Story of a Girl – Ragini (pt 3) by Aliya: Will Ragini get saved??

Had goosebumps in last part…i felt happy seeing your support and your pov’s… Thankyou all….
Let’s begin…..

Ragini cries losing her lost hope…..
While dev and his family was were laughing at her…..

His sister’s bring saree…
Dev:wow..wat a beautiful saree..m sure ragini u vl look like an angel…

He unties her…..

Rag couldn’t stand due to the weakness…she fall….

Rag folds her hand:plzz…. tears were flowing from her eyes…

Dev:raagu darling…pati parmeshwar hota hai…so u should listen to me…chalo acche bacchi ki tarah tayyar ho….

Rag nods in no

He held her hairs… Rag winced in pain
Dev:nahi maano gi..nahi maanogi..he slaps her hard….

Rag falls unconscious

Dev’s mom:wat u did?kahin marr tho nahi gayi…

Dev gets scared:no she cant die….she cant die…

Dev’s dad:we wont get a single coin of money…

Dev’s sister check her pulse: no she didn’t….
Dev splashed water on her…
Rag gets little conscious
Rag cries:plzzzz…….l…lllleaveeee….meee

Door bell rings
Dev’s mom:lagtha hai he came..jaldi se isse tayyar karo..i vl go and check…
All nods

Dev’s mom and one of his sister goes to check…

They opens the door to their shock..swalak were standing infront of him…

Dev’s mom was shocked:you both…
Sw:bt jiju told that no one is in home
Lak:ha…aunty u
Dev’s mom:woh…woh..he he d… didn’t knew may….be…may be he got co..nfused that……i m in home……
Sw was glaring her..she looks at his sister:ha…ha he got confused

Sw:laksh..i m thinking to stay here until ragini comes back….
Dev’s mom:no…u can’t…
Sw:why..wn she vl come i vl meet her and go and wr she went?

Dev’s mom/sis: friends marriage/office
Both were shocked

Sw:how she can go both the places

Dev’s mom:ha she went to ofgice i forgot

Sw:are you sure?


Sw:bt jiju told she went to buisiness trip

They were sweating

Here swalak comes back return….
Sw: now what laksh….
A lady sees them…..
Sw sees her
Lady:ha beta ji…
Sw:did you see dev’s wife
Lady confused: dev’s wife…?wn did dev marry?i know their family from past 20 yrs
Swalak were shocked
Lak:her name is ragini…how can this possible?4 months back they got married
Lady:wat did you say her name?ragini
Sw:ha do you know her…
Lady:ha…bohoth pyaari bacchi thi… Par woh dev ki patni ?
Sw:aunty…4 months back ragini was married to Dev…. Plz aunty we need your help.. dev was making reasons in these 4 months…
Lady:bt they told us that she is their maid
Swalak were shocked
Lady:we saw her only for 2 months.. Wn i asked them… They told that she is mentally unstable so sent her to get treatment
Sw cries:i said na laksh there’s something that we didnt know… Something hpnd to ragini
Lady: sometimes i listen to shouts of the girl….. Whenever i asked abt that they excuse themselves….

Swara cries…..

Lak sees a drunkard moving to dev’s house… He goes to him
Lak:wr r u going?
Drunkard he thinks him to be dev:wr is the girl?
Lak:wch girl u r talking abt?
Drunkard:i paid money for whole day.. Remember that….
Lak angrily held his caller and punches him hard
Lak:will you tell me or not…
He gets scared:i buyed a girl for whole day….if you tell i vl go…..
Laksh punches him again….

Swara and the lady were shocked….

Sw:laksh ..laksh…we should find ragini before anything could hpn to her….
Fb ends

Swalak gets in…

Both tries to stop swalak

Sw:ragini..wr r u?

Dev and his family were shocked…

Rag was weak:sh…shona…

Swalak goes to upstairs
Dev’s Mon And sister signal eachother wat to do…?

Swalak checks in the room…

Dev’s mom:she is not here….

Swalak sees storeroom door..they were abt to go

Dev’s mom stands in the middle: why don’t u understand ragini is not here..i vl tell her once she vl be stable…

Lak angrily:will you get up of our way or not…
Dev’s mom:why r u trobling us ..
Sw:m asking u last time will you get up or not
Dev’s mom:no

Sw slapped dev’s mom …..
Sw:will u get up..or….
She’s still nodding no while keeping her hand on her cheeks
Dev’s sister:how dare you to slap my mom!
Sw:i think u need a special treatment
Dev’s sister gets scared and back off

Sw looked at dev’s mom…. She was still standing there

Sw glares her
Dev’s mom nods in no with glassy eyes

Sw pulled her away…
Lak checks the door
Lak: its locked inside…

Inside dev gets worried

Lak breaks the door…
Swalak gets in and were shocked….
Shocked to see ragini in that state…

Sw covered her mouth to control her sobs..tears flow from her eyes

Lak pushes him ….

Sw remrmbers ragini how she lived in the past…her hands are shivering

(If you were in swara’s place watwould you do…to devs family??)

She looks around and sees a rod…with blood shot eyes
She takes it and hits dev…

Sw: how dare you.. How dare you.. You moron…

Lak checks ragini’s pulse:sw we should take ragini to hospital

Dev takes the rod from her…

Sw runs to ragini
She pats her cheek:ragini…ragini get up see ur shona is here…get up…she cries seeing her state…
Her face has nail marks…her head was bleeding…
Her hands and legs had burn marks…

Lak was abt to pick her up

Dev hits him with rod…

Rag gets lil conscious she looks at swara..she smiles weakly tears flow from her eyes
Sw hugs her in that position and cries…

Lak fights with him…devlak has a fight
Dev pinned him to the wall..and pressed his neck

Lak trying to push him:swara.. take ragini and go…

Sw nods

She with difficulty makes ragini stand

Dev’s mom:u can’t take her…
Sw glares her with a blood shot eyes

Dev’s sister pulls swara.. swara falls

Rag stumbled

Sw:ragini move….

Rag cries and nods in no
Sw:move..i said move…

Rag moves with much difficulty

Swara doesnt let anyone to move feom there

Dev sees this he leaves laksh…

Swara doesnt let him to go..
He hits head to the wall…

Rag somehow reached stairs…
Rag sees dev…
She gets scared…

Dev:now you are no use to me…

He pushes ragini from stairs…
She falls from the stairs

Swalak reached
Sw screams:ragini……..

She cries and goes to ragini

Dev laughs
Laksh’s blood boiled… He hits him….
Dev was still laughing….
He pushes her and goes to ragini..
At the time someone comes running there…
He sees Ragini….

His eyes turns to red seeing her in that state….
He looks at Dev who was laughing

Guy:swara laksh..take ragini to the hospital…

Swara looks him..
Swalak takes ragini from there

He goes to Dev and beats him mercilessly….

His family tries to stop him bt his rage his anger went to peaks…he has became devil for them…he hits him.. dev’s mom comes in middle he aas abt to punch her bt stops….

At the time lady(their neighbour)reaches with police

Police are them….

The guy is revealed to be RAJ(played by arjit taneja)


Even doctor gets tears seeing rag state

She checks her….her pulse were falling…

Doctor gets worried

To be continued………

How was the part frnds??do tell me your reviews….

Naina i understand you pov..u want ragini to bold…i promise you that she vl bold …

I vl introduce Raj in next part… Many loved his bonding with ragini in my another ff so thought to add him here..

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  1. Asw

    Amazing yaar keep going

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    Fabulous dear love it

    Dev desserves more than punches, how dare he do that to Ragini, he should die and rot in hell with his family, till they get punished by Ragini for their disgusting acts

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  8. Wow di that was too amazing and thank you so much for considering my suggestions di…….i just want ragini to punish dev. She should take revenge of each and every drop of her blood that flowed due to her. Di you are doing an amazing job by writing this ff. Thank you and once again i end by saying episode was applause deserving. People like dev deserves not only to be eliminated from our society but it should be done in such a way that no other dev courage to stand.

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    OMG alu ur r including Raj here ..I just love ragraj ka bonding in ragini ‘s colourless life wall ff .he’s so protective…I am glad u r writing this .recently I was watching savdhan India .I noticed a similar episode but the girl ka family doesn’t know anything and she commits suicide.finally girl girl mother makes sure he is punished

  13. Bela

    How beautiful Raj and Swalak are, and how pathetic and devilish Dev and his family are. I wish to see them shed tears of blood for all their wrongs. And I wish for Ragini to pay them back the way they did

  14. Raj???????? Sanskaar nahi???????? Oh God , yeh sab kya ho gaya , my ragu , baby Rod se nahi belt se pito saale ko uski family ko …..But Aliya di Sanskaar nahi h kya yaha pe?????????

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  16. please bring sanskar and make ragini life better

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