The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-5

Hii Friends, here I’m with the next part of my ff. Thank u for all ur comments. And very very sorry for breaking my promise. So here is my ff:

Anika and Soumya come to Ishana and Om. Anika and Soumya hug her. She cries uncontrollably. Om gets surprised seeing Anika and Soumya.
Anika: U may not be knowing but I’m Om’s Bhabi…..U know I had also suffered in life like this. First my mom and dad left me forever and then Chutki(she gets emotional)…she also got separated from me. But u see I got a lovely brother, that’s Sahil. And u see, there was some positiveness left in my life. So be strong and stop crying, pls. And after al u have Om as ur friend and well-wisher.
Soumya: Yes didi, I also lost my brother but still I had to be strong as seeing me he will be contended.
Om: Ishana…pls stop crying, this is not life’s end. U have to choose ur own way, either u have to stay strong and win or stay weak and fail. The choice is yours.
Ishana gets emotional hearing their words. She wipes her tears and tries to smile. Om , Anika and Soumya get glad seeing her smiling.
Om: Anika Bhabi, how did u know I’m here?
Anika: We saw u at a café and enquired about u.
Soumya: And when we came to ur new home ur neighbour said that, u had come here.
Anika: Then we got to know that Ishana was the ex-owner of the house, in which now u r living and how u had asked Ishana to stay and…u know the rest.
Om: Ya… But does Shivay and Rudra know about it?
Soumya: No we have not told them still; actually we had lots of work in the morning, that’s why we couldn’t meet u at that time also. But we will tell them soon.
They all smile and try to cheer up Ishana.

Morning at Oberoi Mansion-
Shivay and Rudra are doing something in their laptop. Shivay calls Khanna.
Shivay-Khanna, I want to invite the media to home, today but everyone should know that it’s a family party.
Khanna: But, sir why suddenly?
Shivay: Just do as I say Khanna; don’t ask me so many questions.
Khanna: Ok, sir
Shivay: And, yes bring the reports from Dr.Kumar’s clinic.
Khanna: Yes, sir
Shivay ends the call.
Rudra: Bhaiya ,the editing is done.
He shows something to Shivay.
Shivay (Gets angry seeing that and then gives a wicked smile): Just wait and watch , there is going to be a big drama in today’s party, in Anika’s language Dhamaka.
Then they both come down to the dining area. Everyone is there for breakfast.
[Here I have added that Svetlana accident scene from Ishqbaaz and her coming to home and all that drama but in my ff, she always visits her home secretly with Tia where they all make plans against Oberoi family.]
Janvi: Tej again u have brought Svetlana here. If she will eat here then I won’t.
Rudra: Mom let her sit. She’s not bothering u. Let her have her food. If u can’t do that, then come and sit near me, I will feed u.
Everyone get surprised hearing Rudra’s words except Shivay.
Janvi: Rudra! Do u know what u r speaking?
Rudra: Mom pls
Janvi: But
Rudra: No buts Mom, or else I also wont eat.
Janvi: OK
She comes and sits between Rudra and Soumya
Rudra: Sumo help me in feeding mom.
Sumo: Yes sure.
Shivay: OK, Everyone, I’ve to tell something. I’ve arranged a party at home today. I’ve also invited the media.
Tej: But for what?
Dadi: Why suddenly a party?
Shakti: There r no occasions also.
Pinky: And u have also invited the media? Do u want to tell something?
Shivay: Yes mom, I want to tell the world that who is my actual wife (He points a t Tia and smiles)
Everyone except Rudra gets shocked. Svetlana and Tia look at each other and give thumbs up. Rudra smiles seeing them. Soumya notices that and signs to Anika to look at him. They both get thinking.
Pinky (gets super happy): It means u will accept my future kanji-eyed grand children in front of the world. O My Mata, Shaktiji, pinch me, it feels like a dream.
Shakti: Shut up Pinky….Shivay I’d not expected this from u (he gets angry and goes from there)
Pinky: Never minds him Shivay, he tells anything without thinking.
Janvi: Divorce has not yet happened Shivay, how can u leave Anika?
Shivay: I thought much over it and took the decision Badi maa, and it’s my final decision.
Tia: Thank u so much Shivay , for accepting me and my child.
Shivay: U r welcome(He winks secretly at Rudra)

Kapoor house –
Svetlana: Mom, there’s a good news. Shivay has come in our trap. He is going to throw a party today and he has told that he will accept Tia as his wife and her child as his child.
Tia: And that too in front of media. And…once I gain entry into the there, permanently, it will be more easy to ruin the Oberois.
Mrs Kapoor: Very good….U both have gained entry into the house, now its turn of Rumi. What say Niharika?
Niharika: Yes aunty, Rumi di can show the MMS of Ms. Priyanka to Rudra Singh Oberoi and blackmail him to gain entry into his life.
Rumi: Yes and that will happen in today’s party. I’ll send it now to Rudra and force him to come into my life.(She searches for the video in her phone) . Mom I’m not finding the video.
Mrs Kapoor: What non sense?! It must be there, search properly!
Rumi: No mom it’s not there.
Svetlana searches it in the backup but she also doesn’t find it there.
(Niharika smiles and acts as searching the video)
Mrs Kapoor: Leave it Rumi, Tia will gain permanent entry from today and she can pave way for the entry of urs also, so don’t loss this big opportunity to have another.
Niharika: Aunty…I’ve to tell u something. Actually, I’ve to visit my friend as I have come here after many days, so I can’t go to the party.
Tia: Then u r going to miss a big drama today.
Niharika: No, I can see it in TV.
Tia: Ok ya! I forgot about that.
Mrs Kapoor: Ok then, let’s prepare for the party.
(Niharika goes, but stops outside the door. She smiles cunningly looking at the four)

Om’s home –
Ishana does the last rites of Mona and cries sadly. Om puts his hand on her shoulders and consoles her. He hugs her and comforts her.
Om: Ishana…don’t cry, pls, I’m there with u.
(He wipes her tears. He gets a call)
Om: Hello…Shivay? How did u get my number? Oh ya, I got it, Anika Bhabi must have given u, right?
Shivay: Yes, Mr.Zulfi Singh Oberoi.
Om: So, why have u called and that too after so many days?
Shivay: Om…Sorry…Actually I was busy arranging today’s party.
Om: Party? For what?
Shivay: U come and see for urself.
Om: Shivay, u know I can’t go there, Mr. Oberoi would be there. How can u expect me to go?
Shivay: Om…Pls, I insist.
Om: But, Shivay…
Shivay: Om, Won’t u listen to ur elder brother?
Om: Shivay…. (He sighs)Ok I will come.
Shivay: And also bring ur life partner or, whom u call ur special friend.
He laughs and cuts the call.
Om: What?! Shivay?! Are u there?
He realizes that the call ended.
Ishana: What happened Om?
Om: Ishana, Shivay wants us to come to today’s party
Ishana: But Om, how can I go? The party is at ur home so media will also come, and if we go then, what will u answer the people and media? What will u tell them? How am I related to u?
Om: U r my love.
Ishana: Om, what r u saying?(She was hell shocked)I…I…I’m ur wife? What nonsense is this? And why didn’t u tell me ur feelings?
Om: See, I just said that u r my wife and u forgot all ur worries. (She stares at him)Why r u staring at me like this? Don’t get so angry or else u will look like an apple and I’ve apple, so I may start loving u.
Ishana (starts smiling and laughs): Om, u…u.U r impossible.
Om: So shall we get ready for the party, as I have a lot of works to be done before e that
Ishana: Sure, let’s go. I also have a lot of work.
At evening –
Om gets ready and comes. He doesn’t find his phone. He goes to Ishana’s room to find his phone. He sees Ishana getting ready and quickly turns around.
Ishana: Om, can’t u knock the door and come?
Om: I’m…I’m…sorry, Ishana. I was finding my phone and was in a hurry.
Ishana: Fine, don’t do such mistake again.
She then tries to knot and zip her dress. But she isn’t able to do that as her hand is not reaching. Om secretly turns towards her and sees her struggling. He goes to her and removes her hair from that part. He then zips and knots her dress. Ishana gets shy. Om smiles. He takes his phone, asks Ishana to come fast and goes. After sometime they go to the Oberoi mansion.
The guests come there. Shivay comes and greets all. Om comes to Rudra and asks him why this party is going to be held. Rudra asks him to have patience; he then gets emotional and hugs Om. Om reciprocates it. Shivay too joins them.

Precap-The reporters ask Tia, who is Robin. She gets shocked. Pinky asks Shivay and Rudra how they found out the truth. A girl enters and says I helped them.

P.S. –
Friends, do send ur feedbacks about my story. Someone had asked me to post two updates, so I combined my next two parts and posted. Keep reading and commenting like always. And thanks to all my readers. Love u all.

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