A Story of a Loser (Teaser)


A Story of a Loser(Teaser)
Hello Readers,Well are you Confused by Hearing the Story name. Let me tell you that not all are bound out to be winners in this world. Some might become Losers also because of their Situations at their Fears and Circumstances that Occurred in their life. Because of that Life may become Complicated for them. Well it is a Story about two Sisters one who had won in their life and the other who had failed in their life. Well Guys it is all about the love and fight between the Siblings. I am not a writer this is my first story which I have wrote and this is real Story.In this Story first there will be a Childhood Characters i will show you the love between siblings and how it changes through age.There will be love Story also it will be revealed later.If you like this story then only I will Continue otherwise I won’t Write this Story. Even I don’t know the End of this Story will be happy or Sad Ending. But I will try to give it as happy ending.Please Forgive me if any there are any grammatical mistakes.Please do comment whether it is Positive or negative i don’t mine.
Let us start the story:

Swara Bose: A girl of 10 Years old who studies very Well and always gets first in her class. She is very Friendly and Good girl. She is always Praised by her teachers. She is very matured and she is like her mother. She loves Everyone and she is matured than by her age. She is Somewhat Selfish.
Ragini Bose: A girl of 9 Years old who is very cute and little girl. She is not so good at Studies and not even good at Sports. She is loved by her Family but she is Jealous of her Sister swara because she use to feel like no one likes her because of swara. Everyone Scolds Ragini very much because she behaves very childishly. She is not matured like Swara. She is very kind hearted she never did any harm to swara. She is Sensitive-Hearted girl. She is like her Father…
Karthik Bose: A Little cute boy of 4 years old brother of Swara and Ragini who loves both of her sisters a lot and they too love her brother a lot. He is very cute, innocent and very good at studies. He is Naughty and he loves her Swara sister a lot.
Shekhar Bose: Father of Swara,Ragini and Karthik. He is a Middle class Business man. He is Very Hard working but doesn’t know how to show his love towards others. He is Very Good Person Loves all of their Children Very much. But he used to love Karthik and Swara a lot and not that equally he loves Ragini and he always used to scold her always that she is Useless. He even hates his Brothers a lot because they cheated them. He don’t Even listen to his wife words.
Sharmistha Bose: Mother of Swara, Ragini and Karthik. She is Home maker and always Supports her Husband a lot. Loves all of their Children Equally. She Even loves Ragini as equally as Swara and Karthik.
Well Readers, Here Ragini is not Negative and no one are Negative in this Story it’s a story about Different Mentality of a People and how they Suffered because of their Mentality. In this Teaser there is no Introduction of Sanskar and Laksh I will give it in another Teaser. I always used to feel like swaragini should have a brother so I have given karthik as their brother. Please give your Valuable Comments to Write or not this Story.Please Comment Guys.
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