Story of love which change the beast (episode 8)


recap-lucky gives5days to ragsan to prove their innocence and swara warning
ragsan is shocked to hear swara as they could react they hear voice from back
they turn and see parineeta swara is shocked to see her pari has tears in her eyes
pari-what all this you have did it all i considered u as my sister i lost my parents by seeing you i thought god has send you to became my family my sister but i was wrong u cheated me your taking advantage of my trust i not only considered a sister but also my child my best friend start cring
swara-no di i never cheated u i am always remained swara as your sister
pari-really ha i thought u as an ordinary girl like me i thought i will give u all happiness which i can but i didnt no that i am dreaming to give stars to that person who has the power to purchase whole galaxy
swara-no di your one star worth more than a galaxy to me
pari-enough and raise hand to slap her sanky raise hand to hold pari’s hand but swara hold sanky hand and get pari’s slap
swara-sanskar never dare to hold my sister hand and dont interfer btw us and di u think i did wrong na then i am ready to make everything as before and go back before that come with me swara takes pari to a her bunglow
pari-why you brought me here

swara-to give the answer why i came to their life …take a deep breath and relax……and tell her everything regarding her past kavita and swarali
pari has tears in her eyes and hugs swara and say i am with you
they both return to mm where ragsan see pari with hope but pari see then with angry eyes they both understood she will not help them
all were having lunch then enters mother of dp she is strict and show of type according to her status is everything she comment ladies of the house then pari regarding her clothes and swara for living in her sister would be house
dp-maasa she is good and suitable to adarsh
maasa -do u seen her and our status you are going to makes foot path dust as a daughter in law of maheshwari family
adarsh-i will not marry anyone except her if you have problem after 4day i am going to dubai for expending our business their for 3yrs i will take pari and swaru
maasa-she has done black magic on u
swara fumes in anger and start to go to her room she hear maasa saying call pandit ji
so she gone to mandir who perform every religious ritual of mm and convience him and given some money

in evening
all were sitting and pandit ji is looking the kundli of adarsh and pari and say shubh muhurat of their marriage after 3days otherwise it is after 6 yrs so all agree and pandit ji goes
maasa-its all good but who will do the marriage preparation from side pari is orphan swara is not her real sister and her familt cant effort our expense
swara comes with certain documents and sit opposite facing maasa
swara-i will do it as she is my sis i will do all preparation according to your status
maasa-then what you give in dowry
everyone stand
swara-dowry is illegal as dowry i will not give single penny
maasa-dont gives give to your di and jiju
swara-and what they wanted
maasa-laugh i know u can effort anything marriage will be condcted here in mm mansion and u only purchade visa and ticket for your di
swara-give a document to pari and say di its your visa and passort and both of your ticket to dubai and take another file and di its property paper i have purchased a bunglow in dubai in your name with all facilities including servants and chefs and your dream cars and takes another file its your bank account in dubai i have deposited 25 lakhs in it this is your debit card and credit card
pari-how can i take this from u swara
voice from back-as it is given by parents
swara goes and hug then and brought them in
swara-they are my paa and maa mrs and mr mathur
mrs mathur-actually we are her aunty and uncle we dont has girl child so she call us maa paa and know pari u should also pari has tears in her eyes of happiness and hug them
swara-and yeah marriage would be conducted in jaipur royal palace
dp-how u can effort all this

mr mathur-i give u the answer ur employee swara cant effort all this but swara rathore can eassily she run away from us to live simple life
mr and mrs mathur with pari goes to swara house
in swaras room
laksh comes and lock the door and falls o swara feet and cry
laksh-plz swara dont do this to me i cant trouble ragini and sanskar i know they hidden theor relationship but i trust them plz dont trouble them through me i cant hurt her i am not able see her like this its killing me
swara to herself-same this pain i feeled laksh
swara-be brave boy u have do more from today u have to do……..(mute)
laksh-no i cant
swara-if you cant then i have to do it may and would worse
swara-get out

same night laksh came home with girls
ragini-who are they
ragini-why are they here
laksh-to make love
ragini-lakshhhh u can do this to me
laksh-if you can do then why cant me u prostitude
ragini-schatter by the word and goes to car and sit anddrive in ful speed sanky see it and follow her
laksh falls on his feet and cry swar comes give cash to girl and send her swara sit next to laksh
swara-soo sad but good job and goes to her room
laksh cry for his hellessness in market area sumi see ragini driving in high speed so she follow her after some distance she see ragini car hitted tree and blood is coming from her head sanky reach their they take her to hospital
in hospital shekhar comes sanky ask about his release
shekhar-say they didnt get the proof so they realese me but my investor all didnt trust me i lost my business collapsed i am back to shop but it also not working because of my image
next day in jaipur
adarsh and pari marriage taken place in royal style all the celebrity and high profile people came then they goes to dubai

in us
mr rathore watching the album
rathore-look swara how tallented she is painting she paint so well but in an accident she gone takinh all over colors
tapseya-then shona came in our life and became swara
rathore-she filled your life with colors and she made us grand parents with her effort without our help she establish many industry and managing rathore empire alone
tapseya-u remember arjun raichand firstly they were enimies because of silly reason then he fallen for herhe tried 111 method to impress her but totally failed
rathore-but he impressed swarali
tapseya-she is to small for him
both laugh

in newyork
a big bunglow very class ad royal a boy is reading a file in his room wall is filled with swara and swarali pics
a servant-arjun sir(vivian desousa) your coffee
arjun-keep it and go he keep the file on table and goes toward swarali pic
arjun-princess have coffee no u should drink milk and kiss her cheeks love u beti and goes to kiss swara pic but someone stop him and slap him he turn and see swara
arjun-jaan u here
swara-what is this please arjun why you are making your life hell for me plz dont wait for me
arjun-its my life i will do what ever i want …..ans what is your problem i am not good
swara-u are good u can change anyone life and fill with color
arjun-i want fill ur life
swara-why cant u understand i am raped and what will society think off you
arjun holder and pin her to wall
arjun-thats your past and i dont care what society think of me i only care for you
swara tries to move but arjun tight this grip
swara-okay if i say yes then what about my swarali she became burden to you which you will through
swara get a tight slap from arjun
arjun in anger-before our marriage she is your daughter and after marriage she is our daughter and dont dare to say a word against swarali arjun raichand daughter of arjun raichand asias no.1 lawyer
swara hugs him and he hugs her to but he get disturb by call and see their is no swara he was dreaming
in hospital
by giving oath tp ragsan sumi ask truth so they tell everything
then sumi call swaraand tells her to meet in such place in one hour

friends plz vote do u want swasan or swarj
recap-sumi and swara face off ….marriage proposal to uttra

Credit to: unknown

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  1. Hey guys so sorry if i hurt someone.but in this ff’s wil be interesting with swaraj pair.
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    If i said something wrong plz forgive me guys…..

  2. Plzz plzz make it swarj yaar plzz I request u

  3. Swasan

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