“The story of happiness” Chapter 1

Hey guys …prema here …shanthi sister ….this is a new concept and this concept belongs to dolly didi….she is so wonderful thanks a lot dI

Anyways so this a simple basic concept and is a familiar one too
It’s not actually like dolly didi stories fI’ll of suspense ….but a good one

Hope u all like it

Here is the beautiful story’s first chappy ,
Swara comes down and sits on the couch near the window …

The sunlight was orange in colour making her face glow in sparkle …she was a beauty with brain

She knew what’s good for her and what’s not ….but she is a obedient Indian girl who respects her traditional value a lot ….

Mishti comes to her ..she was wearing a heavy saree with diamond necklace ….

She is the second wife of Mr shekar dixit …

Her mother is full of proud Ness ..she never leaves a chance of seeking attention .
After her father passed away …it’s she who is taking care of the chain of busineas

Swara always hates her because she is not her real mother ….after her father and mother passed away she felt lonely and still she is doing so ..

She never had the real happiness that her real mother and father gave her

It’s been 10 years now ….she is 23 ….
Her father and mother passed away on her 13th birthday the dead full one

But she is used to it …necoz life has made her way

She has all the money ….she has all the luxury
She can get whatever she wants or can go wherever she wants …

But what about happiness ……..it’s been blown off

On the other side ,

We could see a colony full of junk and dirty ….it’s looking horrible and the small compartments or u can apartments are being like very old ….

The kids of some small ages with some irreLevant clothes are playing happily

All the ladies are gossiping ….as they laugh whole heartedly …

But our attention gets carried away seeing a handsome boy even the junk ..he is glowing off

He was wearing somewhat OK clothes but was too handsome and hot …

He had a fair skin and beautiful eye ….which could male anyone fall for him

He was playing carom with his friend near the tea stall ….

He was smiling and laughing whole heartily

His name was sanskar. …but never was the same as his name ..

A asanskari baccha ……but respects women like God and mother ….otherwise a happy go guy loves teasing girls and making fun

His father owns the tea shop ….and his mother is a house worker in Swara dixit mansion …
One of the house worker I mean

When he is here ….the word fun comes automatically

So the conclusion is the difference is that ..even though Swara ha’s all the happiness ….she couldn’t enjoy

Whole our hero doesn’t have the luxury but the smile and laughter comes which is not equal to infinite numbers …

So let’s see whether the cupid strikes between three poor and rich …

The story of happiness

Hope u all like it ….thanks dolly didi ……

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