the story of hate n love


its a story about 4 people .the characters are
ROHIT : hot,dashing ,egoistic , a rich bussiness man ,doesnt believe in love n only cares for his bro and dadi.
KRITIK: younger bro of rohit,hot,stunning,flirt,doesnt believe in love,funny.
KAJOL; a rich girl,beautiful,serius,caring,understanding,can do anything for her sis,stubborn,cutured.
SHREYA: younger sis of kajol,cool,funny,angry tigress.

the story starts in mumbai.
2 girls talking to each othr n walkin with their luggage n 2 guys talkin in phone.A girl sayn to othr that she will cum to the food court after makin a call to their bro .the girl is kajol.she walks towards a guy who is busy talkin in mobile phone n that guy is rohit. the hit eahothr n rohit starts yelling that cant she see n walk. kajol gets angry n she starts arguing.
in food court a girl is rushin 2 the counter n even a boy is seen rushin 2 the same counter. they are shreya n kritik .they argue that both hav cum 1st therefore who should give the order first.

kajol and shreya hav reached there to join in their new office as they hav been selected for the job .they dont know who their bosses are n r eager to meet them . they enter the office n greet evry1 .the staff advises them not to argue with their bosses as they r rude n egoistic. kajol n shreya r worried but later cam themselves .

PRECAP: the boss enter the office n evry1 gets into silent mode. kajol n shreya try to see them but r unable too.they then see ROHIT n KRITIK n gets shocked to know that they r their boss .

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  1. Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa….. superrr start continue like this… and try to update large update

  2. Nice intro and short epi buddy..i like ? it…pls continue..u said the Girls r rich then y r they working ?..just asked..Waiting for upcoming epis..Pls continue and update soon..Take care..

  3. Thnks guys for the comment .I wish u like the upcoming episodes n I will try to make it gud n interesting.

  4. Good story yaar . keep on writting ?

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