The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-2

Hii Friends, here I’m with the next part of my ff. Thank u for all ur comments and don’t leave this habit. I just hope it’s a long one. So here it goes:

Everyone is sitting at the hall and is annoyed with Tej. But he thinks he did the right thing and asks all to cut ties with Om. Tej goes .Shakti goes after him. Dadi, Janvi and Pinky go to the temple to pray for Om. Now only Shivika, Rumya, and Sahil are left.
Sahil: Mr.SSO, why don’t u trace Om bhaiya’s calls and try to reach him?
Anika: Yes it is also shown in thriller drama movies but how can we find him if we trace his calls?
Shivay: Exactly!
Sahil: See he will need a house to stay or a hotel for staying, at least for today. So he will call someone for that work. Now he is not a hotel owner or real estate manager, is he? So he will surely call someone for that.
Rudra: Wow Sahil! Anika didi u were right! Sahil is a cheetah!
Soumya; Yes Rudy! U r right! I’m proud of Sahil.

Meanwhile Om gets a call from the same real estate manager.
Manager: Sir u don’t need to stay in a hotel, we have many beautiful houses for u. But the Incroyable Villa is the most suitable for u. And sir the owner of that villa wants to talk to u, so she will be waiting there for u.
Om: Ok but the house shouldn’t be damaged or any way illegal.
Manager: No sir, it isn’t, we have our selves checked it properly.
Om: Then all right, I will talk to her. And ask ur dealer to be there for other documents and formalities.
Manager: Yes Sir sure
Om: Ok then, I will talk to u later (he ends the call)

There Rudra and Shivay try to trace Om‘s calls but r unable to do so as Om has changed the Sim and his phone. So they both r tensed. Suddenly Shivay gets a call.
Shivay: Hello. Who’s speaking?
Caller: Mr.SSO, Why r u tracing Mr. Artist’s calls?
Shivay gets shocked first then he realizes something and smiles (Rudra signs what), Shivay signs to him something, he realizes and both of them smile.
Caller: What happened Billuji?
Shivay: Nothing we r going to the airport to fetch u. U really came at the right time.
Caller: Come fast Paro and Chandramukhi, ur Dev Babu is waiting for u.
Shivay: Shut up, Dev Babu.
Scene shifts to Om. Om comes to his new home. The dealer asks him to come inside. He sees a girl sitting there. She turns at him.
Om (shocked): You!
[The girl is Ishana. She also gets shocked seeing Om.]
Dealer: Sir u know her?
Om: Yes! I know her properly.
Ishana: Omkaraji……..Listen to me.
Om: Shut up! Don’t act! I’m not going to come in ur trap anymore. Don’t lie to me. U r Ishana Patel, the great con girl. Sorry but I won’t trust u again this time. And I don’t want ur house.
Ishana: Ok go, but before going listen to me. Omkaraji, listen to me once. Whatever u said is right but I just want to say that, I got the fruit of my sins, my father and sister had an accident. I couldn’t save my father, now at least let me save my sister. Pls buy my house, I have renovated it properly for, u will never have any problem here, pls stay here.

Om was standing in shock, seeing Ishana cry and hearing her words. He then gave the money to Ishana and completed all the necessary formalities.
Ishana: Now my house belongs to u. Pls take care of it, at least in front of me.
Om looks around the house. Ishana was going when the dealer asked her where will she do her dance classes now as she also sold her dance area and now her house which she had turned into her dance class. Ishana gets sad and says she will manage. This is heard by Om .He stops her by hand.
Om: Ishana u can stay here and carry on ur dance classes.
Ishana: But it is ur house Omkaraji .How can I stay here? And after all what will the society think. We r not related in any way.
Om: I insist. U can stay here in the outhouse. And pls stop worrying about the society. I will answer if anyone asks anything.
Ishana: But?
Om: No but. I said u have to stay, means stay.
Ishana: Fine.
Shivay and Rudra bring the caller from the Airport

Precap: Anika gets a letter on the name of Rudra and Soumya. Ishana does her dance practice .Om gets stunned seeing her. Mrs. Kapoor calls someone.

P.S.- Friends I hope u like my ff and don’t forget to comment. And if anyone has anything to say then u can send ur suggestions and queries to me through my email: [email protected] And pls do write ur feedbacks about my story. And really sorry for being late. But I will try my best to post it on time. And I will post it 6 days a week leaving Sunday, but vacations may be considered. So thanks to my readers for reading my boring concluding speech but anyways thanks for ur supporting comments. Keep reading my ff. Love u all.

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