Story of love which change the beast (episode 5)


recap-laksh in sangini groups…..
laksh see acharya ji and shocks
laksh-upmanyu chatterjee
uc-oh you still remember me lets start
laksh-manager i wont work with him he is a old flop tution singer
manager-listen its not u who decide who will be our music director more over u dont have to work with him u have to work for him if you have problem just leave we dont have problem it create barrier to your carrier only
laksh think and agree and sing but uc takes many mistakes from song which is frustrating him

swarali groups office
swara-find out how they arranged 400crores in two days
manager-sure mam in evening u will get complete info
swara to a unknown person always keep an eye on sanky activity
swara call swarali but it is received by tapseya
swara-hi beta
tapseya-sometime speak to your mom also
swara-hi mom how are you and all
tapseya-we are fine and u
swara-me is trying to be fine
tapseya-beta stop it come back to us i have lost one child i dont have strength loss another one
swara-nothing happen to me
tapseya-did you meet your parents
swara in anger-how many time i will tell you they are nothing to me and tell swarali that i am coming back in two weaks takecaremom bye and cut the call
swara leave for mm office

in us
tapseya tell everyone about swara return
mr rathod-something is going to be happen big in life of gd and mm
mr mathura-what you mean
mr rathod-after to week its 17 may the day on which all this story is started

in mm house
laksh -comes and abuse upmanyu
swara-mind your word he is your guru he has made you singer and you have cheated him by humiliating him in public
swara-by shouting my name reality wont change if i am saying wrong then y your husband is not opposing me
dadi-hoow dare you to insult my sil
swara by seeing her anger was at peek but control her anger she take apple and knife and goes out
swara seating in garden then uttra comes and offer friendship and give her card and have friendly talk after sometime uttra goes by showing thumbs up sign to sanskar……sanskar was going toward swara but stops by swaras action
as uttra goes her face is full on -swara tear the card into many piece
swara-uttra u dont change know also for your brothers u play withother emotion
after the sangeet cerimony uttra takes her to hotel for her friend birthday party for the name of friendship there se spike her drink and place her in a bed and lock the room froom outside
flashback end
dadi comes and start irritating swara …swara warns her not to test her patience but dadi didnt listen her know anger is at peak swara takes out the knief and cut her nerves and press the cut which creating incredible pain to daadi
swara-if you spoke with your 10 foot long tongue infront of me then i will cut ur tongue she get a call so she goes sansar was hell shocked by seeing her this side
sanskar-her innocent face which has changed me is hiding devil inside her he goes to dadi and takes her to hospital then goes to see kavita and tell that he has douth in swara by hearing swara kavita get panic attack its another shock for him
sankar was tensed and confused so he goes to parineeta and ask about swara firstly pari denied then told that swara is from mumbai thats it
sanky-in his car nobody know about her who is she what is in her mind and all suddenly he see swara goingwith someone in her car so he followed her
in isolated place
swara-good job manager you know what you have to do
manager-yes maam i have a douth
swara-why i given them opporunity to deal with karma group why i freed laksh so eassily because swarali group is on my daughter name and i dont want to spoil it
then adi and swadhenta comes followed by sanskar swara receive a call she receive it but didnt reply and cut the call
adi-thats why you given offer to mm to deal with karma industry and ss industry with maximum r-o-i
yes u all guested it right swara is the owner of karma and ss group
swadheetna-why you sent me their for saving laksh
swara-for traping raping him in my plan he is happy that sngini group has given him opporunity where thousands of celebrety desire for a chance
manager-you your self exposed ragini and you have rescued her
swara-you wont understand it you all go am coming ha you know na what you have to do
all-yes and they go
swara-hey come out baby you have listen na my truth please sanskar baby come out
sanskar in shock and anger comes raise hand to slap her by swara hold his hand
swara-dont you dare other wise your family has to face the consequences like kavita and ragini
sanskar-who are u why you are up to us
swara comes close to hi and say in his ear revenge u all paying for you sin
sanskar-know you have to face me for reaching my family
swara laugh and say its good u know about me but not everything so let me tell u she tell everything how she came infrot of his car provoking him everything till know
sanskar is shocked and hurt-i will save my family u cant do anything to them i will be their kawach
swara-laugh i was bored playing know you came their will be fun and in full on anger if u can save you sister uttra she has intrest to spike others drink and placing others to your bed but today she is going to be pray of other
sanskar-shocks and hold swara neck what are you going to do with her i am telling you anything happen to her i will burn you alive
swara remove his hand -dont loose energy here go and save her she is i hotel red ribbon room no406 u have only one hour and ur time starts know
sanskar-run to his car and go
swara to herself-sanskar today you know how it feel when u now you going to loose everything but dont able do anything

Precap-swara create many hurdles to sanky on the way to reach uttra….sumi and swara first meet

Credit to: unknown

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