The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-11

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Some weeks later,

Morning at Oberoi Mansion –

All have breakfast and go to their respective works.

ShivIka’s room –

Anika is on call. Shivay is listening to the secretly.

Anika: Sharmaji, who told u that I’m quitting my food business?
Sharmaji: That I don’t know, but that company cancelled ur order. If u want I can give u the details, u can talk to them directly. Maybe they can change their mind.
Anika: Yes, Sharmaji, pls send them fast.
Sharmaji: Yes, I’m sending them.

Shivay takes the phone.

Shivay: Hello, Sharmaji, no need to send them.

Anika looks at him shocked. She tries to say something. He stops her.

Sharmaji: But, Mr. Oberoi……
Shivay: I said no need to send them. I’ll talk to u later.

He cuts the call. Anika stares at him.

Shivay: What?
Anika: What?
Shivay: Why r u looking at me like this?
Anika: What did u do just now?
Shivay: What? R u a multitasker?
Anika: No.
Shivay: Then, how will u take care of 2 businesses?
Anika: Where there r 2 businesses?
Shivay (shows her some documents): Read them.

Anika reads them and gets surprised.

Shivay (whispers in her ear): Welcome to Oberoi Food Business. Before u, I used to take care of that…but Om says that we should give chance to freshers. So I thought to make u the head of our food department.
Anika: Shivay, from when have u become so caring?
Shivay: From the day I loved u.
Anika: Thank u so much, Shivay.
Shivay: Don’t thank me only, Om and Rudra have 35% and 30% shares respectively, along with me in the Oberoi business. So they also have some contribution in ur success.
Anika: I’d never thought that I would get such a nice family…..I will go and thank them now.
Shivay (holds her and stops her from going): Wait let me talk to my junior.
Anika: Shivay, why do u think that we will have a boy only?
Shivay: Because Shivay Singh Oberoi is telling.
Anika (shows her tadibaazi): And who is he?
Shivay: What?
Anika: We’ll only have a baby girl.
Shivay: Challenge
Anika: Accepted

They part ways, but then stop and look back at each other. They come and hug each other tightly. Shivay kisses on her forehead.

Shivay: I hate u.
Anika: I also hate u.

They both smile and laugh and hug each other again.

IshKara Room –

Ishana is standing on the balcony and is lost in her thoughts. Om sees her and goes to her. He recalls their kiss and feels guilty.

Om (holds her): Ishana……
Ishana (gets nervous): Yes, Om do u want anything?
Om: No, actually I was thinking, that what I’d done at that time, it was just in the heat of moment…..But I’m telling u, I love u more than myself.
Ishana: Om, I’m not thinking about that.
Om: Then, why r u so gloomed?
Ishana: Om, I…… (She stops midway)
Om: What, Ishana? Say it……
Ishana: Actually Om, I was saying that….. (She gets a call) Yes, Rita, I’m just going. Sorry, I’m coming in a few minutes…..What? (She smiles)… All have come. Ok, alright, catch u later. (She ends the call)
Om: What happened?
Ishana: Om, I need to leave, I’m already late for my classes.
Om: But what were u saying?
Ishana: I’ll talk to u later, Om. Now, I’m getting late.
Om: Ishana, wait (He holds her hand in a jerk, she twirls and lands on his chest. IshKara look at each other and smile. They break their hug).
Om: Ishana, I was saying that. I’ve to do a statue of a dancing girl and I want someone, who will be my model and I will see her and do the statue.
Ishana: So, what will I do?
Om: Nothing, I just want to go with u, and see u dancing so that I can make a perfect statue.
Ishana: What about my students? What will they think?
Om: It’s a matter of husband and wife, what do they have to do with it?
Ishana: Ok! But don’t ask me to stand like a statue.
Om: Ishana… I’m making a statue, u have to stand.
Ishana: Alright, but after my classes.
Om: Fine! Now let’s go.

IshKara go to Ishana’s dance class. Om drops her and then brings his materials from his art hub to make the statue. He sees her dancing and gets stunned seeing her. He gets lost in her. After finishing her class she comes to Om.

Ishana (holds her): Om, where r u lost?
Om: Huh….uh…you
Ishana: What?
Om: Uh…sorry, I mean the way u were teaching ur students.
Ishana (smiles): So shall I stand now?
Om: Yes, go

Ishana stands in a statue posture. Om does his statue. Suddenly, a kid comes and hits Ishana. She loses her balance; she trips and is about to fall when Om holds her by her waist. They have an intense eye lock. After sometime they compose themselves.

Ishana looks at Om and giggles.

Om (surprised): What? Why r u giggling?
Ishana: Look at ur nose.
Om: I can’t.

Ishana wipes the mud from the tip of his nose and shows him. They both look at each other and laugh. Om carries on his work.

RuMya College –

All the students come and congratulate them. They thank them and go to their class. While going, some boys insult Soumya but Rudra defends her and takes her from there.

Soumya: Rudra, why did u ask me to come from there? I would have given two slaps to those boys.
Rudra: Sumo, why do u want to do violence. Anika didi says ‘Ladhai, ladhai bandh karo, Gandhiji ko yaad karo’
Soumya: What?
Rudra: What means, I don’t know its meaning, I’ve never asked Anika didi.
Soumya: Rudra, u don’t know its meaning. Oh god u r such a duffer.
Rudra: Shut up Sumo. No one asks Agent Rudra about his knowledge.
Soumya (gives an unbelievable look to him and then looks up): Oh god, how could u make a dumb and an intelligent person stay together?
Rudra: Sumo, so sweet of u, u don’t self-praise urself. But still, how can u say urself a dumb and me intelligent.
Soumya: Mr. Dumbbell, I’m not dumb, u r dumb and I’m intelligent.
Rudra: Sumo!!! How can u say like this? So mean.
Rudra runs after Soumya, they run around the class. Suddenly Soumya gets hit by a table in her leg. She gets hurt. Rudra stops and comes to her. He blows on her wound and then bandages it. Both smile looking at each other. After sometime the students come. Rudra and Soumya go to their seats and continue their studies. During the break, some girls come to their class (Soumya was not there at that time). Rudra tries to woo them. They ignore Rudra. He gets thinking.

Night at Oberoi Mansion –

Shivay, Om and Rudra r in the kitchen. They r making food (Actually Shivay and Om r making, Rudra was doing nautanki).

Shivay: Rudra….u know….now-a-days Om is becoming a big chhuparustom.
Om: Shivay, shall we talk about something else.
Shivay: Did u see?
Rudra: Om, why r u tensed, this Bagad Billa is not that less, he is also doing something with Anika Bhabi.
Shivay: Hey, don’t start it again…….
(Shivay and Om wink at each other)
Om: Shivay, u know Rudra is still in touch with that Hina after having a wife also.
Rudra: Om that is called Talent, which u both don’t know.
Shivay: Oh, for that reason, all the time u r talking with someone, and always try to avoid Soumya while talking with her.

Om turns and sees AnIshYa there. They sign him to be quiet. He nods.

Rudra: Now if u have come to know the truth, then what else shall I tell?
Om: But Rudra, what do u do, when Soumya is around?
Rudra: Om, I tell her, I‘m talking to Chubby and she believes me.
Shivay: That means u play with her emotions. So mean ya….
Rudra: Bhaiya, I just talk to them, I don’t start Biology with them….Biology can be done with Sumo only.
(All gasp hearing him. The girls giggle and Soumya fumes in anger. The boys look on shocked.)
Om: Ok……Who r these “them”?
Shivay: They must be Chubby or Rohan or any other friends of Rudra, Right Rudra?
Rudra: No, Bhaiya, “them” means Sunidhi, Divya, Kirti, Nitu, Payal, and Ayushi and…….
Soumya (comes from behind and pulls his ears tightly): Oh My God, u talk to so many girls. Wow! They must be brainless and stupid just like u. Let me go and call Ma and Dadi, I’ll tell everything.
Rudra (gets shocked and gives ShivOm a why-didn’t- u tell-me look): Soumya’ what r u hearing? I was just saying that these girls r my sisters, they had put “Rakhi” on my hand and I wanted to give them gifts.
Soumya: Oh! Ok then, come with me.
Rudra (gets scared): Where?
Soumya (scares him more): Come First.
Rudra: No….
Soumya: Yes…..
Rudra: Nooooo….Sumo, please (He makes puppy faces)

Soumya chases Rudra all around the kitchen. ShivIka and IshKara enjoy the scene. Suddenly Rudra hits Ishana and she falls on Om. Om holds her. They have an eye lock. Anika comes to Shivay, Shivay pretends to cook and takes her hand and kisses it. They also have an eye lock. Rudra and Soumya who r running stop in their tracks and look at both the couples who r lost in each other, and fake cough. They come back to their senses and break their moment and compose themselves. Then Soumya signs to them to hold Rudra. Soumya goes and brings Rudra’s laptop. She hacks his password and opens his account.

Soumya: Rudra, now write, “All girls except Soumya and my elders r my sisters” in ur status. And u will not change it for 6 months.
Rudra (looks at her shocked): No way Sumo!
Soumya: Ur wish, u want to get my slap or eat a parantha or write this.
Rudra: Sumo, I will kill u(Soumya forces him to write. He writes and makes puppy faces) Gadar, all of u r traitors, always taking Sumo’s sides.
Shivay: Rudra, stop ur nautanki……

They all hug Rudra and do Obro Moment. Then they all make food. Later all elders come to have dinner.

Pinky: Oh My Mata…..So much aroma is coming from the food……but pickles r missing, let me bring them.
Anika: Wait Ma, the old bottle is finished; let me bring the new one from upstairs room…. (She goes upstairs. She brings the Pickles bottle. While coming on the stairs, some oil drips from the bottle. Anika steps on them, trips and falls.)Aaahhhh…….Maaaa…..Shivay…. (She writhes in pain)

All come there and get shocked. Shivay lifts her in his arms and takes her to their room. Om calls the doctor. Others follow Shivay and go to his room. The doctor comes.

Precap – Ishana is on call. She turns and sees Om. She gets shocked. The doctor shows Anika’s reports to all. Everyone get sad. Rudra and Soumya argue.

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