Story of love which change the beast (episode 9)


recap-rags accident sumi know the reality
by knowing the rags accident laksh comes runningly to baadi and by seeing ragini he hugs and cry
sumi-know what you want because of you years ago i lost my one child and know anything happen rags i will not tolerate it
laksh-i know my sorry is not justify my doing i know which i did to her is unforgettable
sanky-laksh its true ragini and me were in relationship but as a time goes we understand we are not meant to each other after that u came to her life after that we never crossed our line
laksh-bro i trust u and ragini i was angry because u hide it from me
ragini-hold his collar then why lakksh why you punishing us why why
laksh-my reason is also same which make you quite by knowing swaras realty
sanky-what you mean
laksh tell everything how she blackmailed him which is heared by mm
sanky-dad you hear
sumi-i called them to know the truth
ragini-u dont know here if she came to know about she is be became more dangerous
sumi-we will show her the power of unity
ap-u are right
dp-their is a good news uttra marriage is fixed with ranveer vaghela
all became happy sumi goes to meet swara at a park all wish her good luck

at park
swara is sitting in a desk eatting ground nuts sumi comes and through property paper on swara which is gifted by dida
sumi-take all this but leave my child and her family for the god sake you cheap u beated that girl kavita and mom u didnt consider her age also
swara-i have warned her
sumi-u creep what you want just spell it out and taut her
swara in anger-you will give me what i want
swara-then give my 6 years back i lost and like a dead person died in every single second because of you all ………..give my original face back which is destroyed by your so called kavita ,,,,,,,,give my dignity which is breaked by you all………my peace my dreams my happiness which is destroyed by your daughter
sumi -with shock who are you
swara-all of your bad luck your dead daughter shona gadodiya
sumi facial expression change tears falling from her eyes
sumi-your face what happen to yu
swara-because of your kavita and tell about it
sumi is crying miserably
swara-dont shed crocodile tear it wont work on me
sumi-shona beta i am sorry plz forgive me being your mother i didnt trusted you for that i am getting punishment
swara-laugh you are getting punishment really mrs sharmistha …..look at me each second i am dying because of you all i try to forgive you all and live my life everyday but i see my face in mirror my pain always increase……she hold sumi by shoulder you know because that three bustards destroyed me and sanky that creep i have became mother without marriage my little princess love to go to summer camps but she never go why you know because for that father naam is require my baby cry secreatly from me so that i dont know about her pain…you know my beti heartbrokes when their is ptm is school all comment her my baby cries secreatly so that it cant see her pain that she need father by seeing her i die every second because i cant reduce her pain
sumi-sho without letting complete her word swara shout mrs sharmistha dont you dare call that name that whom u have given birth has died years ago today who is standing infront of you is swara rathore
sumi-you are correct u are not my child you someone else but by this revengue war what you get the thing which you will not get it back…beta plz leave all this and come back
swara take out her gun and load it with bullets
swara-dont worry i am not going to kill you and handover the gun to sumi and pointout the gun point toward herself and say if you want to save your family kill me know otherwise i will destroy all
sumi feared by this avtar of her child and drop the gun and started running
swara-wait madam from congratulate uttra from my side for marriage which you all fixed day after tomorrow by fear of me
by listening it sumi stop and turn in disbeilif swara comes to her and say
swara-history is going to repeat remember her marriage date 18may 2016 the date on which i lost my everything
its an another shock for sumi she heardly compose herself and goes from their and swara break down
swara-why mom why you dont trusted me because of u i became ruthless animal

at baadi
everyone is waiting for sumi and somewhere they are worried for her also
ap-sharmishta ji didnt come till know
ragini-i am also worried she has gone to meet that devil
sumi comes her eyes were swelling we is walking as a lifeless body everyone is shock to see her like this ap comes and put her hand on sumi shoulder sumi remove her hand goes to goddess ideal and fall unconcious
ragini runs toward her and tried to wake her up but no use then laksh comes with glass of water and sprinkle on her but no use so sanskar lift her and take to his car and they all reach hospital all were standing out side then doctor comes and inform that she had a major heart attack and doctor ives medicine presciption
laksh-sanrag u be here uncle needs u i will go and withdrew some cash
while laksh goes to atm he became shocked so he called manager ask the problem
manager-sir not only your but all mm account is freezed by swara rathore
laksh goes to hospital and tell everything at that tym police came and arrest dp
rp-what did my brother did
ap-you have mistaken
police-he is being arrested for fraud he mutagege someone property by telling it belong to him
rags-who has complain the FIR
police-owner of mm swara rathore
sanlakrag goes to mm where in hall swara is watching movie
swara-welcome to my kingdom
rags-its our u have done fraud
swara-dont eat my head come to the point
sanskar-hold her by her hair and throw on the floor i will not leave you today i will kill u after that i am ready to go to jail he raise his hand but a bullet hit and cross through his hand and hit the wall sany hand started bleeding all turn to the direction and see a man of 45 and a young man of 28 standing in entrence
swara-dad shlok(ipkknd2)
shlok without any delay goes toward sanky and beated him both enter into serious fight laksh try to stop but no use
swara fired the gun on air so both leave each other
shlok-dont u dare to touch my sister again in your dream also otherwise i will not leave u
swara-come down shlok you go and take rest and they are barking dogs they dont have the guts and dad u go to room i will sent you food u have take medicine
mr rathore-beta i dont want to stay here we are going to our house if any problem jus give a call
shlok andmr rathore goes and she turn to sanlakrag
swara-i will release your dad and pay complete bill of hospital for that you 3 have to go to this address with flowers and say sorry
laksh-but why
swara-do what i say and hand over 3 address to sanky and 2 to rags and one to laksh and sayv while going get some flowers also
laksh goes to the address and see the name plate upmanyu chatterjee he enters the house their is many photo of laksh his achievement photos his marriage photo etc he enter inside and see upmanyu is telling about laksh to children that he is his good student no not student he is his child teaching tym stories laksh feel guilt for betraying such person his soul is dying to see upmanyu praising him infront of children and asking them to became like him he think how he insulted him many time in public and media he cant take it any more he immediately falls on upmanyu feet and apologies for his behaviour
upmanyu-forget all past let start the fresh new you came to see me na thats enough for me
laksh-guru ji
upmanyu-emotionally what u said say it one or tym
laksh -guru ji
upmanyu hugs him and say u have came after long tym have lunch with us laksh agree and they both together teach music to childrens
samething happen with ragini
sanskar goes to first house their he meet with his ex-girl friend they spend some good tym then he moves to another house its of her another gf misha he enter it to house he meet her father
sanskar-hello uncle i am misha’s friend can i meet her
uncle-come with me…..this way their is her room
sanskar open the room and see half of her wall conain his photo and in another side written i love u sanskar from blood and look their is a certain he call out misha’s name but no response then he slowly remove the certain and shock to see misha photo hanging with garland
uncle-sanskar u looked at her like tym pass but she loved u like mad the day on which u leaved her that night she committed suicide …..plz leave from here otherwise what i would do i dont know
sanskar-with heavy heart moves from their to third address he prayed that next didnt done the same
he enter the house he asked for the girl …girl dad take him to her room as he enter the room their is a pin drop slience a wiered environment her dad said dont make noise son
then sanky see a steel chain a long one and see the girl one leg is tied with it by seeing the two person girl became voilent so her dad called nurse they tied her and give electric shock this was more than enough for him he step out of the room…..girl dad comes to sanskar
sanky-uncle what happen to her
uncle-beta she was in love with sanskar named boy he betrayed her which lead her to this condition
sanky without saying anything he go from their to isolated place by remembering both girls he cried miserably and curse himself then he remember shona his best friend
sanky-that two girls loved me and by their permission he mad relation but he litterally raped shona and remember tym spend with shona and cry

friends because of my exam i didnt able to upload sorry for it
friends tell me swara should forgive all..and start new life with sanky…..
yarroo from your votes i am very much confused
recap-last episode!!!!!!!!!

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