Story of love which change the beast (episode 10) (last Epi)


recap-sanlarag face their sin

sanskar is crying vigerously remembering his doing his sin which destroyed many girls his best friend shona all of a sudden a tough in his shoulder he turn his face and see shona(her previous face )
sanskar-shona you and hugged her……i am soory shona i did wrong with u i did crimee please forgive me
shona-why you did it to me you was my bestfriend na i trusted you i was always their for you why you didnt told me regarding raglak i have moved away from their path
sanskar-i know shona rather taking to u i took such big step i break trustyou…plz come back i need u plz
shona-i cannt i haved gone years ago to that place from where no one can return
sanskar-emotionally shonaaa
shona-i am past sanskar change yourself…..put her pam on sanskar chest above his heart sanskar i no you have pure heart which loves everyone kind hearted….you know na somewhere your sin has invited swara to your life
sanskar nodes his head and cry hugging shona the he realise he is imagining he goes back to mm
in hall three of them meet their condition is same
swara-hows your day
ragini-who are you
laksh-what you want do say you want our property because you are the asias no.1 businesswomen and in world you are no.2 so dontlie
sanky-firstly i thought for punishing me you are troubling all but know somewhere all were linked and you dont want any property neither u want to kill us
swara-this question doesnt have any value know go and rest tomorrow is your sister marriage and goes from their to a park and wait for someone
another side three of them somewhere know they have something unforgiveble to swara but they where no able to conclude but as well as fear for tomorrow
in park
swara is waiting for some one from past five hours after sometime
voice-hey devil
swara-finally arjun you came
arjun-sorry yrr tell why you called me
swara-arjun marry piya jaiswal she loves you still know and you also love her
arjun-correction loved
swara-i know u love me and if i marry you i will be most luckiest person and my child will be blessed to get a father like you but arjun its injustice to you i cant give you the rights and love which a husband should get
arjun-i dont want anything
swara-dont lie arjun u are marrying me to get love and affection which you lacking from childhood okay close your eyes and think about happy moment whose face you see
arjun do it and open his eyes but didnt say anything
swara-see you saw piya not me
arjun nodess in yes
swara hugs him -in this life i am not able love anyone but in next birth we will be together as shonarjun
arjun-no as swarjun and not in next but all 6birth promise
swara-promise…..people like you indicate honest people are their to support people like me..they chat for sometime and leaves

in hospital
sumi gain conciousness and get up from bed shekhar coesand try to stop her but sumi says i have stop her before everything will go out of hand

next day in mm
marriage rituals where going on ragini bring uttra and make her site in mandap next to rv andgoes down somewhere all has tension while swara is bussy in eating snacks sweets and different food as she will eat whole food alone
pandit ji start ritual as pandit ji say to stand for phere ishani comes stop this marriage
rv-what is this ishani i told you na i can’t go against my parents
ishani-aunty you want me to stay away from him okay but dont let him marry this characterless girl
aunty(rv mother)-what you mean
ishani-aunty she spend her night with random boys
sujata-how dare you to say such words against my daughter
rv-what proof you have
while the drama going on raglaksan is in shock the thing is going on like 6yrs ago happen
ishaani shows photos of hotel room all became shock all guest to abuse uttra ..
rv-for this girl u seprate ishani from me
aunty-no beta this marriage wont happen ….such shameless girl

sujata-let me explain ….that guy has forcefully made relationship with her
rv mother-by looking at photos from which angel it looks forceful relationship
ap-plz our values are not bad which allow her to do so
rv mother -spite on floor …values its seen in photos
dp bow down infront of them to trust their them dont break the marriage it spoil our child future and our reputatio society
mr vagela-u should think it before
rp-plz dont spoil my child lyf
mr vaghela-spoil what is remaining to spoil child like her should be killed while birth
uttra comes to rv
uttra-why are you silent tell everybody we love each other from 3yrs and i that photo you are with me
rv-what i love you are you made i love ishani and hardly i know you from one weak
uttra-dont lie
rv-okay then why dont you told about our relationship to your family
uttra-you told not say anything
rv-great lie what proof you have
uttra-i have she take mobile i have our photo she check her phone but doesnt have
rv-what happen phone must have eaten the photos
uttra like mad run here their in house but she fail to get single photo she back to hall
rv-u dont have proof but i have proof fro past one month i am in uk
uttra-dont lie you were here
rv -ask your dad
dp-he is telling true he was in uk for a project and her sister marriage which is held in uk which is covered live
uttra beg infront of all just like shona did years ago sanlakrag was hell shocked
pandit ji-i should go know
rv-no my marriage while happen today but with ishani
uttra-dont do this to me
sanskar-swara plz dont be brutal animal plzzz i be you
swara-are u mad what i did i was only eating samosa what problem in it

rags-plz dont act i know you behind all this
swara-hey rv do you mind i eat the gujarati dish which is prepared by your chefs
rv-no dear carry on you should try puranpoli its taste
swara-okay ….she goes to stall and start eatting it
laksh-swara i am warning you
swara-get lost know only some photos are out if you not go rest will also show then dont say me anything
rv and ishani sit in mandap all were in tears uttra is continuously begging rv’s parents were stopping her to reach mandap and final marriage take place
uttra break down and cry vigerously
people go back to their house swara comes and congraulates rv and ishani and by seeing everyone face she laugh whole heartedly
swara-my revenge is completed my child got justice… history repeated herself
sanskar-whatt your child,,,,,,who are you
voice from back shona gadodiya and not only her child butt your also symbol of your lust
all look its sumi
ragini-what are you saying mom how can she our shona
sumi-her face is destroyed by kavita that day ….she explain it
ap -my children can do anything if she is shona then no wonder she snoop so low
swara-but no more than ur uttra
ap raise her hand this tym tapseeya came and hold and twist her hand
tapseya-never dare to raise a figure on my child…and look my child is standing with raising her her with pride and yours have bow down with guilt and shame
ap-sanky their any truth in her saying
he did response
sujata-demit say something you three
ragini tell everything sujata comes and slap sanskar and ap slap lucky and comes toward swara falls on their feet and apologies as all apologies to her
dp- i know our apology didnt relief your pain…beta marry sanskar he is the reason for your curseful life so that our heir get her surname

swara-firstly she is my daughter only nobodies heir ….ha who told girll should get a life only by the person who raped her instead of marrying him i prefer to die listen you beasts newer test patience of girl if break then the result will be very dangerous if she can anyone for him she can fight with god also for them ….and if she comes hate and then even god cant save him
swara comes to dp and hand over his property paper as to shekher then came to uttra know u understand how feel it feel someone break thr trust for a girl how important her dignity is more than me who know you are not raped your dress were removed by waitress she messed your hairs and make up and your love is not rv its his twin brother millan millan enter all see him all mm gd see swara with teary eyes
swara-next dont play wih anyone dignity it wont be good and laksh try to give respect other rags achieve success by honesty its taste is different and give sangini co . her
rags try to say something but swara show her hand to stop then moves toward sanskar and say recpect other sister dont forget you too have one sister
sanskar-my daughter
swara-only mine dont dare come close to her then she goes from there

40 year later
one small girl lying on her mothers lapp and asking then what happen did they all changed
mother-yes they all changed
voice-swaranshi how many tyms you hear the same story and swarali give sometimes to your brother also
swarali-ansh dont be jealous
swaranshi-then what happen mumma
swarali-then your rag and lak nani nana changed then encourage young talent and help the person who was not able effort dance and music class
ansh-uttra maasi start ngo for curing from drugs
swarali-and dad open many ngo to help womens and start many course for woman and taken responsiblity of misha family and that girl
and my the effort of all swara mamma married dad and after one year given birth to this idiot and raglak given birth to twin one girl and one boy and named them shona and swayam as once arjun uncle said my name as swarali arjun raichand it happen i get married to his elder brother son arjun know i am swarali rjun raichand
ansh-one thing doesnt change till know everyone fear from mom
swarali-story of love changed many beast of society
all live happily

frnds because of exa i havde to end it plz tell hows my story

the end

Credit to: shruti

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