The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-10

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So now let’s proceed to my ff –
Everyone r getting ready for the party.

ShivIka’s room-
Shivay: Yes Khanna, the securities should be in check when we r not there at home.
Anika is searching for her favorite gown and has done a mess in the room. Shivay ends his call and gets horrified seeing the mess.
Shivay (shocked): What the wuck? Anika, what have u done to this room? It’s in total mess.
Anika: It’s because of u. I’d kept my dresses separately so that they don’t get mixed up with yours. But u always take ur dress in hurry, so I’ve to search like this. It’s all ur fault.
Shivay: What did I do?
Anika: No u don’t do anything, that’s the problem. Now don’t show ur Nakhre Noor Jahan Ke to me.
Shivay: It’s impossible to talk to u Anika! Ok, at least let me help u.
Anika: Fine, search and give it to me.
Anika goes from there. Shivay searches for it. It makes the room more messy. Anika comes there, her foot falls on a cloth and she slips. Shivay holds her in time, but he himself falls over Anika. There face comes very close to each other. Suddenly Pinky comes there.
Pinky: Oh My Mata…..What’s happening?
Shivay and Anika get up hurriedly seeing her.
Shivay: Actually Mom, Anika slipped and I was just holding her.
Pinky: Shivay, leave it, I know u properly. If u want to do romance with Anika then tell me, we’ll leave u both at home and go to the Ranas.
Anika: No….no…nothing like that Ma. Well go, tell her Shivay.
Shivay: Ya mom, well go
Pinky: Ok, then come fast, I will ask the servants to clean the room.
Shivay: Yes, mom

Ishkara room –
Om is getting ready. Ishana gets ready and comes. Om sees her in the mirror and gets mesmerized seeing her. Om comes to her. Ishana gets nervous.
Om: U r looking gorgeous.
Ishana: Thanks Om….but don’t get carried away by it.
Om: Ishana….. I want to say u something.
Ishana: Yes Om…say it.
Om: I don’t know Ishana, whenever I see u, I get completely lost in u….I don’t know what shall I call it, but I think I’m falling in love with u.
Ishana (looks at him surprisingly): Om….
Om: Yes, that’s true. First I thought u a s just my friend, but now I feel as if I can’t live without u. I see u everywhere, even in my dreams.
Ishana: Om, pls don’t say like this….what will happen to u when I’m there with u ?
(She realizes what she just said and gets restless)
Om (smiles): Ishana……I…..I…I love u Ishana, I love u
Ishana: Om, what r u saying?
Om: The Truth, I’m really in love with u Ishana.
Ishana looks at him. She smiles and blushes. Om smiles. He goes close to her and passionately kisses her. After sometime they hear a knock on the door. They break their moment. Om opens the door. Janvi comes.

Janvi (gets impressed seeing Ishana): Wow, Ishana, u look pretty.
Om smiles. He sees Ishana lost and secretly signs to her.
Ishana: Uh…huh…Uh…Thanks ma
Janvi: Ok, I’ve come here to give u something (she gives her a necklace) my mom had given this to me. She had said that when I get for my son, then I’ll pass it on to her…..Om why r u standing there, come here, and make Ishana were this(Ishana sits near the dressing table. Om makes her wear it. Janvi smiles) See, I told u, it will look nice on my bahu (She gives both Om and Ishana a hug and ask them to come down soon. She goes.)
Ishana (gets restless and looks at Om): Om….
Om (keeps his index finger on her lips): Let’s go, all r waiting for us.
He holds her hand and takes her. Ishana gets thinking and goes with Om.
All come down but they don’t find Rudra and Soumya. Dadi ask Anika and Ishana to go upstairs and ask them to come down. They r going to RuMya’s room when Anika feels a bit dizzy and Ishana holds her. Then they go to RuMya’s room and find them fighting. AnIsha stop them.
Anika: Rudra why r u fighting with her?
Rudra: Bhabi, Soumya has thrown my t-shirts away.
Soumya: Anika Bhabi, Rudra had kept his shirts behind the cupboard and they were in a messy state and thought to throw them out.
Rudra: Sumo, I will not leave u, they were my favorite shirts.
Ishana: But who keeps their clothes behind the cupboard?
Rudra (makes puppy faces): Ishana Bhabi, I keep them in that way so that Chubby doesn’t take them.
Ishana: Where has Chubby come in this matter?
Soumya realizes something and looks angrily at Rudra. He gets scared and hides behind Anika.
Anika: Rudra….What happened now?
Soumya: Bhabi I’m telling u, he always keeps his room messy, and Chubby….he’s just an excuse.
She chases Rudra. Ishana stops Soumya and Anika stops Rudra.

Ishana: Soumya, Rudra, let’s go or else, we will be late for the party. All r waiting for u in the hall. Come fast with us.
Anika: Yes, let’s go, if we don’t go fast, fir to Shivay hahakar macha denge (then Shivay will create a scene)
All of them pause for a second and start laughing. Soon Rudra gets ready and they all go down. All go to the Ranas’ party. The Ranas welcome them. Media captures everything. They enquire about Ishana and Soumya. Om and Rudra introduce them. Tej gets irked seeing it and goes from there. OmRu notice it. All congratulate them. Malika and Sid take the youngsters to their room. All play with their son. Then all of them a talk.
Malika: I’m meeting u all just after a year and u all have become 6 from 3.
Rudra: U mean we have got split.
Om: Rudra, she means that we have got married.
Malika: Yes, but ur duffer brother won’t understand.
Sid: But how did it happen? I mean it seems like u have got secretly married.
Om: U r right, know no one knew about it, it was just a sudden marriage.
Malika: Om, I’m not getting u, pls explain in details.
Sid: Malika, not now. They have come here to enjoy.
Arushi: That’s what I’m saying from that time. But no one is listening to me. I don’t understand what benefit u get by marrying someone and staying with him or her for the rest of ur life.
All in unison: U will understand that when u do it urself.
Arushi: What? Marriage and me? Never!
Malika: Let’s see, I’m waiting.
Arushi: Ya sure.
Just then the elders come to see the baby, and the youngsters go out. Shivay absent-mindedly leaves his phone (in which his mails are open). Soon Tej sees Shivay’s phone and goes to give him. But he sees the health checkup reports in Shivay’s mail and gets shocked. He sees Anika’s positive pregnancy reports and looks at Ishkara. He fumes in anger and throws the phone but it lands on the couch, but Tej doesn’t notice that. Tej goes. Arushi sees this from far and takes the phone. She gets happy seeing Anika’s pregnancy reports and recalls Tej fuming seeing it. She gets thinking.
After some time all the couples have a dance and have fun. But Arushi is lost as well as Tej who is planning something big. Arushi looks at him and gets suspicious. Later everyone go to sit in the puja. After a few hours the puja gets over. Most of the guests leave. The media also leaves.
Someone from far, aims gun at Anika’ Arushi sees it. She runs to Anika and comes in between Anika and the bullet. Everyone get shocked seeing the scene. Arushi falls down in pain. All come to attend to her.
Sid: Security check all the places, that murderer shouldn’t escape from here.
Shivay and Om rush Arushi to the hospital, others follow them. Malika goes with them. Om asks Shivay to call the doctor. The doctor instructs them not to let Arushi become unconscious, or she may lose her life. They hurriedly take her to the ICU. She gets operated. All recall there moments with Arushi and cry.
Anika: Why did Arushi come in between the bullet and me? If I was the target, then I would have got shot, but what was her need to come in between. Now if anything happens to her I can’t forgive myself.

Shivay: Anika, calm down. Nothing will happen to her.
Pinky: Yes beta, Shivay is right.
Janvi: But Pinky, have u told about this to ur brother.
Pinky: No, Mummyji. Arushi asked me not to call them, if anything serious happens to her, then she will tell them herself.
Janvi: But Pinky, it’s about her life.
Pinky: I know Jethaniji, but she asked me to make a promise. Now I can’t break my promise.
Shakti: But let’s pray for Arushi, so that she recovers fast.
IshKara and RuMya are talking separately (aside from the family).
Ishana: Om, Rudra u know, when all got to know about both our marriages, she was one of the first like Shivay and Anika, who stood for us. Others couldn’t accept us for some time but she…..
Soumya: For some time Ma was upset but she only explained her and changed her feelings towards us.
Rudra: I agree, she can change anyone’s thought.
Om: But she couldn’t change Chhoti Ma and Mr. Oberoi’s mindset.
Ishana: Om, leave it. All will be fine by time. And we r not talking about Uncle.
IshMya: We can never forget her gratitude.
Om: But why did she save Anika Bhabi?
Rudra: Om, u can’t understand this much?
Om: Oh, u know the reason? Congrats Somya, Rudra in getting intelligent.
Soumya: Yes Bhaiya, I’m also astonished.
Rudra: Shut up Mr. Zulfi Singh Oberoi and The Great Sumo.
Shivay (comes from behind with Anika and pats on his head): Mr Dumb-bell Oberoi, be serious , Arushi’s life is in danger.
Just then IshMya notice Arushi clutching a phone. They sign to the nurse to bring it for them. She gets the phone, and all see it.
Shivay: Hey, that’s my phone. But how did she get it?(He takes the phone and reads his mail. He gets teary eyed and looks at Arushi)
Om: Shivay, what happened? Why r u crying?(Shivay gives him his phone. Om gets shocked seeing it.) What? Anika Bhabi is pregnant?
All get shocked. They look on teary eyed. AnIshYa go aside and pray for Arushi. Rudra tells about Anika to the elders. The all get stunned and pray for Arushi.
After sometime the operation gets over and the doctor comes out.
Shivay: Doctor is she fine?
Om: Did anything serious happen to her?
Doctor: Yeah, Mr. Oberoi, she is fine but…..
Om: But what, now?
Doctor: I’m sorry to say she cant conceive anymore. If she would then she would, then she will lose her life.
Anika: What? For saving my baby, she sacrificed the experience of motherhood.
Malika (comes there): But how can this happen, we can do something.
Doctor: There’s no other way out Mrs Rana, anything else will be dangerous for her……Excuse me (He goes).
They all get sad hearing the news. Later they go to Arushi’s ward.
Arushi (smiles): Congrats Bhabi, I will become Bua at such a young age. I’m so happy for u and me.
Anika (cries): I will give u a tight slap, if u tell more. The doctor has asked u to take rest.
Arushi: Bhabi, the doctors’ r mad, they don’t know anything. What will happen to me, when I’ve all ur good wishes and blessings with me?
Ishana: But, do u understand, it has cost u something really big.
Arushi: Yes, Bhabi, I saw the doctors talking something but I couldn’t hear them.
Anika: Because of me, u can’t conceive anymore.
Arushi (gets super happy): What? Wow! That’s great news. I was searching for this opportunity from such a long time.
All get surprised and look at her in disbelief.
Pinky: Oh My Mata! …. U r happy with this?
Arushi: Yes Bua, now there is another excuse for boys “not to marry me”.
Malika (pulls her ear): Arushi, r u mad? Every time, u just know how to joke. Sometimes take life seriously.
Rudra: Arushi… (Puts his black goggles)Agent Rudy is very proud of u because u have developed a great humor sense being with me….
Soumya: Oh really, u cry baby? U have a good humor sense? Not at all. Who told u that?
Rudra: How can u talk like this to ur husband, Sumo? Have some respect.
Soumya: Oh my cry baby hubby? U felt bad! Awww…..
Rudra: Ugh…..Sumo, stop calling me Cry baby!
Soumya: And, u stop calling me Sumo.
They start fighting.
AnIsha: Stop it u both. The doctor said that Arushi need some rest. But u r creating more noise.(RuMya stop fighting)
Janvi: Yes let’s go, she needs some rest.
Arushi (signs the youngster to stop and then after the elders go, she tells them): I have to show u something.
She shows them the dance of ShivIka and all the party proceedings of Tia-Shivay’s patch up party when Malika had come. They all laugh seeing it. ShivIka feel embarrassed and blush. All of them tease them. After some time they all leave Arushi to rest.

After some days Arushi is discharged. All have some family time with her before her departure. She gives all of them some gifts. Dadi asks ShivOmRu to take Arushi to the airport. Then all elders leave for their respective works. Arushi talks with all the couples before leaving.

Arushi (comes to ShivIka): Bhaiya and Bhabi congrats again, but my one wish is unfulfilled. I’d to dance in ur sangeet.
Anika: Ur next vacation is in summer, so u can dance at that time.
Shivay: Yes, u come during Anika’s godh-bharai ceremony and enjoy as much as u can.
Arushi: Yeah, that’s a nice idea, ok then I’ll come at that time.

(She comes to RuMya and gives Rudra a parantha): Bhaiya have this.
Rudra (sees it and hides): No I don’t want it. My abs will shrink.
Soumya: Arushi, give it to me, I will eat it. Let him not eat. (Soumya takes it and eats)
Arushi gets thinking and looks at her.
Arushi (takes Soumya aside): Bhabi, I bet u can’t make Rudra bhaiya eat a parantha.
Soumya: What? I can’t make him eat a parantha? Wait, I’ll show you now.
Arushi: Wait, not like this, do something that he eats it himself forcefully.
Soumya: That’s impossible. (Arushi winks at her. She realizes something and smiles) Ok, wait for next time.
They both shake hands.

Arushi (goes to IshKara): Bhaiya, u didn’t tell me in details about how u married.
Om (pats on her head): Arushi, first focus on ur career, then we’ll talk about all these. But, u should try ur best to top in ur college. And don’t run behind success, ur behind excellence, u will get success on its own.
Arushi: Yeah…yeah, Bhaiya, I got it. I’ll always remember ur words. And, anyways I know all these as u tell it so many times.

Ishana giggles. Om gives both of them an impossible look and goes. She comes to Ishana.

Arushi: Bhabi, no one gets a husband like u, u r lucky one, pls don’t ever ruin his life. I’ve seen love in his eyes for u. Pls, don’t ever deceive him

Ishana gets nervous and restless hearing her. She feels guilty.

After sometime the brothers leave Arushi at the airport. She bids bye to all and goes back to her hostel.

Precap- IshKara come closer to each other. RuMya cherish some alone moments. Anika slips from the stairs.

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