story of love which change the beast (episode 1)


recap-parineeta faints
swara-pari wake up oh god what should i do know i didnt know anyone here at that tym pari phone rings swara takes her phone annd see adarsh name displaying
adarsh-hello pari babu
swara-hi actually i am swara and tell everything
adarsh shocked-plz be with her i will be their
after 30 mintues
adarsh pick her in bridal style and takes her to pari’s house and place her in bed and call the doctor
doctor-because of stress and weakness she faint
adarsh-thnx doctor
swara-okay then

swara left to railway station and collected her laggage and parineeta gain conciousness
pari-adharsh you here
adharsh in anger-how dare you to think about sucide ha you didnt think about me na
pari-adarsh i have lost my chance because of that ragini
adharsh -so yu decided to die where is that fighter who fight with everyone for her dance whom i love madly from past 5 years try again
pari-how who will teach me only one month is remaining for wdc….i am a losser dont wait for me
adarsh-for hearing this i have waited for 5years
pari-how long u will wait plz leave me in my condition and marry anyone
adarsh shoot-shut up parineeta and tightly hold her shoulder …..miss parineeta i love youlike a mad i can wait whole life understand if i ever marry that will be you
pari-cries and hugs him and ask about swara
adarsh-she gone
pari-whatt and tell him everything that swara told her

adarsh-oh god we should help her you know na my brother she hurt his ego she can go to any extent
pari-but were we find her
adarsh and pari is in car going toward station but they stop as they see swara running and some goons were after her so adarsh step out of the car and beated goans and take swara to hotel and inform that they will find good house for her and hand over appointment letter according to which she has to join after a weak so next day in pari house
swara-di you can do it
pari-i cant it i participated also then ragini again try her cheap tricks
adarsh-i will take care of her
pari -i cant
swara-you no sudha chandra we is a dancer in her childhood she lost her one leg with her artificial leg she danced know see her and yourself

pari agreed like this one week passed and they became good friends and in audition for dancer for dnce with prabhu deva in which ragini and pari has selected in this week sanskar is fuming in anger and hired a detective to find swara but detective cant bring good result and in this he is not intrested in other girls by this behaviour all were shocked adarsh have a hope swara can change him from on wards swara will join office as my pa

in partice area
ragini’s pa inform about pari ragini fumes in anger and see pari practicing and know her steps were more clear and passionate ragini thinks to insult pari and tries to pull her but before she can pull pari some one pull ragini she fall and everyone looks at her then laksh comes and ragini stand
ragini-who are you and how you dare to pull me
that person turn at faced reveled as kavya kavya comes toward ragini with small steps because she cant walk her foot bone was broken by ragini
kavya-dont even dare to touch pari if you do so then you will be in jail
ragini-what proof you have
kavya show her video in which she injured other competitors
kavya-she is my soul she dance for me my student pari

laksh shoot and call manager
laksh-if this pari and kavya is in this competition i will not singh
manager-you will not decide it
laksh-then i am leaving laksh hold ragini hand move toward door
manager-mr laksh maheshwar i think before signing contract i think you didnt read the clause i will tell if you break the contract then you have too give penaltyof 600 crore and you are working for 5 year with us we can fix anywhere we want your concert you are an employee of SWARALI RATHODE so dont dare to became our boss
laksh go from there followed by ragini then manager call some one
manager-hello mam bwork is done and cut the call

in mm office
swara enter wearingformal suit of pick and white shirt and black jeans all employees were mesmerised and sanskar see her
sanskar-so you came your self to hell
swara-be in your limit mister and leave to her cabin

sanskar followed her and enter into cabin
swara-look mister i am not working for you so get out and let me do my work
sanskar hold her hair and through her in floor
sankar-how dare you to raise your voice to sanskar maheshwari
swara get up and pull sanskar and try to escape but sanskar hold her hand pin her to wall
sanskar-attitude ha i will break it
swara -in ur dreams you bastard before she could say anything sanskar liplock with her it is hard swara tries to free herself but all her effort goes in vain after one mint break the kiss swara pull him and takes glass of water from table and through it on sanskar and room away from there
sanskar goes in kavita cabin(she is his one of the business partner) and tell her everything
kavita-dont worry baby
and call all employee’s and explain her evil plan

after an hour an employee comes to swara and tell thet kavita mam is calling her
in hall
kavita say swara as new employee come we do her ragging by saying she sign employees
so they started through slippers and black color on her swara runs and hide herself under the desk and call someone after time kavita take swara out and going to black her face sanskar is feelig bad for her but wipes his thoughts and enjoy but at the nick of tym police enter
police-miss kavita and mr sanskar you under arrest for harrasing your employee swara
sanskar and kavita try to give money to police but they dont agree as they were taking sanvita adarsh comes
adharsh-what happen officer
police-tells everything

adarsh-sir for this tym forgive them next it wont happen
police-its not in our hand we get a complain only complainer can pardon them
adarsh-plz swaru plz forgive them for their act i apologies to you next it wont happen do u trust me na
swara-more then myself i trust you and take the complain back
adarsh-listen sanky kavi this tym i helped you but next dont think so and sanky stay away from my swara okay and he takes swara with him
sanky and kavita looks on
kavita-is swara is that girl for whom adarsh is waiting from 5years
sanky get hurts but didnt say a word
after an hour their is a meeting

in which sanky complete consentration on adarsh and swara and meeting gets over all goes to their house
in road some goans attack sanskar car they attack sanky but he over power him but they hit him from back and beat him he was fallen o the road as swara was passing from here and saw sanky she runs toward him sanskar saw her face and fall unconcious
she takes him to hospital and inform adarsh after an hour whole member of mm reach hospital
adarsh-swara what happen to him
swara-i was passing from market area i saw sanky there lying in pool ofblood
ragini-thnx dear
swara-your welcome
doctor-he is fine u can take him home

after sometime adarsh get call from swara hostel that she is coming late constantly so see cannot entertain her any more
swara-know what will i do
dp-come to our house
swara-but sir how can i
adarsh-okay you have a problem in staying with you bosses then stay with us like you frnd family and you are my would be …comes close to swara and say i her ears sil
sanskar fumes in anger and jealeous
they reachmm
lakesh and adarsh take sanky to him room followed by elder ap teoo uttra be with swara
swara-uttra can u give me class of water

uttra goes toward kitchen swara walk toward their temple and flash back were remembered by swara
were she intensionally comes infront of sanky car,,,, she given money to detective who was hired by sanky from him she know about adarsh,,,,at railway station she given money to goans to attack herself infront of adarsh,,,,,, she finded kavya and handover the evidence ,,,,,, manager calling her,,,,,swara provoking sanskar and hear kavita plan,,,,,her manager giving money to police and wardon and swara hiting sanskar from back
flashback end

swara to god-durga prasad maheshwari’s and gadodiya’s i back to take my revenge

recap-mr mathur and rathod meet in usa and they turn to be relative……pari and rags face off sansky jealous increase

Credit to: unknown

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