A story of hatred and love ( RAGLAK ) episode 3


Hi guys sriya here with next update of raglak ff sorry for not updating it in Wednesday as that time exams were going now yesterday only they were finished. Anyways let’s get into the story.
Recap: – raglak past

Flashback (no one is narrating or thinking)
We see a boy enters the college in a Mercedes car. He gets up from the car every girl was lost in her own world seeing him. He was going somewhere when a girl dashes him and all her books fell down by the time the boy’s gang reach there they were two girls they came and start teasing her hey behenji you are trying to flat the most handsome and heartthrob of the college and son of a rich business man and starts laughing on her. She puts her spectacles and takes her books from there and leaves from there crying. They all leave for the classes. The boy and the girl who was teased by some other girls were raglak. The teacher says today partners will be changed. Raglak became partners kavya who was sitting behind them was getting angry seeing her boy friend and Ragini together.
Flashback ends

His pov’
Why Ragini?? I am sorry I did many wrong things with u which can’t be forgiven but u can at least give me a chance couldn’t u please forgive me at least give me a chance please come back to ur laksh Ragini in these five years a lot has changed but my love for you will never be changed I love you so much Ragini in fact my love for u has increased more in this five years please come back Ragini please come back to I am really very sorry and guilty also please come back I can’t live without u Ragini you are my life without u I am living like a lifeless body who can walk talk and do work but has no happiness no colourfulness and his love. I am sorry Ragini I am sorry tears roll down his cheeks he cries for some time and dozes off to sleep.
His pov ends’

At Ragini house:
Ragini goes to her room running and shuts the door. She cries and falls down on the floor with a thud.
Her pov’
I am really sorry laksh for saying u those words in the conference please forgive me if u can but I am helpless whatever wrong things u did with me laksh I can’t ever forgive u why u have come back laksh in this five years lot has changed but I can’t forgive u and everything is same between us please laksh move on ur life we are not meant be together it is our destiny laksh please move on ur life and forget about me. I am sorry laksh I am really sorry laksh but please move on. She cries for some time and dozes off to sleep.
Her pov ends’

Precap: – raglak past continues.

So guys how was third episode this story will be based on both pov. I know everyone wants their bitter past to end but you have to wait for it guys. I am sorry for not showing any happy moments but u will little bit happy moments in their past but not now soon it will take place. Love you all guys thanks a lot for reading my boring story and bearing me. I will update it on Wednesday and Saturday.

Next update: Wednesday

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