Story of a Girl – Ragini (pt 5) by Aliya: will ragini gets saved??

Let’s begin…..

Ragini was taken to the room she was lifeless

Here athul and the guy who is obviously sanskar ? were looking at her until she was visible to them

Athul: sir we should move to dadu
San was seeing way where ragini was taken….


San:chalo athul…

They enters the room of dadu

Dadu sees him…
Dadu:why u came? To check if i m alive or not
San controls his laughter: waise dadu thode(he dragsa the words a lil) se pressure bhadne se koi marr nahi jaata aur tho aur aap tho bilqul bhi nahi maroge
He makes a fake sad face
( one dies by getting a lil high pressure and you vl definitely not die)
Athul laughs

Dadu: wat do you mean? You are waiting for me to die.. Don’t even think in your dreams..i m not gonna die until i see your kids growing

San: then i should say keep dreaming…
It won’t be true.. Who vl agree to marry me?….wait many vl agree to marry me bt vl not stay in my family…
Dadu: ways the problem?
San: problem is population is lil more…
Dadu:so wat? We are only 24…if you marry then vl be 25…
San: prblm not any ppls problm any joint family… Nowadays i won’t a get girl who vl adjust in that family and i don’t want to separate from you all bcs you all are my breath…
Dadu smiles and hugs him:being small still you hv big thoughts
San complaining: who told you m small…i m eldest of your grand children…
San:ab chaliye… Let’s go to home…
They goes…

San wanted to see her (ragini) by he thinks to come there later and meet her…


We can here a music
Shemish and sw were moving to ragini’s room
Rag was sleeping….
Trio screams:happy birthday………..
Rag jerks and gets up
Trio laughs
She smiles

Shek pulls her from bed

Shek sings:aye dil laaya hai bahaar
Apnon ka pyar kya kehna

Sw gives her a big gift
Sw sings:Milein hum chhalak utha
Khushi ka khumaar kya kehna
Swarag hugs tightly and bends left right

Shar sings:Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar kya kehna

She had happy tears rag word her tears and wipes it

Rag:Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar kya kehna
They drags rag out…

She sees they arranged big cake and her favourite chocolates and dish
She gets happy seeing all this
Shek drags her infront of it
She cuts the cake
She takes the piece… She forwards it to shekar he was abt to eat be she turns towards sharmishta and forwards to her.. She was abt to eat.. Rag eats herself.. They were shocked..
She picks the cakes and runs

Rag:Aye dil laaya hai bahaar
Apnon ka pyar kya kehna
All runs behind her..
She sees big teddy and the person has hides behind the teddy… He peeps he is Raj

Raj:milein hum chhalak utha
Khushi ka khumaar kya kehna

Sw drags the cakes from Rag…
Rag runs to raj and hugs him with the teddy in the middle

She sees sw who teasing her by showing her the cake.. She goes to her and they fights
Shek comes to the rescue
Swarag wind at eachother and they apply the cake on shekar’s face
Sharaj laughs
Shek sees them with fake anger

Rag:Hum tum yun hi milte rahein
Mehfil yun hi sajti rahe
She side hugs shek
He in fake anger goes from there leaving both swarag sad

Raj drags both swarag to shek

Raj:Bas pyaar ki yehi ek dhun
Har subah shaam bajti rahe
They wipe his face
He smiles
They hugs him

Shar:Gale mein mehekte rahein
Pyaar bhari
They calls her to join
She too joins and they hv a family hug
Baahon ke haar kya kehna

They teases rag by not giving her fav dish
Later they all makes her eat together which makes rag mouth full

All:Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar kya kehna

Later shek sees Raj coming ragini’s hair

Shek:Aye dil laaya hai bahaar
Apnon ka pyar kya kehna

Raj:Milein hum chhalak utha
Khushi ka khumaar kya kehna

All dances clapping gone round.. Around ragini

All:Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar kya kehna

Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar kya kehna.

Rag hugs all: don’t pamper me this much.. Wat if i die….
All stops her
Raj:i vl hit you if you say this again
Shek: don’t ever say this again
Jan: we can’t live without you
Sw; don’t dare to say this again you hv to face me before anyone
Rag smiles and held her ears: sorry
They smiles and hugs her…..
Rag: nthng can hpn to me bcs i hv u all.. If circumstances brings like that too i know you all will bring me back from death

All glares her: again

Rag bites her toungue:shorry…

All were standing in the corners of the room and was seeing ragini who sleeping life less

Raj smiles suddenly
Raj: why r u all sad and crying
He himself has tears
All looks at him
Raj: don’t you all know rag doesn’t like if anyone cries or sad.. Then why r we like we hv to bring our raagu back…

He comes to Rag and caresses her hair
Raj: u are listening ryte.. Get up i m missing you and your talks…u know wat now i m not fighting with piya.. And puts is coming to treat you.. i know my raagu will be more than first class…

Sanskar came there back to the hospital…
He starts to search ragini… He was moving ward to ward room to room and he finally gets the room through the window he sees her… He sees all her family were surrounded her

Shek held foot:beta..i m sorry….i m very bad father..i married you to him… i should be punished for this…
He was abt to go
Sw held him
Sw:by punishing urself vl everything be alright… Papa plz now we should hv to bring Di back.. And if someone has to be punished then it’s Dev and his family and do will herself give punishment for them… Now plz don’t do something for which do well feel guilty….
All cries

San couldn’t listen their talks by he sees a nurse and asks her abt her

Nurse: she is Ragini… She was been harassed by her in laws very badly that she was in her death bed bt she got saved.. Bt she is living the worst she is in coma.. Don’t know wn she vl gain conscious… Hope she gets fine soon
She goes

He sees all of them coming out as doctor called them to his cabin

He sees them going

He silently sneaks in the room and sees her….

To be continued..

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