story of love which change the beast (episode 3)


extremely sorry for delay friends
recap-adarsh proposed parineeta and ragini is exposed to public
by seeing the vedio public became angry start throughing bottles and footwares on ragini ..sanlak covering ragini from public at the tym police arrive and arrest ragini and taking her to jeep a lady comes and turn ragini and slap her
sanky-are you mad why u slapped her

lady-yes i am mad who lost her daughter because of your so called ragini
ragini-are u out of your mind
lady-do u remember niti singh my daughter because you she is not in this world
ragini-what are you saying

lady-u cheap what was my daughter mistake ha that she is better then you but she consider you as her guru and became like you but u spike her drink ad pull her from stair and her leg broken in a second her dream schattered she cant tollerate it and committed suicide today she got justice
ragini became silent because she never thought because of her act someone loss their life
after a month ragini comes out of jail but she was not the same ragini
inn gadodiya house
ragini apologies to sumi shekhar for deed but they said she is the culprit of shona when forgive you then only me can forgive you ragini goes to mm with heavy heart which is full of guilt
in mm

ragini apologies to all and promised she will be good bahu and then by bowing her head infront of parineeta and touch her feet and apologies to her parineeta hugs her and forgives her this all were seen by swara she has tears in her eyes her heart is melting for ragini but her pain which she suffered overpower her heart
raglak room

ragini is seeing the photo of shona with teary eyes
ragini-shona i am soory plz forgive me i know i am not having right of your forgiveness i being your sister done that which a beast will also not too….. but shona plz come back for punishing come she hear foot sound so she hid the photo and wipe her tear
laksh-wha are you doing
laksh-i have a douth regarding your promise

laksh-hugs from back and say in her ear that you became good bahu and its duty of bahu to give grand child
ragini-blushes and hit laksh run to corner hiding her face toward wall
laksh comes and kiss her back and turn her and kiss her eyes then her lips after one mint they apart then he kiss her neck and hold her in bridal style and place her on bed and undress her and himself and they are going to consume but at that tym lucky phone ring
laksh curse the caller and check the phone as it is from manager of swarali group
laksh-it is the tym to call someone
manager-keep your voice low and tthnx we are calling u by seeing your wife activities also
laksh-she is inocent thats why she is out

manager-dont forget with influence of my boss your wife is out reach in xyz place in 30 mints if not in another your wife back to jail i have which still hidden from all your tym starts now cut he call
meanwhile ragini dressup and ask laksh about the call
laksh-in angry tone because of you that so called manager is ordering me and goes to washroom and then goes to xyz place
ragini-fall on floor and cry vigerously this was seen by swara
swara-its starting only ragini cry your pain is giving me peace

in xyz place
stage is ready but i audience drunk begar and theif are sitting laksh denies to sing but manager threaten him so laksh with teary eyes sing but audience huoot and fun with laksh
like this many concert happen some where hits of laksh rest were failure which and such type which is breaking his self respect and self confidence

in mm
there is party is going on for pari and adarsh and ragini all were happy celebrating their happiness dp insist pari and ragini to dance and laksh is singing then pari bring adarsh to dance floor ragini bring sanskar and kavita
swara to herself -enjoy as much as you all can because after that you have to cry in this mm only sorrow will flow she looks at kavita then uttra with hatred
adarsh sign his friend and he goes toward swara
person-hi i am adarsh.adharsh friend(adarsh from dhleez)
swara- hlo swara

they talk for sometimes and go to dance floor and dance sanskar fumes in anger ad jealous
pari-they are looking cute na i want like him to be husband of swara
adarsh-yeah i wanted him to be mann of swaru buy he is engaged to swadheenta
pari-i wanted i can keep her with me though she is not real sis bt know she is more than anything to me
sanky hearing all this comes to them with mike
sanky-i have a solution bhabhi i will marry swara i am successful handsome noo one reject me
before pari could say something adarsh (his bhai)-but i reject istead of giving her hand to you i would like to keep her unmarried

sanky-firstly ask her
swara-i agree to jiju getting husband like you is a curse
swara goes from their followed by sanskar
ap-adarsh he is your brother and we can see in his eyes that he loves swara
laksh-and bhai after swara came to our life he is changed person
adarsh-i know laksh i did because for swaru he will improve more

swara open the door of car but sanskar comesand close the door and pin her to car
sanky-y u rejected me
swara-because i dont want to marry a cheap characterless guy like u
sanky-come close to her and say you have to bear me whole life
swara pull him but he tighten grip on swara and kiss her lips hard kavita fumes in anger and call someone and goes then sanky break the kiss and give a peak on swara cheek and go
swara-touch her cheek and blush then say whats happening to me then see laksh crying vigerously in his car

swara -also cry laksh i know its hard to live without self respect some year ago u made me live like that because of u all my little swarali beared many comment because of u all i have to send away from me lucky be ready i have a surprise for u she goes from their in her way swara is kidnapped
in mm office

dp-where is kavita
sanky-she has some work so didnt come
both adarsh is present so adarsh of dhaleez i will call him as adi
rp-bhaisa we should sign deal the deal with swarali groups
dp-yes they helped us lot
sanky-dad i feel something is fishy
adarsh-same sanskar when we are in trouble they are linked with it directly or indirectly
laksh-they are like beast
sanky-what happen i am noticing from many days
adarsh-bhai in our opinion may be difference but we are one
dp-tell me son

then laksh tell everything all became shock
rp-no need to work for them i will arrange mooney
laksh-no dad it would effect my ragini and tell about the warning from manager
adi-dude we will do something
laksh -their is no way
a voice came from back their is a way all turn

in unknown place
swara-who are you why brought me hear
person-free her hand and untie her blind fold
swara-kavita…..why you brought me hear
kavita pointing gun toward swara
kavita-how dare you to attract my sanky toward you
swara-please i will go away from him dont kill me
kavia shouts the gun

in mm office
swadhenta-they their self prooved ragini if they do somethig they will be in great trouble(i dont now much about law)
dp-adarsh sanky arrange mooney by all mean
adi-they for whom we sign deal
dp-who were other company
adarsh-karma groups and ss group
sanky-i think we choose karma group they were old firm much successful then ss group
dp -okay fix meeting with them
adarsh get a call and he became shock and ask which hospital okay city hospital
laksh-what happen bro

adarsh-she is in city hospital all rush to city hospital and ladies also came to hospital

recap-in hospital all were shock to see patient condition……laksh get opporunity to sing for sangini group gy hearing sangini rags has tears in her eyes …swara manager apologies to her

Credit to: unknown

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