Story of a Girl – Ragini (pt 6) by Aliya

Let’s begin…..

San sees ragini she was been lifeless
Her wounds are giving him goosebumps….
He goes to her and don’t know wat made him to caresses her hair…..
San :i dont know wat connection I hv with you.. Bt from the time I saw you… I feel connected to you… I dont know wat hpnd with you… Or who are you? I know that you can listen me…. (changing his tone to happier) actually m sanskar.. Yes.. Sanskar…hmm Lets be friends… Actually na i talk more.. If i start to talk then nobody can stop me… I m telling you this bcs you hv to bear me from now on… First i vl tell abt me… U know ppl are very interested to talk abt me.. U know why bcs… I hv broke my marriage 3 times and once the girl broke the marriage so totally 4 times… Ya i know i know u are not interested bt i m interested in telling so willingly or unwillingly u hv to listen my bak bak.. Ah now pray that no one from ur family comes soon… I hope u r praying for me… All r crying for you… I got bored you know seeing them… Don’t tell anyone i heard few talks.. Few i couldn’t listen… That’s not the issues… So where i was??.. Ya on my marriage… First girl.. I mean my first ex fiance thought me to be bank balance…

So that doesnt mean i dont hv money i do hv… Bt she was loving my money instead of me so soon my siblings got to know abt her and i too.. So.. Toot gayi shaadi… My 2nd ex fiance she was damn beautiful….ya she was bt she thought me and my family to be gawars(illiterate) she stayed to debate my family… So… Toot gayi shaadi… (he shrugs his shoulders) and the third ex fiance… Sab accha chal raha tha.. Meine socha ki iss baar shaadi tho hogi bt i was wrong.. She got a prblm with my family being big.. Ya thodi si badi hai we r 24..thodi si badi… She wanted me to separate from my family… So toot gayi shaadi (he shrugs his shoulders and pouts) and and 4th ex fiance she had ran away from the marriage.. I dont know the reason…. Why she did.. Just kept the letter that she can’t marry me… Everyone are laughing at me bcs i m the owner of a matrimonial site.. Can you imagine!! I know shrewdly you would hv laughed at me… I dont hv prblm if you laugh at me too… M thinking ki if you had met me before.. Shayad kuch aur ho tha… We could hv.. You… Know… We could hv…………………….

At the time someone opens the door
And the person is revealed to be…….. Piya(played by mrunal thakur)

Piya:who are you?
San was shocked and he had no answer….. He was not getting way too easy or easy not to…..
Piya:hello… Excuse me Mr…. M asking you something…
She moved towards ragini

San :friends…. Ragini’s friend
Piya suspicious :bt how you got to know abt Ragini’s condition?
San thinks for sometime
San:woh.. Actually.. My dadu was been admitted the time i saw ragini here in this condition…
She was still suspicious :i dont believe
San:is on you believe our not you can’t change the truth
He turns to go
He closes his eyes.. Somehow he got saved…
Piya:wait… M sorry….
San turns :is.. Its ok…

He was abt to go
Piya :i saw you some where… Sanskar ryte…
San smiles
Piya:your marriage was broken for 4 times ryte…
San looks up and smiles at his fate

Piya :actually really sorry… Woh just a slip of toungue
San smiles :it’s ok
Piya:actually… I know ram uncle
San:he is my dad
Piya smiles:oh…. Nice to meet you sanskar… M dr. Piya and Ragini’s friends
San smiles
Piya:ragini ke saath aisa nahi hona chahiye tha…
San :kya hua tha….!

She looks at him
San :i mean it’s been 2 yrs i couldn’t meet her… (himself) again a lie.. Maaf karna ragini
Piya:oh.. 4 months back she got married to an animal bcs of wom she is like this… So u r her university friend
San:no i mean yes
At the time all comes

Raj:who is he?
Piya:he is sanskar… Ragini’s friends his dadu was admitted here and he found ragini
Raj nods
Sw:i didnt heard anyone named sanskar from di
San himself:sanskar kuch soch….
Piya:he was her university friend
She looks at san
San smiles weakly
Bt sw was suspicious

San:ok now.. I vl take my leave…

He leaves from there as soon as possible

San:baal baal bach gaye… Bt i hv made place.. I can meet ragini now…..

To be continued….

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  9. Shrilatha

    Awww Sanskar I don’t have problem with money,big family and illiteracy ..and I won’t even run away…please let me know if I r still free I mean if u have still not fallen in love with ragini…..
    ???????loved it Aliya …hope Sanskar takes out her pain …it feels like season 2 of ragini’s colourless life

    1. A12345

      Actually it is!☺
      Sanskar is free or not i vl ask him and let u know?

  10. Sanky’s is pov is just fantastic

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