shona-oye beta ji ….what are you saying he is your boyfriend
Roshni -yes got it
Shona dail a no.
Shona- really u to are in relationship
Sanskar -yes we are in relationship we love each other from childhood
Shona -i want to hear it from her
Roshni-yes we love each other we are two body one soul ……..he is mine got it if you came in BTW us i will kill u. …after finishing our study we are going to marry and we also planned our babies name.
Sanskar -ha ha ha if boy then ha..ha .sanskarit And if girl
Roshni -rashmi
Shona makes sad face but suddenly smrikes seeing us and put phone near her ears
Shona- you have listen na what roshni said she loves sanskar and going to marry and thought the name of the babies. ..shidhart don’t waste your time on roshni..marry her sister shabnam ..bye
By hearing shidhart name roshni panic and gets call from shidhart and they have a fight…after that….roshni beat sanskar
Roshni -it’s all because of you …I will see you. ..goes
Shona- awww my jaan …
Before sanskar could say further shona place her lips on his and put all her anger on his lips after sometimes she break the kiss
Shona -i am not phsyco type lover who will other person is with their lovers once…but I can’t bear your name with anyone
Flashback ends

Ragini laugh sanskar pots….
sanskar -u don’t know how embraced i was that day
In dark bungalow
(Gangster rajat -right hand of sahil control this work in absence of sahil ad his younger brother )
Goon-sir informer told that asp Laksh Incharge of this case
Rajat- again Laksh I am feed up of him
Goon-sir for knowing. ..he was going to xyz colony
Rajat- what. …
Start laughing
Rajat-then himself going to dig his grave if he would came to our colony their would be a chance for him to save but he himself choose not death
Goons-what’s the order
Rajat-give all rest ….inform our man’s in police to beat the people very cruelly

In xyz colony
As described Laksh went their with this ..and police takes out all mens out from their house forcefully. ..and nd brought to a open ground and beaten them
Laksh -tell where is that drugs brought from dubai sent by sahil
People -we don’t know anything
Laksh -how is it possible …ur colony is near to port
Police beats them their wife’s and children tried to stops. …the police officers who work for rajat starts beating women and children to before Laksh could understand anything every thing goes out of control. ..
A child run from their toward a house. ..he gets inside where many are playing. .some are watching t.v the child run to a room where one person is standing
Child -plzzz save my parents otherwise they will kill them..and tell everything
Person takes out a gun and sward and run out of room followed by the people sitting their

Recap -Laksh is in danger. ..sanskar feels someone is following him

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