The story of my heart (OS)-part 1

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Dil ki Kahaani Twinj os

Thank you guys for your love for my first os, Destiny chooses its own way. If u want to read it here’s the link

Guys, here’s my next os.
Let’s start,
A girl is shown sitting on a sofa and making herself comfortable, but crying. She is Twinkle Taneja. Twinkle is a famous writer, she penned many novels. A man is sitting beside Twinkle (not going to reveal him now).
I started speaking “India, our nation has faced many problems and the biggest problem poverty”……………………………………………………………………………………………..then ended by saying “the people should help in developing India.” My speech was the last. All the hearts were beating, everyone’s blood pressure went up, when the judges were about to tell the result.
The judge Mr. Call said – Kunj Sarna is the winner. I dropped my face, became upset.
Mr. Call said – Twinkle u also very close, but u had accent no words. I nodded. Kunj looked at me. everyone stepped out and Kunj moved towards me.
He said – Twinkle I’m Kunj sarna.
I said – Twinkle Taneja.
Kunj – I know. Twinkle u gave me a very good fight.
I said – Thanks, but u know I really wanted to be the best.
Kunj – you can be the best if u put your full strength.
I said – what can I do more?
Kunj – you can work on your words.
I said – how?
Kunj – I don’t know how? U have to sort out yourself.
He was about to leave but then I spoke that can he help me work on my words. i really wanted him to help me because I wanted to be the best.
Kunj – i would really like to help u.
I said – when should we meet. The expression which came on his face totally showed that he was digging his mind.
The he said – 4 to 5pm every day. I nodded.
Next day, I met him and he started teaching me how to use words in sentences. He appreciated me for my accent. My first session was completed.
Days passed like monsoon winds and I turned out to be good debater. I thanked Kunj for his help. The college principal announced a debate competition. I gave my name for the competition. I asked Kunj to take part, but he said no. I was really disappointed, his decision made me weak. I too wanted my name to get cut. But, wait a minute, why am I so concern for him, why is he so dear to me, why am I thinking to get my name cut of the competition. Many sorts of questions flashed and were roaming in my mind. They had no answers.
I walked to Kunj and asked him the real reason which made him back off.
He answered – I don’t want u to lose because of me.
I said – r u mad, or crazy. U know that I am not going to take part if u will not because in this college u r the best debater and I would like to debate with u.
Kunj – okay if u say then, I will take part.
I said – go. He noted his name in the competition. I was happy.
The day came when the competition took place. Everyone spoke their speech. The result was out. I was completely shivering, my heart was pumping fast, and I was sweating. The result were announced. I heard it and my heart stopped pumping (not totally:-P) but it started dancing. The winner was me, Twinkle Taneja.
Kunj was smiling, as he knew it. I was tear eyed, had nothing to speak. The judge this time said – u were fabulous Twinkle, u had both accent and words. this time Kunj lacked. I looked at Kunj who was also tear eyed. I knew that he too wanted to win. Kunj looked at me and then I realized that I loved him, he became the most important of my life who made my realized my mistake, where I lacked the most. I loved him a lot.
The competition completed its last stage. It was over. Kunj had left the place. Twinkle’s eyes were searching him. She went out and saw Kunj leaving. She shouted. He looked back. She went running towards him and hugged him. He hugged her back.
Twinkle – I dedicate this to u as u were the one who helped me to get this.
Kunj – Twinkle I want to say some ting to u.
Twinkle – say what u want to.
Kunj – Twinkle I love u. Twinkle broke the hug and looked at him sadly.
Kunj – Twinkle I don’t know how I fell in love with u. I started teaching u and then after some days I realized my feelings. I really love u Twinkle. Twinkle I know u did not expect……..but before he could complete, he felt something soft on his lips, yes u guess it right, Twinkle kissed him. It was long one. Then, after some time she broke it and said idiot couldn’t u confess earlier. I love too Kunj. Kunj was happy. They hugged each other.
They told their parents who were very happy with the alliance.
But, then Twinkle had a wish to become writer. Kunj helped her on her way to become writer. She was a famous writer and Kunj was a literature professor. Both got married after settling their career.

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  1. Amazing….Cute….lovely os

  2. hey ur hater what do uh think haa this epi was posted by mitali uh copy cat

    1. Ya it ws same written by her copied

  3. Hey the name of ur earlier ff is given by mitali
    Mitali is that u
    N the same ur hater of crazy’s ff
    …waiting for ur answer

    1. sattu this ff is copied if uh dont believe me go n type dil ki kahani on google uh will get the real epi

  4. shagun gulati

    It’s nice iam not like you to hurt anyone’s feeling so I am commenting

  5. hey copy cat ‘ur hater’ u have copied d story
    i had read this story yaar
    if u want to write os den make it by urself y r u copieng

  6. I haven’t copied it, this is by mitali. I just wanted to re publish it to show how a os should be. Infact my os is called twinj so read that but the only reason I published mitalis story was for u guys to compare the difference.


    1. if its not by u then y did u gave credit to urself

    2. Hey so what was the need to give credit to urself
      N yeah this is an os n today u were criticizing an ff
      There is a lot difference between them…becoz in episode u have to drag things n in os its just a small story
      So please do respect someone’s writing
      N one more thing…we don’t have to learn from u how to write…so better try something original…but first have guts to reveal ur name

    3. Hey did u deleted ur ff

  7. ok ok I’m sorry if I hurt u but I was just giving my opinion, I may have used some foul words and I’m sorry for that, and the reason I credited myself for this os was because if I used mitalis name it would be like hacking cuz my names not mitali so that’s the reason I credited myself. but to be honest I didn’t credit myself as I mentioned in a previous comment that this os I s by mitali.

    1. Accha fine its okay..
      If u have realized the mistake
      Tho its good only
      So frnds ???

      1. Hmm its k champ

    2. But I ll NVR forget that u pointed to my character
      When u don’t even know me

      1. Sorry and yes friends btw I didn’t mean what I said I was just angry and upset that’s all plz don’t take it to heart. ?

    3. hey my dear at last uh realized ur mistake anyways m really srry for that bash on crazys epi m srslyy srry i used sum foul wrds bt yaar uh should respect sum one feelings coz they r giving their precious tym in writing the episodes for us for uh m srry again btw i really wanna know ki whats ur real name

      1. Hey me too
        Really sorry
        But anyways please next time do think twice before pointing of someone’s character

  8. Hey same name

    1. Urgh sry

  9. U know wt guys this hater deleted d ff that he had posted

  10. I didn’t delete it I think tu did

  11. I read dil Ki kahaani os. I was amazed. I thought who wrote it again. I was surprised to learn that it was copied by someone. Its okay. I mind it and I don’t mind it. But please don’t copy any ones os or ff. Because there r some feelings of other people. U have hurted my feelings but no I’m not that hurted but please make it clear don’t copy the work make your original work.

  12. Hey please reveal your name.

  13. How can u bash people what is your real name I think so u have soooo much of hatred inside in ur heart that u forget your own name… I right ??? Jaldii apne Mata pita se pucho aur hame batao

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