Story of love which change the beast (episode 7)

recap-sanskar helpnessness shekhar and laksh arrest
ragini thought to give office responsibility to swara because all were bussy in laksh bail
on the otherside sanky think to convience swara …..they both headed toward swara room but swara was not their ragini reach first then she search for swara at that tym sanky comes he didnt see the face he assumed rags as swara
sanky-how can i choose one they both are important for me one is my brother and other is my sister please save them you have trapped lucky
rags turn sanky shocks to see her he try to go but rags stop him ask him but sanky have fear of swara he didnt tell her but rags give laksh oath to him so sanky tell her
sanky-its true swara is behind all this mess
ragini in anger goes from their to swara sanky tries to stop her but his efforts goes in vein rags see swara playing cricket with kids outside
rags comes raise her hand to slap swara but sanky hold her hand and say
sanky-she only told by seeing t.v she didnt mean it

sanky-u are angry because of her conversation with pari in breakfast table leave it rags…….. sanky takes rags with him force fully to his room swara smile and start playing again
sanky-what are you going to do if i have not reached their tym then for your slap …god knows who has to face consequencess
ragini-what are you saying i will not leave her how dare she frame laksh in murder case
sanky-what you think she is an ant or doll you can mess with no ragini she is very dangerous or deadly dangerous …….tell everything to her from starting
ragini is hell shocked
ragini-how could she do this to us
sanky-she is heartless animal she is very dangerous……rags hugs him and cry and sanky consolling her
ragini-this not tym for all this we have to save papa laksh and uttra
sanky-but how if i save lucky then uttra lyf spoil if i save uttra then we have to loose laksh
ragini-we will save both you go and tell swara to save lucky
sanky-then what about uttra
ragini- i go and tell mom that to send pari and adarsh to kull devi mandir as they are not wedded so for pari send swara
sanky-whats the use of it
ragini-at that tym we will destroy the photos and all for making another she want tym
sanky-whats the use of it
ragini-we can save laksh and tell the reality to ap regarding uttra one day we have to …in this way swara warning will be waste
sanky-good idea and hugs her
they executed their plan rags convience ap hardly in name of family sake and sanrag find evidence and burn it and swara freed laksh from murder charge
laksh came back to house but their is changes in his behaviour toward ragsan

in raglak room
ragini is cheering laksh at that tym she receive msg from sanky to come we have to go badi
ragini-u take rest i have some work i am coming
laksh-where are you going
ragini-to met papa
laksh-i will also come
ragini-no i am going with maa
ragini to herself-sorry laksh i can’t tell u whats going on u are already in tension
in baadi
from daadi sanrag came to know that a man has trapped shekhar they decide they give the statement to police regarding shekhar and murder case

in mm
swaras room
she is working on lappy
sanrag comes hold swara from her hair
swara-what are u both doing leave me
sanky-slap….. her this is for sendig ragini to jail
ragini-slap……. this for my dadi
sanky-again slap…… her this one for uttra
ragini-slap…… this for kavita
sanky-slap…. this one for laksh and shekhar uncle
ragini-this for making fun of sanky love and my family believe pack ur bags tomorrow u have to go from our house ..they goes out and hugs eachother and say we did it which is seen by lucky

in morning
sanrag goes to baadi to take daadi to police station but they shock to see lock on the door so they decide to ask neighbour regarding it
ragini-aunty namaste did you know where mom and dadi &dada ji gone
aunty-hospital ur dadi is met with an accident
sanskar-which hospital
aunty-city hospital
they both headed to city hospital their they see sumi dada ji…sumi hugs rags and cry
sumi-what is happening first ur dad know your dadi
ragini-mom nothing happen to her
dada ji-yes sumi nothing happen
they goes to doctor cabin
sanky-how is she…anything serious
ragini-did she hurt more in accident
doctor-its not accident its attempt to murder
doctor-her right hand is twisted cruely her hand bones were broken i medical language her right hand is paralized and some one has inserted knief in her neck know for 3 months see has to put belt and wont able to talk till her recovery

after a while they goes from there in car ragini cries very much sanskar consolve her and bring in side all were busy in their work pari is massaging swara’s hair
ragini-she didnt go still know suddenly she get a push from back she falls on the floor
all get alert and see laksh has pulled ragini and slaped her
sanky-whats this ????what happen to you bhai
laksh-dont call me bhai from your tounge u bastard
sanky-whats your problem
laksh-if you want your ex-lover back then you both have told me rather sending me jail and cry
dp-what noncense you are saying
ap-ex-loverss how dare u to abuse ur bhai and ur wife
laksh comes and place ragini’s hand in his head
laksh-know say that you both never loved each other
ragini cries and nodes in yes but sanky interprets say bhai its over past we have break the relationship before you came to your life
laksh-firstly i didnt beileved tha unknown caller i was shocked to know that you were lovers but i didnt believed it then he send me urs photos and sanky caller told me about ur personal dairy which i got from your room in which whole lovestory is written
ragini-its only a past just like your and shona
laksh-dont you dare to take her name….if its a past why you didnt tell me….reality is that after marriage u bored with me and ur ex-lover is much successful then me so u attract to him and for u both i am the hurrdle so u want to remove me
rp-what noncense what proof u have
laksh gives photos to elders and eldershows it to ragsan the photos in which sanky giving money to manager.outside police station ,huging upmanyu ragsan huging
laksh-yesterday also u lied to me that you are going to see ur dad with maa but u gone with sanky but not see your dad
ragini-i did want to trouble u and you has faced so much thats why theirs no other reason and he was only consolving me
sanky-and that photos were clicked when i was running to save uttra
sujata-what ..from whom
sanky-i am sorry maa that day i couldnt save uttra she has been raped
dp-what are you saying
ragini-its true dad
uttra shouts what noncense bhai bhabhi for prooving yourself why are you insulting me chiii u have no shame to say such cheap things
laksh-uttra comedown you dont worry they are just like that characterless
sujata slaps sanky hard
sujata-i know u are shameless but not characterless
sanky-trust us plz
laksh-i am giving u five days to prove and sanky after 5th day you wont be my brother any more and i will divorce and you have to agree

dp-till then dont show your face to us and stay away from my uttra
rp-after 5day sanky i will break all relationship with u and u were no longer remain maheshwari
laksh comes to swara and pari
laksh-thanks to god that swara is saved from such a spinless man bhai dont think to give her hand to him we three will find a good match to her
swara smile to him and all goes to their respected rooms except swasanrag ragini is crying vigerously and sanky is heart broken
swara laugh and take a glass of cold drink and sit in the stair mean while sanrag stand and looking her in anger ragini goes toward her to slap swara throw cold drink on ragini face
ragini in extreme anger raise her hand again this tym swara hold her hand and pull her and laugh in another second her laughing face change to angry face as burning coal
sanky-i know u are bhind all
swara-yes ….what you think i am fool u can eassily make me fool no sanskar if i can keep 8 camera in hotel then i can also keep camera in my room..sometime use your brain….i told you earlier as the player increase the danger of the game also increase
ragini-i will not leave you today
swara-dont you dare ragini otherwise like your dadi somebody has to suffer

swara was sitting in a garden near to temple fuming in anger somebody hit her swara turned and see dadi her anger reach peak so
swara-get loose from her
dadi-my ragini told me everything i will not leave u i will give statement to police
swara-do whatever u want
dadi raise her hand swara hold her and pull her
swara-dont force me to became animal
dadi taunt her more as a result swara lost her control so she twist her hand hit her but dadi didnt stop irretating her swara always keep knife she take out knife and hit dadi neck and place one hand arround dadi neck and press he wound dadi is crying in pain
swara-i have told you earlier dont talk in front of me with ur 10foot long tongue and give a punch to her neck this one for ragini then say i will not let u die because seeing u ragini will suffer and she takes her to hospital
flashback end

extreme terror can be clearly visible in sanrag face
swara-ragini when u are making trap for me i have already trapped you by making vedio and send to uttra and shown vedio to them
which is showing ragini saying save laksh and we tell regarding uttra rape to all one day we have to ..sanky-yes we cant loose laksh
sanky-its half truth
swara-i know baby…..i have taken to step back u thought i have failed no jaan i have taken my step back to jump 4 step before you too
ragini-its u are trap which we thought we are playing but you are playing woth us
swara-exactly…u both got 5days my goodness and laugh for prooving your innocence you have to prove uttra has been raped and laugh if you prooved ur sister lyf will be spoiled if not then then yours let me add on if you prove then i will burn lucky alive and sanky u all will be in road and show property paper
ragini-what is it
sanky-we borrowed 400crore from motagage of property and she has purchased it this house every thing including over clothes belong to her

Sorry friends because of my exam I delay to upload?
recap-swara and sumi face off

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