The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-6

Hii Friends, here I’m with the next part of my ff. Thank u for all ur comments. So here it goes:

Shivay comes to the stage. All look at him.
Shivay: Thank u all for coming to the party. But u all may not be knowing the reason of this unocassional party. So I will tell u. (He looks at Tia and smiles) today I want to say the truth of my life to u all. U all know that Tia is my wife but actually that’s not the truth, someone else is my wife. (All get shocked)
Reporter 1: Then why didn’t u say about her that day.
Reporter 2: Yes sir and who’s she?
Shivay: I was misguided by someone so I could not tell the truth but today I will say the truth(He goes to Anika and points at her) This is my wife ”Mrs Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi”.
Everyone murmur among themselves. Oberoi family and Kapoor family get shocked. Anika looks at Shivay and cries happily.
Shivay: What happened? Why are everyone talking among themselves? Talk to me; ask whatever u want to me, for that reason only I arranged this party.
Reporters: But sir u had got married to Ms. Tia and she is also pregnant with ur child. So how can u discard her from ur life like this? This is not fair with her and who is Ms. Anika , u never mentioned about her anywhere, so how can u so suddenly say that she is ur wife.
Shivay: I said now only that Anika is my wife and I love her and…..what is fair and unfair I will show u today. (He signs to Rudra)(All keep looking at him shockingly)
Rudra goes and plays a video on the projector.

The Video –
The video starts with photos from Tia and Robin’s marriage. Then it shows the video of Tia hugging Robin and leaving the marriage. And then it shows Mrs Kapoor and the Kapoor sisters planning against Oberoi family. In total it shows all the planning of Kapoor ladies, their conversations, etc., i.e. Tia wanting revenge from Anika for murdering Robin (According to Tia’s version),Mrs Kapoor’s plan of telling Shivay lie that Om is Tej illegitimate son and all there cheap acts , like asking someone to make Priyanka’s MMS and all that till date. It also shows their future plans.

Everyone is shocked seeing the video. Oberoi family eyes the Kapoors angrily. The reporters come to a shocked Kapoor family and ask them a series of questions. They r unable to free themselves from the reporters. But somehow Mrs Kapoor messages to Rumi to leave from there as no one knows that see has come to the party.
OmRu sees her typing and spots Rumi and before she could go, OmRu catch her.
Reporter 1: But sir we heard the DNA test proved that u r Ms. Tia’s child’s father.
Shivay: No, those were fake reports. And Tia has also confirmed it in the video, didn’t u see that? And so I have tested it again and the report clearly states that I’m not the father of Tia’s child.
Then Shivay answers all their questions. After sometime the guests and the reporters leave (But not Ishana). The 4 villains are not able to escape as all were there.
Shivay: So…I think it’s time for u to go home, after all Tia needs rest. Ok…..Khanna call the drivers, Kapoor family will go to their home. He signs Khanna.
The police commissioner comes with Khanna. The 4 get shocked seeing the police, Oberoi family smiles. They look at Shivay.
Shivay: What? Why r u looking at me? After seeing this do u have any doubt, on me that I did the wrong thing? No way! This going to be ur home after all. Now whatever u did, u will get the punishment know!
Tej (comes to Svetlana and slaps her): Shivay, from today itself, she is not going to be a part of Oberoi industries. Fire her now! (Then he goes to Janvi) Janvi I’m sorry for not loving u. I did not do a husband’s duty properly. I was mad over Svetlana who is not at all worried for me and doesn’t care about me. Whatever she did till today was just for the sake of revenge. I’m sorry Janvi. Pls forgive me. I have done a great mistake. (He cries and folds his hand)
Janvi: No Tej I’m not angry with u. I know u have been misguided by Svetlana but at least u are repenting for ur mistake and that is the best part in u. (She hugs Tej and others smile)
Pinky (cries and goes to Anika): Anika, u know when Daksh told dirty things about u , I was convinced that u are not the perfect wife for my Shivay and when this cheap girl (she looks towards Tia) told that she is going to the mother of Shivay’s child….the thought of becoming gradma made me flow in emotions and I supported her but I couldn’t recognize u, Iused to tell that Shivay is my Hira but today I want to tell that, u r also my Hira, u both r my Hira. And I realized today that why Shaktiji and Shivay, both used to ignore me. No one liked me, why u know,because I was from a middle class family, so I always thought I will never bring a bahu from a middle class family but u proved me wrong , actually I had problem within myself, but u r different from others. Im very happy Shivay got married to u. (She hugs Anika)
Anika: Don’t say like this, even if no one is with u, I will be there with u, Aunty
Shakti (comes to both Shivay and Anika): What Aunty? Call her mom, I can see Pinky has accepted u and I had accepted u from first so call me Papa, u got it!
Anika: Yes, Papa.
All smile.
Om: Pls forgive me Papa.
All get shocked and look at him. He hugs Tej and says sorry for not understanding him. Tej also hugs him and asks him to return to home. Om nodes and hugs Tej. Janvi, Rudra and Priyanka join them. They all reconcile. Shivay and Anika takes the blessings of the elders. The Kapoors fume in anger.
Pinky: But Shivay and Rudra, how did u get those videos and pictures?
A girl enters.
Girl: Because I helped them.
The Kapoors get shocked seeing her. The Oberoi family smiles (But Anika, Ishana and Soumya look at her surprisingly).
Pinky: Arushi! U here, how come, oh! It is winter vacation, so u have come and from the starting itself u have become such great help for us.
Mrs Kapoor: But u r Niharika
Arushi: No, I’m not Niharika, I’m Niharika’s friend.
Mrs Kapoor: But Mr. Ravinder had said that u r his daughter.
Arushi: He had lied because Id asked him to.
(FB shows Niharika talking with Arushi that how the Kapoors want her to help them in plotting against the Oberois and how Arushi convinces her that Oberois are not bad and maybe the Kapoors are bad and Arushi coming to Kapoor house instead of Niharika and then doing sting operation on them and sending the videos to Shivay and Rudra)
Mrs Kapoor: u r a cheater
Arushi: So r u Mrs. Kapoor.
Mrs Kapoor: We will not leave u for what u have done to us
Arushi: Ok gone on, I’m not afraid of evil people.
Svetlana gets angry on her and tries to harm her. ShivOmRu come in between and asks the police to take them. The Kapoors r arrested. The police take them away.
Everyone hug Arushi and praise her.

Precap: A lady comes to Oberoi mansion. Reyan and his family also come. Soumya sees them and gets shocked.

P.S. –
Friends I have written this ff in hurry; pls forgive me if u find any mistakes. And don’t forget to comment. Keep reading and commenting.

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