Story of love which change the beast (episode 6)


recap-sanskar runs to save uttra
sanskar drive the car fast so that he reach the hotel in time but swaras guard comes and through nail and glass piece as a result his car tires punchered he comes out and gaurds tried to stop him but sanky over power him easily and take their car and start the ride after some distance police inspection is going on sanskar hit stairing wheel in frustration and his turn come
police-show driving licence ,car paper

sanky-show his licence but he didnt have car paper so he tell police that its his friends car
but the constable check the no. plate and inform that its the same car which is stolen from city center
inspector-arrest him
sanky-plz sir my sister life is in danger plz sir i have to reach their on tym
inspector-shut up and constable arrest him
in police van sanky receive swara call inspector permitte him to attend the call
swara-laugh and say sanskar baby you thought i can let you reach so easily babu and u thought that my gaurds will be defeated so easily baby only 40 mints are left bye baby
sanky -listen swara swara
in police station
sanskar tried maximum to convience inspector then swaras manager comes and gaurantee him on his behalf
sanskar-why you helped me
manager-money if you can give me money more than madam then i will give you her secreats
sanskar-ok meet me in xyz park at 8;00 clock
manager-sure you go
manager gives his car to him after he go manager show thump up to some one

in market
swara in her car a lady is crossing through without watching signal so she hitted by swara car swara comes out and see some scrach on lady hand
swara-are you okay aunty …aunty i will take you to hospital
lady get up and bend to take her staff……
swara-aunty i will help u you have injury and aunty bee careful while crossing the road if i have not applied break you have hitted heard
lady-its okay beta i am fine actually my hubby is standing there restlessly look he is coming
swara-forwarded the stuff toward the lady by seeing her face swara taken a back and her concerning face change to angry face boiling in anger because the lady is non other than sharmishta in anger she through stuff on road sumi is shock to see sudden change i her behaviour
swara-dont you have eyes cant see signal if you want to die try other place without troubling others mean while shekhar also come
sumi-what happen to u

swara-oh know i understand u do all this for money
shekhar-mind your words she is wife of shekhar gadodia
swara-so keep her in muesum everyone will know about shekhar gadodiya wife and if your wife has eye problem then treat her if she really wanna die tomorrow come here i will fulfill ur desire and go her car and drive in ful speed

hotel red ribbon express
sanskar run to the room 403 in middle he hit upmanyu and both fall sanksar in hurry make upmanyu stand and say sorry and run to the room he reach the corridor but shock to see a guy coming out of room buttoning the shirt but his face is not seen
sanskar taken back step in shock just then someone tap his shoulder he turn see a waiter with tissue ,and shawl gives it to sanskar and say swara mam has send it you
sanskar in anger hold waiter neck and pin him to wall

sanskar-where is swara … i will kill her today
waiter-sir i dont know about her and about killing her forget about it she not an ant to mess her
before sanskar would say something his phone ring its from swara he recieve it
swara-leave him he is my employee…… i know your thinking how i know so turn around and see
sanskar turn arround their is eight cctv camera
swara-in my one order you will be finished so leave him
sanskar-you bastered i know your playing with me if you wanted to kill me you have done it long before
swara-smart boy leave him other wise you have to see your sister with another man and this tym u can see it live…leave him and go to her dont waste tym

sanskar leave to room his leg became heavy his heart is filled with fear his mind is terrified with consequences he enter the room were uttra is covered herself with bedsheet and crying her face is red due to slaps her lips are bleeding her hairs are messed up her clothes are lying here and their sanskar comes ad put shawl on her by seeing him uttra hugs him and cry miserably
outside the room the guy who step out from room before gives cash to waiteress and say they shold never came to that you have removed her clothes and messed her make up and her hairs i am only telling u if u try to betray us then you have to face swara mam
waiteress-no sir i will not
guy call swara and tell work is done……
sanskar-dont worry i am here na dont cry go and change the dress and remember nothing happened okay you never came here go
uttra-okay bhai
sanky-forget all this
uttra and sanskar goes from their but they didnt notice cctv in room from laptop swara is seeing all
swara-i will allow you to forget all this so eassily
the detective who swara hired to follow sanky say that mam your douth on manager is correct swara give some money to him

swara-double crossing me deadly bad luck

in gd house
sumi is thinking about the incident about swara sudden change in behaviour
sumi to herself-why i am feeling that i know that girl before by seeing her my heart is feeling hermony
shekhar-todays generation na does know how to speak that girl mannersless i am sure her parents doesnt have tought her anything
sumi-no shekhar something is different in her
sumi-explain everything shekhar in her eyes morethen anger their is something as like complain as we has hurt her
shekhar-what are you saying we have seen her firs tym
sumi-i know but
shekhar-let it be i have some work i will be late bye

in swaras house
she is sitting in couch resting her head holding sumi photo closing her eyes
sumi-shona ur looking like an angel
shona-thnx mom where is rago
sumi-somewhere busy in work
shona-plz call her na today is my marriage na
sumi-okay be here
shona-ji maa
as soon as sumi goes shona calls lucky
shona-lucky i think i should tell about sanskar doing to all
lucky-babes i will punish him after marriage dont worry i am there for u ..u et ready my bride should be most pretty then any other
shona-okay lucky
then ragini comes to her

ragini-what are thinking its your marriage and about sanskar i will make sure he will be behind he jail shona hugs her after sometimes barat comes and marriage ritual starts but then kavita and uttra comes and stops the marriage
sumi-what happen beta
uttra-ur daughter is a cheap i dont want to spoil my brothers life
shekhar-what are you saying uttra
kavita-she is waying right your daughter use to share her bed with one son and marrying another son
ap-what rubbish are you saying
uttra-i have proof and show the vedio then lucky break it in anger
dp-what is this shona
shona-uncle it is half true your son sanskar raped me yesterday
before she could say anything ap slap her hard
ap-my son wont dont do anything like that i have given good values to them
rp-if anything like it happen why you not informed any one
sujata-how she will in vedio it is clear she has …..god i cant even say and this girl chii
ap-leave all u didnt inform laksh also

shona-maa he know he told me after marriage he imprison sanskar
lucky-what are you telling when you told me
shona-shock lucky it not tym to joke you have brought me from hotel na you are their with me whole knight
lucky-are u mad i was with my frnd in party dont lie
shona-with tear lucky why are you doing this to me then she go to ragini …ragini you tell them i am not lying he raped me
ragini-enough shona how much u lie …i am sorry mom dad uttra and kavita is telling truth
shona-what are u saying she falls on ragini feet say dont lie
sanskar-enough of ur drama first u trapped my friend chirrag ad yuvi then me know laksh you have some shame or not
dadi-how would she have her blood is impure na
dp-we are khandani oue values are pure i dont seen a girl no pr*stitute like you
dadi-her character is worse i have see her with many boys
lucky-why you did it me i have loved u for have gone agaist everyone
shona-why you are doing this to me then ragini hugs her and say in her ear sorry shona everything is fair in love and war lucky and me love eachother and apart her
shona-so you and lucky loves eachother hats y u did it all of a sudden shona get 4-5 slap from shekhar
shekhar-u dont you dare to take her name from your impure tongur otherwise i will cut it hey god what i have done that you given me such cheap daughter

shona-trust me dad and fall on his feet plz dad she falls on everyones feet say trust me moreover she begged to all but no body listen her ap spite on shona face
ap-girl likeu only deserve spite
shekher-ragini say her to go away know she cant stay here anymore
shona-no dad plz i wont go anywhere
then dadi comes by pulling shonas hair throw shona out she was standing out crying vigerously
sumi come toward gate
shona-maa trust me
sumi-dont u dare call me maa know i have only one daughter ragini…i am cursing myself i have given you birth ….i should have killed you when u are born …..get loose from her and close the door
swara opens her eyes
flashback ends
swara takes sumi photo
swara-i have the trust that whole world consider me wrong but u will believe me i was wrong and tear the photo and goes

in mm
sanskar bring uttra to her room and tell her to take rest and go his room and get some cash and goes to xyz park
in park
manager-so you came
sanskar-yes know say about her
manager-first my reward
sanskar-gives the packet to him
manager-only this much
sanskar-it only advance rest will be deposited to you account
manager open his mouth to saysomething a bullet comes and hit his head and he falls swara comes and hit him with ful mazzine
sanskar is hell shocked because he didnt though it his dream that she can even kill anyone
swara-surprise surprise

sanky-u i will tell my family about u
swara-when i stopped you as rthe player in game increase risk also increase it will be great fun
sanky-why u are hidding and playingcome infront of all and play
swara-when i start to play in front you all not able bear it pray to your god that day never come more over take rest tomorrow is a very hectic day for you and goes
sanky-tomorrow something is going to happen …..god plz give me strength to face it

in mm
all are having breakfast and swara watching t.v and smiling
sanky-something is going in her ind she is upto something then he get swara msg be patient darling u get to surprise
then in news show shekhar gadodiya is arrested for drug smuggling kilos of drugs are founded in his godown
ragini-its lie my dad wont do it
dp-i know beta
laksh ap pari sujata consolving ragini just the police comes
dp-inspector u here anything serious
inspector-yes we are here to arrest mr laksh maheshwari for killing manager of swarali group we have got evidence against him

sanskar-bro is innocent he didnt killed him ..that man is murdered by
inspector-shut up if you have proof show it in court
all were in tears
swara-pari di what a family choti bahu cheater her father theif her bil characterless husband criminal and sis what ever
sanky & ragini-swaraaaaa
swara-dont shout i know my name and go from their followed by sanky
swaras room
swara playing video game sanskar comes and through her video game and material placed i table
swara in deadly dangerous tone pick it up
sansky-you are bhind all na u bustard
swara -pick it up and the things as before
sanky-i am not your servant

swara-i next 5mint u dont arrange it as previous then
sanky-then what ha i am going to police station and tell u killed him
swara-throw a file on sanky have a look
sanky-hell shocked as if ground below his foot is running
swara take the file and say your time starts know and she sit back and sanky hurrily arrange the things and give the vedio game back to her
swara-get out and knock the door when is say get in then come
sanky in helplessness go back and knock the door and say can i come in
swara-auwww my baby get in

sanky-why are you doing this ur hatered is with me na then why shekhar uncle and lucky
swara-just for fun
sanky-i will tell police
swara-aww my honey but where is the proof even if you have proof and u free ur bhai the second he step out then… photos of uttra and hot romance of hotel room will be publish to public
sanky-u cant do that
swara-u know me little bit what can i do or not ….okay i will save one it would be lucky or uttra choice is your i am giving you 24hrs to think
sanky-u are heartless
swara in anger-u all have killed it years ago get out from sight before i change my mind
sanky goes

sorry friend i have an important work so i cant post yesterday

recap-24hrs is like hell to sanky….unknowingly sanky tell everything to ragini…..ragini raise hand on swara sanky hold her…..swara i told you earlier i have no problem by increase of player but danger also increase

Credit to: unknown

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