The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-4

Hii Friends, here I’m with the next part of my ff. Thank u for all ur comments. And very very sorry for being late. So here is my ff:
Om’s home-
Om looks at Ishana and gets tensed. Ishana teaches her students. After some time her class gets over. She comes and sees Om packing his bag hurriedly. She gets tensed.
Ishana: Om…What r u doing? Don’t u want to stay here? Did anything happen? Did I tell u anything? What problem do u have here? I f u want I can go. In any case I shouldn’t have stayed here, after this entire house now belongs to u.
Om (shouts and holds her angrily): Then why did u……Why did u stay here?
(He lowers his voice): If u didn’t want, u could have said no. But I insisted once and u agreed because that is what u wanted (You want to trap me and then take my money-He shouts again)
Ishana cries and slaps him.
Ishana: Stop it Om, u don’t have that right to say these words to me. How can u think like this? Just because I smiled and behaved coyly with u, u think, that I can do such a horrible thing. Just because I didn’t say my student anything, u think I can be like this. Id not expected this from u. U don’t need to leave, I will leave. I will manage my sister’s expenses, and pls don’t talk to me after this. Bye.
She goes. Om stands there and recalls his words. He feels guilty. He stops Ishana from going.
Om: Ishana I’m sorry.
Ishana: Om, I said don’t talk to me.
Om: Ishana, I won’t say anything to u, anymore. Pls forgive me.
Ishana: How can u say like this Om? At least think a bit before saying.
Om: I’m sorry, now I’m really feeling bad.
Ishana: It’s ok. But pls don’t say like this anymore.
Ishana goes back to her room sadly. Om notices it and thinks how to convince her.

Scene at Kapoor house-
Niharika helps Rumi in her plan. Rumi thinks to show the MMS of Priyanka to Rudra and force him to come to her or else she will make it viral. Niharika acts sweet but she seems a bit tensed. Svetlana and Tia also plan with her. After sometime all go. Then someone masked enters the room.
Masked room: Kapoor sisters, u wanted to ruin the Oberois, but let’s see who ruins whom.
The person switches of all the lights of the room and does something in the room then the person goes after again switching on all the lights again.

Oberoi Mansion-
Anika talks to her clients. Soumya comes. Anika signs her to wait.
Anika: Shukhlalji, one minute, pls hold.
She keeps her phone aside.
Anika: Where r u going Soumya?
Soumya: College didi, actually Rudra has gone with Shivay bhaiya as he had some work, so I was going earlier.
Anika: What? U go to college so late, because of him?
Soumya: Yes didi he takes a lot of time for getting ready for his brainless and stupid girlfriends.
Anika: Oh! But I thought it’s because of u.
Soumya: No way didi…..Didi, shall I go now?
Anika: No wait, I mean I’m going through that way, so I can drop u, only if u don’t mind to sit on my champa.
Soumya: Never, didi, In fact I will have fun in that
Anika: Let’s go then
Anika resumes her call and after talking ends it. Soumya and she then go in Anika’s scooty. While going they see Om and a girl inside a coffee shop.

Inside the coffee shop-
The girl in none other than Ishana.
Ishana: Why did we come here Om?
Om: Why? U don’t like this place? It’s the best coffee shop I have known.
Ishana: That’s not my point. I’m asking why we came here.
Om: To drink coffee.
Ishana: Really? I bet I can make better coffee than this.
Om: I don’t think so.
Ishana: Challenge
Om: Accepted.
Ishana: Then let’s go home, I will make coffee and we will find out who makes better coffee.
Om: Sure.
They leave from there. Seeing Om gone, Anika and Soumya come to the coffee shop. Anika enquires about him and gets his new number. She asks Soumya to trace the call. Then they find out his address and decide to meet him at evening as both had work that very moment.
Shivay and Rudra are going somewhere and were discussing how to find out Om’s location when Shivay gets a video on his phone. Shivay and Rudra see that and first get shocked and then start laughing.
Here Ishana and Om r going back to home when Ishana gets a call from Mona’s hospital.
Ishana (she starts crying): What! How did this happen?
Om: What happened?
Ishana: Yes, yes I’m reaching their.
Om: Ishana what happened, why r u crying there?
Ishana: Om! Mona has become unconscious and is not breathing properly, her pulse….What will I do now?
After sometime they both reach the hospital. Ishana goes to Mona’s ward. Om follows her.
Ishana: Doctor, what happened to Mona?
Doctor: Her pulse is going down. She was fine this morning. But when my nurse came for checking her, she was lying their unconscious and was just saying Ishana didi.
Mona (just then murmurs): Ishana didi…Ishana didi…
Ishana: Mona, my Mona, yes yes, I’m here, tell me what u want to.
Mona: Ishana didi take care of ur self. I won’t be there anymore so find a friend inside ur future husband. And pls don’t cry after I die.
Ishana: Don’t say like this, Mona nothing will happen to u. I’m there, ur didi is there.
Mona: No didi, Goodbye, I hope I was a good sister for u.
She dies.
Ishana (gets shocked and shouts): Mona…Mona…U can’t go like this , pls pls wake up Mona(she cries more)
Om gets shocked, then after sometime; he realizes the situation and consoles her.

At hospital-
Om: Ishana don’t cry , I know u r a strong girl , see even Mona had told u not to cry and If she will see u cry like this what will she think………pls stop crying . Don’t worry I’m with u.
Anika and Soumya: Not only Om, we are also with u. Stop crying Ishana.

Precap-Om and Ishana’s bonding gets more. Shivay tells that he needs to tell the world about his actual wife.

P.S – Friends I hope u like my ff and don’t forget to comment. And if anyone has anything to say then u can send ur suggestions and queries to me through my email: [email protected] And this is my correct email the other one was wrong so pls give ur feebacks through this email. And really sorry for being late. But I will try my best to post it on time. So thanks to my readers for reading my boring concluding speech again but anyways thanks for ur supporting comments.

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