story of love which change the beast (intro)


story of love which change the beast
hi friends i am your friend actually i am a flop writter my last try to right a story
sanskar maheshwari-billionior business tycon of india he is arrogent strict passionate dangerous for his success can do anything
laksh maheshwari-younger to sanskar exactly like sanskar but he is a famous singing sensation and husband of ragini
ragini laksh maheshwari- she is beautiful heart beat of every young boys passionate toward dance she hate failure she dance in the concert with lucky
swara mathur-innocent, bubbly, pure soul helping nature her dream is to find good job and marry

in a big mansion
a lady is standing in front of a frame which is having a photo of a girl around 20 and lady having tears in her eye
lady-shona please come back you have given enough punishment to us beta i cant able manage anyone i know before 6year we all have given u unforgetable pain without your fault it oure mistake shona we trusted that stranger no you …….someone taps her shoulder and she turn and say shekhar
shekhar-sumi 6year has passed but we cant find our shona nor she contacted us i think she didnt forgiven us and we diserve it we not only did mistake we did a sin we all most killed her soul
dadi-sharmistha enough stop crying i know you didnt forget sanlak ragini i dont care about your so called illegal daughter shona i am happy because my ragini is happy and goes
shekhar-lets go sumi and they go
and focus light go on photo (it is of khushi of ipkknd)

sanky in hotel
sanky with random girls
sanky-your s*xy babes your cherry lips making me cracy
girl-you are handsome too
then they inimate

in partice (raglak)
laksh was bussy in flirting and ragini in dance practice while practice a new girl arive and practice with ragini but that girl steps were more clear then ragini and all were appriciating that girl
ragini fumes in anger and says something to her assisstant which is mute and ragini aain starts practice annd they hear a voice and all goes to see who is it all see that girl fallen frm stair and her leg is swelling
doctor check and say her foot is injured now she cannt dance after some time all left in car
laksh-you dont change na

mumbai station
mr mathur-baby plz be care full
mrs mathur-dont eat anything from strangers hand dont put your handout and dont interfer in others matter
mr mathur-if you feel kolkatta is not safe then return at next flight
swara-mom dad plz i will not do anything wrong and i will take care of my self
mr mathur-okay princess you know na i cant bear tears or any pain in my princess eyes
mrs mathur-call me daily and if you want anything just call me in next second i will be there
swara-paa maa easy okay listen u too take care of yourself too take care of your self and dont fight
both-okay princess
swara left for kolkatta
after one day swara reached kolkatta in hostel their she came too know something went wrong in registration so she get room after 2week
at same night
mr mathur-swara did you get the room
swara-yes papa room is very big lots of people are near by water facilties and other facilities are their
mrs mathur-what about security

swara-police and others were present and cuts the call and looks at surrounding its a railway station
next morning
sanskar is driving by talking to laksh in phone
sanky-whats up bro
lucky-bhai you know yesterday rags did same with that girl which usually do
sanky-oh god this is 6th tym
lucky-i sometimes think if anyone comes same as ragini then what happen
sanky-blast i am lucky i didnt marry
lucky-you and adarsh were same always run from marriage

sanky-bro i am on the way bye and he suddenly apply break as somme one come infront off this car he comes out of the car and see a beautiful girl hiding her face with her pam
sanskar-are you mad if you want die try some other way
girl take back her pam from her face she is our swara by seeing her sanskar is clean bowled
swara- i am sorry sir i a new here i didnt know the way so i was trying to figure out by compass
sanskar-what by compass
swara-i have seen in tv
sanskar-okay where you want to go
swara -today is my interview in maheshari group
sanskar-okay get in
swara in whole way she is revising her introduction after sometime she see sanskar has bring her to hotel sanskar takes her to lobby and say

sanskar-hey beautful i am sanskar maheshwari spend one night with me and job is yours
swara gives him a tight slap and goes from there sanskar fumes in anger
sanskar-you didnt have done this know i want you by hook or by crook
swara is running in street by crying we reach a isolated area were a girl is going to sucide swara run toward her and try to stop her in this process swara gve that girl a tight slap
swara-why you wanna die plz tell me i may help you
girl -cry and tell everything about ragini deed
swara-by consolling her she also tell her today experience to ……then asked her name
swara-hi pari i am swara but suddenly pari fall by weakness

recap- swara pari and adarsh friendship……..ragini get warning from stranger

Credit to: unknown

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