story of love which change the beast (episode 4)


recap-shoot out and mm deals with karma industry
all reached to city hospital
doctor-what is the relationship with patient
dp-she is our one of the business partner kavita
sujata-what happened to her
doctor-what to say in my entire carrier I didn’t seen such a case her face is completely destroyed her face bones were broken even her backbone her leg her hand the person who hitted is heartless she is in troma
ragini-how much tym take a heel
doctor-even she heel from injury she can’t move her body is paralyzed

in isolated place
swara sitting in ground holding the gun and laughing
swara-please don’t kill me
kavita-pointing gun toward swara and shooting the bullet but swara kick hand kavita and bullet him one of goon and swaras gaurds comes and shut kavitas goons
swara-you didn’t able to kill me when I was weak then how u kill me when I am strong enough to kill u
kavita-who are u
swara-your death sona gadodiya remember this is the same place where tried to kill me you destroyed my face and thrown from cliff but don’t worry I will not kill u have feel the pain in your every breath
kavita aim gun toward swara but swaras gaurds shout at kavita gun then swara beat kavita brutally and tell her gaurds to take her to hospital
flashback end
swaras manager came and tell her about mm deal with karma industry and apologize and tell that laksh has given400crore for breaking the bond
swara-its okay forget about it

raglak room
laksh comes and hug tell he 3 good news for her
ragini-what tell me
laksh-but for each news I want kiss
ragini-shameless okay
laksh-i am freed from swarali groups
ragini happily give peek on his cheek
laksh- we have sign contract with karma industry
ragini give peek on another cheek
laksh -I have get contract for sing for sangini group
rags remember something but hide a kiss laksh lips
laksh go to freshen up
rags go toward cupboard and take sona photo
rags-shona what will u gift me in my next birthday
shona-a company of music and dance where everyone get chance to show their talent and develop
rags-but I will be main dancer
rags-what would be its name
swara-sanskar and your the most important person of my life so sangini
flashback end
rags keep photo back and go

laksh in sangini groups
their manager in form acharya ji Will hear him fast and direct him to certain room
laksh go to room and shock to see acharya ji
recap-someone tell do has mortgage of mm property trouble enter in laksh life

Credit to: unknown

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  1. Superb …….. Continue soon……

  2. awesome continue soon

  3. But y dey hurted sona nd killed her?
    I didn’t gt dat cn nyone plz tell me

  4. awesome itna short part.plz post one more part today

  5. Wow!!..suprb epi…update nxt asap plzz..:)

  6. I hv a doubt….sanskar nein drama kiya Ki he love sona n uske sath s*x kiya n den usse chodh Diya ya he literally raped her…

  7. no actually lucky and sona loves each other tym laksh get the marriage proposal of ragini he rejected it became he is in relationship with sona but later laksh falls for ragini and raglak loves each other but swalak marriage date is near so they take the help of sanskar (he was sona best friend )he raped her and raglak made her vedio shown to every one then kavita tried to kill her

    1. Thnx

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