Story of a Girl – Ragini (pt 4) by Aliya: will ragini gets saved??

Let’s begin…..

Doctor gets worried….. Seeing ragini’s condition
Doc: she lost the blood due to internal injury arrange the blood fast….
She gives her injection

(Don’t worry i won’t create o-ve blood scene)

After few hrs….

Doc comes out….

Raj goes to her: dr… Ragini
Doc: she is not responding…. To the treatment
Sw; wat do you mean by that?
Doc: now there’s nthng in our hands.. Of she didn’t get conscious in 4 hrs.. She may slip into coma… Now Only ur prayers can save her
Lak: how can you say this Dr…?
Doc: plz try to understand..

Sw cries.. Raj hugs her.. He too had tears….

Raj:shh….ragoo ko kuch nahi hoga

Raj angrily goes from there…

Lak consoles swara….

He goes to police station…
Officer:sir…u can’t take law in your hands
Raj:ahh… My sister is in this position bcs of them
Officer:no sir… You are an army official.. It may risk…
Raj:bhaad mein gayi aisi….
Jst then he remembers ragini telling him


Rag:wow bhaiyya dubai…m proud of you
Raj:bt i m not
Rag:you r working in Indian Embassy..
Raj: by i don’t want to leave you and go
Rag:stop your drama now..pack your bags…
Raj: you r so happy to send me
Rag:bcs…my bro got promotion… He transferred to Dubai as Indian officer and wat else an Indian needs… Serving India living in other country
Rag:u joined army… With it wish… And i know your dream… So go now
Raj:bt u r more important to me
Rag: no first or county then family… Promise me
Rag:wat promise…
Rag:u vl not leave your dream job or talk abt leaving it
Rag:promise me that if something hpnd to me too u vl not leave the job
Raj: don’t u dare to say that… If you say this again then i you
Sw: nobody can say that you r not brthr and sister
Rag: jst cousin doesn’t make away or own brthr doesn’t make brthr for life..
Bt the love makes the relation…..
Rag hugs her

Fb ends

Raj word his tears
Officer: don’t worry sir..i vl look after them
Raj goes from there….

Here ragini’s condition is getting worsen.. She was breathing heavily

Car racing track

Many ppl were cheering there

2 cars come there… One is read and the other is black

A girl flies the flag

Both the drivers gets mad ? they are driving so fast

And the both car finally reach

Black car show is speed…. Then again speeds it

And black car wins the race

A guy come out

Even the another racer too comes out

Both looks at eachother and laughs

Red racer: i can’t win over you… Not in post not in present by in future will try
Black racer:hmm…suraj i won by still m feeling like something is incomplete.. I feel like someone needs me..i don’t know i think i m getting mad

At the time a guy comes running
Black car race revealed to be..i don’t think so.. i should need to reveal obviously you vl know ?

Guy:sir..we need to go
He nods…
While walking he removes his coat and wears a formal blazer
Changes his watch…

Guy: sir.. You are the best
He(still i don’t want to say his name now ?):ya.. You vl say that bcs u r working with me.. In reality u know ryte wat ppl calls me…
Guy:no sirrr…
He: ya.. He owns matrimonial site bt fails in his marriage even before getting fixed..ppl says this
Guy:sir.. Couples are made in heaven i think God didn’t written any girl in my life
Guy:m sure sir u will get a girl
He: everytime you say that athul
Atul:this time i feel it sir
He:hmm..lets see…if that so.. Then she vl listen my call…..

Here ragini’s breath stops…. Everyone are shocked…….

They reach the same hospital….

Doc comes out:m sorry

Everybody were shocked

Doc: she slipped into coma.. i think it’s someone’s prayer that she got saved… Don’t loose hope..

Here athul:sirl..ur dadu is in day care

Raj: don’t cry.. Everything’s ok.. See she vl be back…
Bt he was crying hard
Lak:plzz raj swara..

He was moving to day care….
And rag was bringing out of emergency

His eyes fall on her… He sees her lifeless

Athul pats him:sir…

He sees her.. Who was in stretcher…

He sees her until she was visible to him…..

Athul:sir wat hpnd?
He: that girl…
Athul: it looks like she was been……..
He stops him

To be continued…..

Something unexpected ryte….

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