A Story from the Grave (KKB) Chapter-2 Lurking in the Dark

A Story from the Grave (KKB) Chapter-2

Hi guys, I am sorry there were many mistakes in the last update. Thank you so much for not minding them and supporting me. Love you guys!! I will be posting every Tuesday and Friday from here on, Coz I can’t manage and you guys know that very well. Now straight to the story. Enjoy your ride!

Searching for a Host
Yes you guys guessed it right, I have been dead, dead to this world for two years from then (2014). I dint know what to do after I left my body I felt like my soul was carried away to some place I felt dizzy, sleepy. I just closed my eyes and felt I was in an entirely different place. I slept for a long time may be days, weeks, I don’t what they say it here in this place but I felt like I was sleeping for a long time. Coming to the point for me to take revenge from those people who killed my Fuggi I have to find a host for myself onto whom I can latch myself and begin my vendetta. I was told I can only latch onto a person who can see me and feel my presence.

I asked, “That means only a few people can see me? That’s what you mean?”. I got an answer for that, I can only be seen by people who have some or the other connection with me, At least a remote connection. It got me thinking, and I was asked to bring my Host to a certain place after I latch onto him/her (I prefer a guy) so that my training can be completed. I was thinking, I have heard of normal people getting trained this was the first time I am experiencing Ghosts getting trained. Just then I remembered I have to visit my Fuggi’s Grave today and today is the only day I can materialize like a Human being ‘Nobody can see me even though’ *sighs*. That’s when I met my Host, my friendly, caring, emotional Host. H.O.S.T!! I like this guy very much.

I was lost in thought when, Myself and Purab reached his home I came out of my thoughts and asked him, “Buddy seems like you are the only occupant here?” Purab said, “Nope, I am not the only one I live with my Grandmother.” I said, “ But I think nobody is in there right now. See the house looks like a Ghost house with no lights and a dog is howling too.” (Gripping onto Purab’s Shoulder). Purab said (Chuckling), “Someone said I am being a scardy cat, now who is acting like one? And hey you were sitting there all alone and now you are acting like you are afraid of these stuffs? (Looking at me weirdly).” I said, “ Please buddy I am afraid of Ghosts, I was completely lost in Pragya’s thoughts I forgot everything and lost track of time. Are we going inside or will stay here with these terrifying howling sounds around us?” He said, “ Cool man, Dadi… Please open the door I am not alone today we have a guest, and why you dint turn the lights on?” There was complete silence he called out again for his Dadi still no response from her. He went around the house got a key and opened the door.

We went inside, he switched on the lights. Wow, Nice and cosy home loving it. I miss my home and miss living there with my Fuggi and alive again. He walked straight to the kitchen and came back with a letter. I asked him, “ What happened Bro?” He said, “ I am gonna miss some delicious food for a week bro.” He looked like as if someone completely sucked off his energy from him. Actually I learned how to do it but I won’t use that on him because he is the only one who could help me right now. I asked him, “ What happened? Be specific” As if I dint know the answer. He said, “ Granny has gone to meet her sister in Mumbai and I am left alone here for a week. She has made dinner for me, We can share it no problem.” I thought , “Oh God I am eating after 2 years yummy.” As if I needed to eat something to survive now, I am dead 2 years back and how come this guy dint know about that? It’s in my favour so no problem. His granny, I sent her to her sister’s home by making her sister ill. All Thanks to my G.F, You Guys thought Girlfriend right? Nope it was Ghost Friend. Ok don’t give that death glare like Fuggi I completely understand I am very bad at joking.

FB Begins…
Abhi asked, “Hey bro can you do me a favour?” Sid(Vin Rana) said, “ Yeah tell me bro, anything for you.” Abhi said, “ Could you take care of Purab’s Grandma’s sister? Until my work is done so that his Grandmother will be there in Mumbai and I can finish my work here by then.” Sid said, “ Sure thing bro! Let me think what can I do to her!” Abhi said, “ Please be careful bro, she is an old Women.” Purab called him and said, “ Come on Abhi you are lost again? Hop onto my bike we will reach there within 15 minutes.” Abhi said, “ Sid make it fast, I want her to be out of her home before we reached there.” Sid said, “ Ok Abhi, I have a game to play bye.”
FB ends…

I had this whole trip planned, Hey I am hatching plans so quickly nowadays. Have I gained more intelligence after I died? May be because I have been made a fool when I was alive. He went to take out the dishes from kitchen I was wandering around the living and found a photo of a girl. Now I understood why he was able to see me, she is the connection between us. I heard him call me, I turned to look at him. He saw me holding the photo frame and said, “ Bro she is my girlfriend.” I said, “ She looks beautiful and don’t worry I am married.” He felt sad after hearing what I said and gave a bone crushing hug that’s when I noticed I have only 30 minutes to convince him to be my host. I asked him, “ Have you ever seen me anywhere?” He said, “ No idea but I think I have seen you somewhere” I said, “ Really you don’t know me? I am quite famous in Mumbai. Ok what do you do for a living bro?”

He said, “ I am a writer, I Write stories and publish them under my own banner. At first I was publishing it under ‘Ketanya Publications’ and now I am publishing under ‘Khanna Publications’.” I said, “ Oh!” and asked. “ What all genres have you written till now?” He said, “ Romance, Thriller, Historical, I am yet to write Horror ones. I don’t want it to be a cliché so I am waiting for a good story to cook in my head (Winking at me).” I said, I can help you in writing one.” He said, “ Don’t repeat the same ‘ I am a Ghost you know’ dialogue please it’s so cliché.” I thought, “ Oh, he is a writer definitely he would have noticed every detail how come he missed this one?” I told him to look into my eyes, I made him remember the news which was telecasted 2 years before . The news reported my death informing the whole world that I am buried somewhere by my relation which is a secret and I showed him where I was buried too. He came out of my control and said, “ Wait you are Abhisheik Prem Mehra you died in an accident in Mumbai.” Wait a minute how did he do that? Is he immune to my control? Bad news Abhi! (He started to scream and run within his house gasping for breath, I closed all the exits with my power). I said, “ Bro I am not here to hurt you listen to me only you can help me in taking revenge from those people who killed me and my Fuggi. I hardly have 25 minutes to be in human form, I just need your help. Please help me I will tell you everything right now we don’t have time for that.” He said, “I have just one question how was I able to shake hands with you earlier? (He came near touched me and said) Hey I am able to touch you even now.

How is this possible?”. I replied, “ Purab mera Bhai I can materialize only on Full Moon days, I can be like a human only on that single day. But only few people can see me, People who at least have some remote connection with me. Now don’t ask me what is the connection I will explain you later, Please let me get inside you once before it is 12 o’ clock. You will know everything once I am inside you. Please I beg of you.” He was confused and amused at the same time and said, “For the first time I am seeing a Ghost begging. Ok, but I should know everything in order to help you ok? But do you really need my permission to get inside me? If I deny what will happen?” I said, “ Deal bro you will know everything and yes I need your permission if you deny you won’t be able to see me and I can’t get inside you ” He said, “ Ok, I grant you my permission to come aboard.” We both chuckled and I walked right through him and we merged into one. I went ahead saw ourselves in Mirror, That’s when I noticed his eyes have become fully black in colour (Like the Pic).

I was overjoyed and said, “ Nobody can separate us now.” (Double voice both Purab’s and mine came out in unison making it sound very weird). I made him see what all happened in my life from the beginning, What was my life when I was a kid, Teenager, then a business man, how I fell in Love with Fuggi, How she died and how I died everything with excruciating pain in detail. For him it would have been like watching slides moving fast, Like watching a movie. I felt a tear drop come out from our eyes dropping down to our cheeks after it was over. He said, “ I am so sorry for whatever happened in your life I will help in taking revenge for you and your Fuggi. So my girlfriend is the connection between us, she dint tell me anything about you.” I said, “ Bro it’s been a while since I ate something delicious so please shall we eat?”. We ate and went to his room and slept.

I heard a familiar voice, “Hey wake up sleepy head” I opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by white, White everything was White around me I was confused I questioned myself, “ Where am I?” I heard a Voice saying, “ You will know only if you listen to me Abhi, come here.” I just blindly followed the voice and entered another room. It wouldn’t have feel like another room if it dint have a door. I entered and found a person smiling at me…

To be continued…

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