Story of a Girl – Ragini (pt 7) by Aliya: will ragini gets saved??

Let’s begin…..

Next day…..
Sanskar comes to the hospital…
He listens all of them talking abt taking ragini to Kolkata
Which Shocked him…
San:no no Kolkata plzz…how vl i meet her….no no plzzz god listen to my prayers…plzz god do some miracle…wait if there is any connection with me and her then… She vl be in Delhi itself…if no then i vl think that no girl is made for me…

Piya sees him:hey.. sanskar
San gets out of his thoughts.. He gives her a weak smile
He greets everyone
They too greets him back except swara who was giving suspicious look
He doesn’t wanted even by mistakenly look at swara bcs her suspicious look was scarring him to hell…

Pi:all of you r tired..i think all should take rest.. Ragini will feel bad of she got to know that they are waiting for her to wake up even not caring for their own health…so
Raj:piya is ryte
Pi: don’t worry aunty..i m here only.. You all go and rest…
Sw: bhai..laksh papa mumma u all go i vl be with di

San himself: no no… She should go…

Pi:i said including you too… Its an order… And do you want Ragini to feel guilty
Sw nods

San got happy…

Shar goes to rag she kisses her forehead… She is having tears in her eyes
San: aunty don’t fall weak..u should give courage to Rag… By staying strong… If you cry rag vl feel weak…
Shar smilingly nods… She leaves
All leaves from the hospital

Sanpiya were sitting in the room
San was sad as today he couldn’t speak to ragini

Piya:sanskar… Can you stay here.. As i m going to rounds
San happily: ok… Go..i m her only
Pi: why so excited?
San calms: nthng like that… besides you should move now.. Ragini won’t like if you waste your time
Pi smiles: yes.. She doesn’t like one who was the time…
She goes

San:arey wah sanskar tera guess tho sahi nikla…
He goes to Rag and sits in a chair

San:i met ur family..ur parents are so nice…. i felt like mine and your brthr lil short tempered bt ok…. Your frnd piya she is nice and one thing believed me easily and laksh he is kind hearted and good person i feel like my sibling and your sister swara….ek no. ki chudail.. she glares me like i hv eaten her chocolate…i feel like to put her in a dark room… And Keep her there then i want to see her.. Lost…daayan chudail…
Tudddd…. His cheeks were burning…
He was shocked as Ragini slapped him….

Here in jail…

Dev: now she would be died.. Of not then too i won’t leave her to stay alive..
Dev’s mom: ragini has made us to stay in hell…
Dev’s dad: it was your mistake if you acted well na this won’t hpnd ever…
Dev’s mom: i didn’t get dreams wat Dev told or not…oopar se that girl swara slapped me….iska badla tho lena hai
Dev:badla tho hum sabse le hi lenge mom(we vl take revenge from everyone for sure)…bt first we should kill that ragini
Then her family would die alive with guilt we wont need to do anything…bt first i hv to make a plan from getting out….

All gets thinking….. As how to make Dev out of the jail so that he can kill ragini

To be continued….

Small part situation demanded ??

Wat do you think devs family will be successful in planning again ragini?

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