A story of hatred and love ( RAGLAK ) episode 2


Hi guys well sriya here I am guys with the second episode. Hope you guys like it too ???and varsha dear it will become raglak only at last because you see it is a raglak ff and I hate sad endings and incomplete stories and fourzashi16 I love your ff so much please post its next part asap.

Episode 2

Recap: – ragini new avatar.

We see a person saying yes sir everything is ready for the meeting today kapoor company owner is going to come for the meeting. Okay now you can leave from here. He turns front he was handsome hunk laksh he picks a photo ragini I am finding you after that incident I have never seen you where are you ragini please come back to your laksh he cannot live without you please forgive for me my mistakes ??. His pa comes and says sir please come for the meeting it is going to be start he says okay and leaves for meeting. The meeting starts laksh liked the presentation very much???. The owner of Kapoor company enters the meeting room and asks forgiveness for the delay by the way I am ragini Kapoor laksh was facing back laksh turns in front both raglak becomes shocked seeing each other. Laksh becomes happy in happiness he hugs ragini and pecks her forehead she jerks him saying mr how dare you touch me is this your attitude towards your clients chi such a disgusting person you are!!!.

Ragini ( in mind) : sorry laksh forgive me for saying this words but I am helpless which betrayal you have given to me after that I can’ t ever forgave you. I hate you laksh I hate you I will not forgave you for what you did with me.

Laksh PoV
What is this how can ragini ever think about me like that don’t she remember her laksh I know I did many mistakes but I am guilty for them and I regret and repentant about them. Why ragini is behaving with me like this is she had a memory loss or a lookalike of my ragini ??? ( so sweet of u laksh love you to the infinity hehe lol).

Laksh PoV ends

He composes himself and asks forgiveness from ragini she says it s okay let be. Laksh accepts the offer. Both raglak now became partners.

Precap: – Raglak past.

So guys how was the episode sorry if it is short update but I have to post my other ffs also and guys this ff according to my schedule I will post it on Wednesday and Saturday because I am busy school student you see I hardly get time to post my ffs and that too short update only except Saturday and Sunday. Fourzashi16 this is for you well dear what to say about your ff damn speechless first I found it worst ff ( sorry no offence) but I gradually read it and I regret myself for thinking it as worst ff so sorrrrrrrry if I hurt you I just accepted the truth your is best ff and you are best writer dear love you lots and lots???.

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  1. Varsha

    No prblm dear u cn giv shrt epi as u write many, n ur ff shws a diff stry of raglak n i m waitin fr their bitter past to end n love blossom again btwn our raglak

  2. nice what’s there in her past next part soon

  3. Akshaya

    Oh loved it baby doll

  4. Shana98

    awesome loved it

  5. Fouzarshi16

    Thank u dr for mentioning my ff name. Will update till tomorrow night

  6. Akshata


  7. Awesome

  8. Akshata


  9. Hemalattha


  10. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Waiting to know the Raglak past
    Make it a bit long
    Waiting for the next one……..

  11. Awesome episode

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