Story of love change the beast (season -2) part-1

Hi…frnds hope you didn’t forget me…..I am back with season-2
Sanskar -famous business tycoon. .known for his kind nature. ..eligible bachelor ….obey his family except marriage. …he is main aim to find shona
Laksh -elder brother of sanskar. ..husband of Ragini.loves his family a dedicated CBI officer…aim to destroy don sahil.and mafia
Ragini -elder daughter in law of mm….loves her family very much. friend of sanskar. .wife of laksh and doctor by profession
Swara-her introduction will be later…she is missing from sanskar life. …
Let’s start the story
A young man of 28 standing near window tears are flowing from his eyes ….holding a ring in which s&s is written ..

Another young man of 30 yrs…anger is clearly visible on his face
2 Man-sanskar what kind of behaviour it was…you talked to mom such way that she had high BP
Sanskar -Laksh bhaiya. ..I didn’t did it intentionally
Laksh -what’s the matter why you always became angry when it comes to your marriage
Sanskar -i don’t want to talk on this matter. …
Laksh -not today I want to know
Voice -because he is in love with shona named girl
Laksh -what really. …you stupid why didn’t you told before. .our parents will made you married to her yrr.. and Ragini u also didn’t told me
Ragini-Laksh I only know this today itself
Laksh -leave it…tell her address we will go to house and then all goto shona house
Sanskar falls on his knee and cry
Sanskar -even if don’t know where is she. …bhai I search everywhere in this 2yrs
Laksh also comes to his knee and put his hands on sanskar shoulder
Laksh -Sanky what happens tell me. …from two yrs you are in pain …didn’t bother to share your pain to your bhai…may be she didn’t loved u
Sanskar -no bhai I loves her from 2yrs but she loves me from 5 yrs. ..
Ragini -then what happen
Sanskar -i don’t know but on our last meeting
Ragini -what happen that day
Sanskar -that day I was so happy because I realised my feelings for her…tears dropping from his eyes….she was behind me from 5 yrs that I imagine her curiosity her patients her true love with out any expectations. …I can’t wait to confess my feelings. ….I purchased this ring and bouques of red roses and hide it in my bag
I thought of give her by reaching before her.where she stand and wait for me so I bunk the clg….but she surprised me….she was their …I though to tease her for last time. …

Sanskar -hey what your problem. ..because of you I bunk my last lecture. ..can u plzzz tell what you want to leave me alone …shona say it
Shona-sorry for everything. …
Sanskar takes a back
Shona-sorry for every torcher for everything in promise I won’t trouble you anymore. …from this mad lover you are free..I understand it am not eligible for your love…good bye… happily. .I won’t show u my face ever
Flashback ends

Sanskar -that day she went without listening me for once. she is not ever in my life
Sanskar -as usual boys follow girls tease them flirt with them protect them give gifts bouques. .but in my case it is opposite
Laksh -may be she lost hope to get your love
Ragini -yes sanskar she has invested her 5 yrs in u and got nothing so may be she accepted that her defeat
Laksh -okay….let it be …if god want to unit u he will show the way to her give some signal

Recap -Laksh life is in big danger

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    Ya remembered dr….. But i think this story is not about revenge….. Its awesome

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