The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-1

Happy new year to all the readers and my friends reading this ff. This is my first ff for ISHQBAAZ. So I will try to make it longer and interesting. Ok so there it goes:

Introduction-All the characters are same but there is one new character Arushi who is Shivay’s teenage cousin (Pinky’s brother’s only daughter). She stays at a boarding school and visits the Oberois during her vacations and prefers to come here more as she has a lot of fun here during her stay rather than staying with her parents.
The story starts from the Kapoor sisters plotting to ruin the Oberois, i.e., after yesterday’s episode.
Anika: (seeing Tia and Shivay together) how dare u to come to my bedroom and try to sleep with my husband. (She shouts)Tia get out.
{Tia angrily eyes Anika and goes}

Shivay: Come here my darling and sleep with me. (Anika looking at him surprisingly)
Anika: What did you say? I will sleep with u! Have u gone mad? You snore like my Bua and maybe more than that
Shivay: Who told u that?
Anika: Mom told me that u sleep less and when u sleep u snore like Kumbhkaran
Shivay: What? Kumbhkaran?
Anika: yes, don’t u read Mahabharat. He was the brother of Shakuni in that
Shivay: hey wait he was in Ramayan and he was the brother of Ravan and not Shakuni
Anika: it’s all same things, see Shakuni was the villain in Mahabharat, Ravan was the villain in Ramayan, and u r the villain in Kali Yug.
Shivay 🙁 gets angry but suddenly smiles) but for me u are like my princess and I am ur Price Charming just like Soumya said. I one thing I don’t snore that much so u can sleep with me. After all its ur right.
Anika blushes

Shivay: I didn’t know tadibaaz girls can blush also
Anika makes faces; No no I have brushed my teeth and came to sleep.
Shivay: What r u saying? I said it is blush not brush
Anika: What is this blush?
Shivay hugs her tightly, she blushes, he signs her to look at her face, she understands and smiles .He also smiles.
Anika: Ok now u leave me. I want to sleep.
Shivay signs her to sleep with him, she pushes him, he lifts her and convinces her sleep on his bed, she agrees.


Om sees Tej outside his room. He asks him to come inside.
Tej: Om I think it’s time for u to think about ur life.……. As Shivay got married so now its ur turn to settle down in life… but for that u need a good life partner. So I have bought an alliance for you. (He shows the pic of a girl)See she is Mr. Dhingra’s only daughter, she has studied in Paris and is very good in science, when ur children grow up, and if ur busy also she can teach the children. And if she gets married to u then we will get all the property and I can merge their company with ours and then… I will be huge…huge…much more than Shivay and u know he also told me that he will search a rich bride for Rudra also. After all that , u both brothers can lead a happy life .Because u both don’t do jobs so I have to secure ur future with the dowry that ur wives will bring so that u both can be ahead of Shivay.
All the while Om is looking angrily at Tej and when Tej was going to sit down on the couch Om stops him and drags him to the main hall. All come and see them.
Om: I am sorry Dadi and mom but I have to speak the truth about this man today. (Looking at Tej) what do u think?

Everyone is like you. Only running after money and power. There are other things in life also but as u r the great Tej Singh Oberoi so u can’t understand anything. U brought an alliance for me so that u can merge ur company with that and gain more profit than Shivay. Does any one compete with family members and that too with ur younger brother’s son? And yes I can take care of myself and I’m not like you that I will need the Oberoi tag for my work; u may be that kind of person, not me. And yes, I don’t need ur rich brides to go ahead in life, I can go ahead in life with my own name and abilities. So pls don’t ever again come to me with ur stupid deals.
Tej stops him while he was going to his room
Tej: Ok then leave this house and stay elsewhere and go ahead in life. U don’t need the Oberoi name! Right! Then go. No one’s stopping u. Go right now if u have the guts. Let me see how u lead ur life without the daily comforts.
Om looks at him, smiles and goes to his room.
Janvi: Tej how u can disown him like this / he is ur son, our son
Tej: if he won’t obey me then I will do whatever I want
Shivay: but bade papa it is his life and his choice, how u force can hi like this to marry the girl u chose for him let him decide
Rudra: yes papa it is his life, so let him decide with whom he wants to spend his whole life.
Dadi: Tej have I done anything with u like this ever…..then why are u doing this with Omkaara?
Om comes down with his bag and all get shocked. Everyone try to convince him but he leaves the Oberoi mansion. He takes a cab and goes to his art gallery. He calls someone.
Om: hello….yes I need a home for myself but it should be a small one.
After some time he goes to his new home. Here Shivay calls someone.

Precap-Om comes to his Art Gallery and gets shocked seeing someone. Shivay and Rudra come to the airport.

P.S.: Friends I know it’s a bit stupid and fast but I will try to write it more properly and make it bit more long and pls don’t forget to comment on my ff. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes and again pls comment as that’s my support system.

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