The story of the ishqbaaz brothers – Part 8 by Nidhi

Hey guys!!! Back with my irritating fanfiction and sorry for making you wait for so long!! Let’s begin in shanaya room she is saying that now noone is there in the house so we have to work on our plan! ! Om rudra nod their heads. They enter into the hall to see anika lost in her thoughts and they call out her name many times but no reply fed up of this rudra goes and sits beside anika and shouts her name loudly in her ears seeing this anika shouts bhoot bhoot! Bacho! Bacho! Seeing anika scared shanaya places her hand on anikas shoulder to assure her that no bhoot is there ! Then anika calms down seeing shanaya and asks agar koi bhoot nahi hai then who shouted in my ears? Shanaya says vo actually rudra she points her finger to the sofa where rudra was sitting just then but to her surprise he was not there .

Then shanaya is looking in the direction of om and om gets confused and turns back to see what is shanaya looking at and even anika gets up to see what are these looking at? ? ? Then all three together say rudra tum vaha? ? They go near the dining table and rudra is hiding under the table trembling with fear. Om asks rudra what are you doing there? ? O I think because of your long hair you are not able to hear properly anika bhabi said there is bhoot here. Rudra u are so stupid anika bhabi was scared because of you only. What are you saying? ? Am I any ghost that anika bhabi will be scared of me? ? Rudra you are really dumbbell oberoi now I understood why soupy a teases you calling dumb? O! Stop it first of all I am not dumb in fact u are dumb because you are fighting with me in such a crucial time? ? Om starts laughing .

Rudra says stop laughing it is not the right time to laugh if u laugh like this then bhoot will come and finish you and I don’t want to lose you because if you are not there then who will I tease haan? ? Om says rudra shut up! Kitna bakawas karta hai tu. Shanaya gets angry by all this and shouts just shut up you both! ! Whyare you fighting likebana a 5 yr old kids? ? Om you are rudras elder brother so stop making fun of him and is this the right time to fight? Om remembers that they have to work on their plan and now shanaya was going to shout on rudra but then she remembers that rudra is already scared and she should not shout on him and says in a calm voice rudra see ! There is no ghost here and anika di shouted because she was in her own thoughts and she got scared when you shouted in her ears she got scared by the voice .

That’s it. Hearing this rudra comes out of the table and says thanks shanaya di! ! U are truly a lifesaver! Om says array ! Duffer even i tried to explain you the same thing. O! You only tried to explain but shanaya di explained it fully that too so effortlessly! ! Om says oknow stop! Shanaya asks anika di in which thoughts were you lost? Anika says hmm. . . Nothing. And then trying to divert the topic she points to a mosquito spray kept on the dining table and says yeh kya hai? Rudra takes the spray in his hands and says this is mosquito spray and I brought it to spray it the hall as shanaya di told me to do it and it is very strong so one should not inhale it so please u go to your room. OK saying this anika goes to her room.

After anika leaves rudra gives hi fi to shanaya and says we did it! Om says yeah first part of our plan is completed but we don’t have much time so we have to work on our second part of the plan soon without wasting time! Shanaya look! Who is saying that we should not waste time. Om says ok sorry. Shanaya says ok fine. Here anika comes and sits on the sofa of her room and shivaay doesn’t notice her as he was busy with his files. Anika in her mind thinks that I am here from the past 5 minutes and he didn’t even notice me! Then suddenly the electricity goes off and shivaay says Offo! God knows what has happened to the electricity? ? ? Theno anika says yes you are right shivaay! Don’t know what happened to this bijli! ! Anika are you here? ? I didn’t notice you at all! Anika says haan shivaay! I am here and you didn’t notice me because you were busy in your files ki Duniya! Oh please shut up anika! ! Yaha light nahi hai so let’s go out . OK saying this anika goes to her room door and tries to open it but it is not opening anika says shivaay yeh darwaaza nahi khul raha hai?? What are you saying? Anika why will it not open?? Actually this the problem of all middle class people you don’t know how to open a door also?? Wait I will show you. Saying this shivaay comes near the door and tries to open it but it is not at all opening.

Now anika says kya hua?? Oberoi Saheb! Darwaaza nahi khula?? Shivaay feel a lil awkward but says yeh sab om rudra new hi Kiya ho gaya!! Anika says shivaay don’t you dare to scold my pyaare devars!! Otherwise I will not spare you!! Shivaay says anika if they really are your pyaare devars they would not have locked us in the room like this?? Anika says whatever they do it they are always my pyaare devars! ! A slight smile appears on shivaay’s face as he thinks of anika and omru’s bonding. And then he says ok whatever it might be we have to get out of the room so think some thing!! Anika is walking around the room then her leg hits a table and falls on the bed hearing the sound shivaay who was near the window opening it to get some air and light rushes towards anika. Anika falls on the bed and she seeing shivaay near her she just stares her.

Shivaay asks her are you okay?? Anika replies yes I am fine! But why do you bother? Shivaay leans towards anika and says in a romantic voice because I care for you! Anika asks but why? Shivaay remembers all their moments and then arjun anika’s dance, their date, arjun singing song for anika and then he says humanity! Humanity tells us to take care of our fellow human beings right?? Anika doesn’t reply. Shivaay says anika i thought shivaay Singh oberoi never makes mistakes! But I made a mistake and that too a very big one!! I forced you to marry me that too for my selfishness and spoiled your life!! I am sorry! Anika says yeh mai kya sunn rahi hu?? The great businessman shivaay Singh oberoi ne sorry bola? Is it a dream or what? Shivaay says I am not joking I really feel bad for doing all this!! Anika says shivaay don’t be sorry! Just stop showing your tadi everytime!! That’s more than enough for me! ! Shivaay says anika see you can never be happy with each other as we are poles apart and two completely different people can’t stay together happily because they fight everytime due to their difference in their opinion.

Dadi says that we are Takar ke pyaar wale etc etc.. but anika this is life not any competition that we have to be Takar ke!! Anika I know it very well that u don’t love me. Right? Then why should we waste our time in fighting and arguing with each other? I think we should part ways and find somebody suitable for our personality. After saying this both shivaay and anika get teared eyed and they both share a emotional and intense eye lock. Meanwhile shivaay thinks anika! I don’t know what relation we share?? But I don’t want to get closer to you as I know once we get closer I will never let you go!! Anika earlier I used to feel irritated by your presence but now your presence makes me happy!! But I know I can never make you happy so it’s better we part ways.

Just then the oberoi ladies comeback from the temple and seeing this shaomru open the rooms door and switch on the power. The power comes and then shivaay moves away from anika and goes out of the room. Anika who is still on the bed is in a shock that shivaay said that they are going to part ways. Anika falls on her knees and cries very badly. Arjun who was passing by comes and sits beside her. Arjun asks out of concern anika why are u crying?? Anika replies arjun!! Shivaay said we have to part ways soon!! Arjun says anika shh!! Don’t worry everything will be fine soon very soon!!

Done!! Guys!! Today I want more comments and that too long ones please!!!! Silent readers also comment please! !

Precap: Arjun-Dadi’s plan

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