The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-3

Hii Friends, here I’m with the next part of my ff. Thank u for all ur comments. So here it goes:
The scene starts at Oberoi mansion. Someone rings the doorbell. Anika opens the door. She gets a letter on the name of Rudra and Soumya.
Anika: Whose letter is this, Rudra or Soumya’s? But it has come on both of their names. (She says this to herself and is going to open the letter).
Soumya (comes and takes the letter from her): Didi this is my letter. My friend had sent a letter to me; she stays abroad so she sent letter to me.
Anika: But is also on the name of Rudra
Soumya: Oh! She is also Rudra’s friend.
Anika: But the address is for both of u.
Soumya: It’s ok Didi, What’s the big deal? She must have written it like that.
Anika: Ok…but
Rudra comes there. Soumya signs to him.
Rudra: Bhabi see Bhaiya has come, u go to him and do romance.
Anika and Shivay blush and Soumya giggles.
Anika: Rudra u r talking too much.
Shivay: Yes! Soumya and Rudra, Go back to ur rooms.
(Both Rudra and Soumya smile at each other and go)
Anika: Why were u blushing at that time?
Shivay: Because I’m ur husband.
Anika: What!?
Shivay: Why? U only said that.
Anika: Yes….but
Shivay: U said yes, so get ready, someday I will do romance with u.
Anika smiles and tries to run from there but Shivay makes her fall. Anika gets hurt.
Shivay (Lifts her in his arms): See ur husband did it today itself.
He takes her to their room and they carry on their nok jhok.

Soumya’s room-
Soumya: Thank god I got the call on time or else everyone would have known about our marriage.
Rudra: But till when we will lie like this, someday the truth will be out.
Soumya: No it won’t be possible, how will anyone know, we have this marriage certificate, I’ve the mangalsutra, and the most important is we have no eye witnesses, so who will tell?
Rudra: Rumi is there.
Soumya (shocked):Don’t worry she won’t do anything. I know her from childhood.
Rudra composes himself. They both hide their marriage certificate and go to do their other works.
Om’s Villa-
Ishana makes food in the kitchen. Om does his painting but he is not able to concentrate as his mouth is watering by the smell of the food that Ishana has made. He gathers courage and goes to ask her for some food.
Om: Ishana can I get some food? I’m really hungry. I hope u don’t mind but u know I can’t cook properly.
Ishana: No Omkaraji, not at all. Actually it is my Dadi and Ma’s recipe so it is obvious that ur mouth will water.
[She gives him food}
Om (eats it): Hmm….superb, really it’s very its yummy
[He recalls his Dadi, Mom and Shivay’s food]
(Gets emotional)U know Shivay also makes delicious food like this.
Ishana: Omkaraji….I want to tell u something.
Om: Yes go on.
Ishana: Actually Omkaraji I’m sorry, I had told very bad things about ur brothers that day.
Om: It’s fine now. I’m not angry anymore .I’m happy that u have changed now.
Ishana (gets pale, then changes her expression): Thank u so much Omkaraji.
Om: Wait, don’t put this “ji” all the time, it feels weird.
Ishana: Ok Omkaraji.
Om: Again!
Ishana: Sorry (pauses) Om
Om: Very good.
(They both sit and eat)

Kapoor’s home-
Mrs Kapoor: Svetlana I’m proud of u . U have done a great job. Now Om is out of the house and when Om is out then Shivay will be left alone and it is easy to crush a single person than the united Oberoi brothers.
Svetlana: Thank u mom, but still Rudra is there. How will we take him out?
Tia: U leave that job on me.
Mrs Kapoor: No Rumi will do that work. Anyways u have not been able to give a scratch to Shivay, what harm can u do of Rudra? I don’t have any expectations from u now.
Tia: But mom what could I do? I tried my best but every time Shivay is saved because of Anika.
Mrs Kapoor: That’s it. U can’t do any work so I gave this work to Rumi, now don’t interfere .So…Rumi u were telling me know, Mr. Ravinder’s daughter wants to help u.
Rumi: Yes mom but we have never met her, how will we recognize her?
Mrs Kapoor: It’s ok we can meet her today. I’d asked Mr. Ravinder to send Niharika, his daughter to us. So she will be coming today from London.
(She calls someone and asks to bring Rumi’s friend. After sometime a girl comes)
Mrs Kapoor: Welcome Niharika, to our home…..I think u know why u have came here.
Niharika: Thanks Aunty. And I know what I have to do and why I have come here.
She gives a sly smile.
(Mrs Kapoor shows her, her room and then all retards to their room.)
[At midnight Niharika sees everyone asleep and tip toes to everyone’s room and does something with their decorative things. She does this in every room. She then gives a wicked smile.]

Next morning at Om’s home-
Ishana gets ready for her dance classes. Om passes by and stares at her. Her students come. They see Om looking at her and giggle. Om sees them and goes.
Student 1: Mam ur husband was looking at u so admiringly.
Student 2: He’s so romantic.
Student 3: Hey! He’s Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi. I’m a big fan of his paintings…Right Mam?
Ishana nods and asks them to be quiet and concentrate on dance. She smiles shyly. Om sees her from far and gets thinking.

Precap-Ishana slaps Om and cries. Shivay and Rudra see a video and smile.

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