story of love which change the beast (episode 2)

recap-swara entry in maheshwari house
ap- what are you looking in goddess idiol
swara-simply seeing that the mud statue has power to solve the problem
ap-beta for your word it seems that you dont have trust on the god but beta i trust them they gives strength to face problem and goes
swara in ful on anger-then pray to your god to save you all from sona gadodiya /swara rathod
adarsh show her room
adarsh-plz rest talk to u in morning

in usa
mr mathur-rathor how are you and hows my angel
rathod-she is fine playing with her nani
mr mathur-after our swara arrive in our life change it is ful of happiness
tapseya-(wife of rathod)yes bhaiya but we cant able remove her pain
rathod-where is she
mrs mathur-gone to kolkatta
rathod-what i think something is in her mind she is upto something
tapsiya-with tears i remember that day when we were in kolkatta we all gone to river for performing last ritual of our daughter swara there we find a girl who was in were worse condition someone has distroyed her face and you bhaiya given her swara face and we given her swara’s name
rathod-and after an year she given birth to baby girl we all given her name swarali rathod
mr mathur-lets go to swarali other wise she will take this house in her little head

in mm
swara takes sumi and shekhar photo-you were my parents na you didnt hear mer for once
then burn the photo then takes laksh photo say i remember your parents brought alience for ragini but you rejected her because you loved me but after sometimes you understand you want ragini not me still you once told me you want to live with ragini i would have moved from your way and burn his photo too then takes ragini’s photo and says you were my sister na how could you do this to me you take sanskar help and he was my best friend that bustard raped me and you and laksh made vedio and shown to all represented me as pr*stitute
she gets up say how can i forget kavita who tried to kill me destroyed my face and thrown me from cliff…..i will not forgive anyone i will make your all life hell
next day in adarsh room
adarsh and pari dancing but pari in her house and adarsh his they seeing throug skype
and swara also join him as sanky is passig throw so he see them and fumes in anger after sometime swara going to her room sanky pull her to his room and say dance with me swara jerk his hand moves but sanky push her to him and intimate dance with her as music swara try to go but sanky pull her to bed and comes on her
swara -leave me but sanky bit her lower lips and then kiss her4-5 times and then her neck
swara pull him and run awy to her room
in evening
all goes to concert were pari and rags give tough fight to each other rags sign her pa and her pa pull coin toward pari as pari is going to fall adarsh come and dance with pari and winner is parieeta i backstage rags fumes in anger raise her hand on pari but adarsh save her
laksh-who is she you are saving her
adarsh-good question and takes pari to stage and propose her for marriage and pari accept adarsh announce parineeta is going to be my wife and elder bahu of maheshwari family all elder were happy raglak sanky in shock but sanky is happy as his route is clear
suddenly light off and a vedio plays in which ragini acts were shown including today
recap-people anger on ragini…..sanskar ask alience of swara from pari but adarsh reject his alience with swaa……swara and kavita face off

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