Story of a Girl – Ragini (pt 2) by Aliya

Thankyou all for liking the concept i m overwhelmed by your continuous support keep commenting which encourages me to write more…

So let’s move to flashback

Ragini was waiting for dev in her wedding night…she has lots & lots & lots of dreams in this relation….
She was shy and blushing remembering any this night….

She was waiting waiting and waiting for dev…. Bt he was nowhere…


Dev was fully drunk…..
Dev mom: beta aaj tumhara spcl night hai…
Dev:ohh..i forgot…..

Dev sis: bhaiyya…pata hai na aapne kis maksad se shaadi ki hai….plan bigaado mat…

Dev sis2:ha..if in this state if you blurt out the truth…then

Dev dad:dev get into ur head that she is not for you….

Dev:i know..m drunk that doesn’t mean i m senseless(he was stumbling..he couldn’t walk properly)

Dev sis2:ha ha woh hame dikh raha hai..

Dev mom: now go before that girl comes in search of you…

Dev moves to the room

Rag was shocked see him like that….
He also told her that he doesn’t drink….

He was abt to fall…rag held him
Rag:u r drunk….?
Dev:bas thoda sa….bt u don’t worry i won’t spoil my night with you….
Rag was shocked….
Rag:wat do you mean…why r u behaving like this?
Dev:baby…tum..tum na bohoth khoobsurath ho…

He pins her to the wall…
He grip were so tight on rag that she winces in pain..tears fall from her eyes
Rag:dev chodo mujhe….
He smirks
She could only see lust in his eyes for her…
He forced him on her….
She screams…..:dev plz….choldo mujhe

Outside everyone are counting the money which were given by shekar..unaware to ragini….shejar given money to dev wn dev manipulated him being in loss and he want to give luxury to ragini….shekar thought abt his daughter’s happiness bt did he knew that he is sending his daughter to the hell??
So each and everyone should raise their voice against dowry…

Rag was screaming: mummy ji….

Dev mom:poor girl..this is just a start…

While all other laughs evilly…..

After sometime….

Dev has fell unconscious…

Rag was sitting in the corner..bending her knees..she was sobbing….she was not in the state to see..her hair were messed and her blouse were torn….she has cover her shawl
Her face her neck her hands has scars blood were oozing out of it… it was looking like an wild animal attacked her….she was wincing in pain….blood were oozing out from her corner of the lip….her head was was like there were no place that the wild animal called dev has hunted her….tears started to dry….she was feeling thirsty….
The room was fully scattered…she stands with many difficulties… she couldn’t walk due to pain…bt somehow she walks broken glass which were on floor it pricked her leg …she wices in pain

She falls there itself…she cries her heart out..she remembers devil who was in the form of angel…. She remembers him forcing her…….

She somehow dozzed off

Next day….

Water splashed on ragini….
Rag opens her eyes..she sees dev’s mom
Sge gets up
Dev’s mom harshly:ut gayi maharani…go now get fresh and come down…many work is left…..

Rag was shocked at her behaviour towards her….she didnt say anything..she silently went to the washroom…..

She closed the door and cries leaning to the door….

She wipes her tears…she gets fresh and comes out and sees dev still sleeping…tears fall from her eyes….if anyone sees her one can say she was a bride yesterday…..

She goes down

Dev’s sister’s signal eachother….towards ragini….

Ragini was made to work like highly paid servant bt the fact was she was a free servant no no her self paid and became servant….

Rag gets swara’s call….

Rag was crying….she wipes her tears….
She picks the call
Sw: Mumbai jaake hame bhool gayi na
Rag was controlling her sobs…..
Sw teasing:tell me wat hpnd in your magical night
Rag remembers the deadly night…..

She somehow controlled her

Rag:shona…howz mom dad?
Sw: everyone’s fine…
Shekar grabs the phn from her
Shek:meri princess kaisi hai..i hope everyone are good there….


She didnt wanted to tell her dad the thing bcs she didnt wanted him to be in guilt…who is her inspiration her mentor her first love…bt she did a big mistake in hiding the fact from her family…..

Days passed…

Ragini being harassed by her in laws….
She used to talk normally with parents thinking that her in laws will change….

One day….

Dev’s dad:money has been spent wch is given by shekar
Dev: don’t worry leave it on me after all ragini is his sweet princess and i his well mannered son in law so if son-in-law is in loss then who vl help….ofcourse father-in-law will help na bcs father loves his princess… He can do anything for his Princess’s luxury….i wish every girl gets these type of father’s
All laughs

Ragini who had heard this was in tears: bt i wish that a girl didn’t even get a in-laws like you in her worst dream too….

All were shocked

Rag: enough is enough galti kar di meine…i thought u vl chng… u won’t…. its over now….i wont stay here for a minute now…

She storms from there…she takes her mobile and was abt to call shekar.. Dev takes it from her and breaks it…

Rag was abt to run.. He held her
Dev:now u vl spoil our plan…

She bites his hand and runs…..

Bt still she was caught and was brought Back

Dev’s mom:bhaagne ka bohoth shauk hai na..tumhe

All smirks at her….

All holds her tightly..she screams…

Rag: leave me…..

Dev’s mom burns her feet

Rag screams in pain

Days passes
Rag was treated badly….
Dev forces himself on her…….
She was weak…she was put in store room…

Once shemish comes bcs they couldnt talk to her

Dev’s family were worried..
Dev tells them that she went for a trip with her new frnds…as she joined a job here she doesn’t even get a time for me
Rag who was tied in store room…
She was so weak

Rag:mumma…..tears fall from her eyes…she tries to free herself…

Shar:plzz tell ragini to call us…if she calls you…

Rag:she calls them….bt her voice is not reaching them…

Shemish leaves from there

Rag nods in no and cries…..

Dev comes to her:aww baby..why r u crying?? don’t worry….

He puts salt and chili powder on her wounds…rag screams… It was burning her a lot….

She cries due to pain…

Dev sis: bhaiyya u r soo bad…always hurting her
She laughs

Dev dad:ahh…how much she vl scream
Cover her mouth
Dev:no dad everytime..i covered this time i don’t want to…i want to listen her scream…its some sort of music to me…

All laughs evilly

Rag was hungry..hunger was killing her

Rag:plzz give me little food i m hungry plzzz

Dev:baby is hungry….

He unties her from chair

He pushes her..she falls on the floor…

He puts the food lil far away…

Rag crawls and goes towards the food

While all were enjoying

Her hands were tied she eats with difficulties

Dev:tumhari jagah yahaan hai…

All goes and locks the door…

A neighbour of them was in doubt….whn they asked dev’s family they made excuse…

Fb ends

In these month shemish felt something is bad… By they got call from ragini which was fake….. So they were happy thinking their daughter is happy there….bt still there was something which doesn’t felt that they r talking to ragini….

Here swalak reached Mumbai

Sw gets call
She picks

Sw:haa bhaiyya…we reached..wn vl u reach here..ok….

They goes to dev’s house…
Dev opens the door and shocked to see swalak

Sw smiles:jiju…how r u??
Dev:mm ..f..ine…
Sweat takes place in his body

Swalak felt weird seeing him

Sw:wr is ragini?
She directly enters

Dev:woh..woh..actually no one is at home….i hv an urgent work…if u dony mind….


Rag who was in store all his family were there in store….

Rag makes sound by chair…
Dev mom slap her…

Dev:swara..can you come later?plzz

Swalak look around..none were still they felt weird today m in urgent..and ragini she went to buisiness trip of her company

Swalak nods they look at eachother and goes

Dev takes sign of relief…
Swalak sitd in car
They looks ay dev..he smiles…
He acts as locking the door….

Swalak leaves from there…

Dev sees their car until its visible to him

Dev mom:ch ch ch…see they left…they trust us so much that they doesn’t even try to know abt you…
Here rag cries losing her last hope…

To be continued……

Guys how was the part?
Its a bad one..its jst a story just imagine the innocent girls who are victim of these types of harassment some more than this!!!!

I tried my best to show the pain of girl…

A question of you see a person like Dev ?? Wat vl u do?? How vl u punish him?
Just to know your pov

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  1. AMkideewani

    Awesome dear, I wish that guys like Dev and his family wouldn’t exist, because life would be so much better without people like them?????Can Ragini please kill Dev and his familly

  2. Asw

    Nice keep going


    awesome dr….. do people like dev exist if so kill them without any mercy.
    show him hell on earth…..its nice plot with ragini centered……….
    make ragini bold and sanskar entry is most awaiting one.
    eagerly waiting for next part dr
    take care

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  7. Just want to torture them like hell. Anyways amazing.

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  9. Amazing feeling bad for ragini. Waiting for sanskar entry.

  10. Awesome aliya di ….dev ko toh belt aur kode se maaro …blo*dy womanizer …..cheapda hw cn he force himself on my ragu….

  11. Hello di the part was awesome. I really feel bad for ragini and coming to dev…. He is a devil. Persons like him have no right to spoil society.
    Di although you part is amazing can i ask you for a slight change. Di can you please show ragini as a confident girl who manages to show hell to her betrayals. Actually as we all know our ff is read by many people i want people to think such girls exist no more. They are now updated and can even become lioness if they wish so

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  17. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it…feeling bad for ragini….omg Dev and his family kill them yar…how shameless they are…They have also daughter na they didn’t think about he life idiots stupid they are not human being….eagerly waiting for nxt one….
    sry for not commenting in ur previous updates dear..sry dear….tkcr dear…

  18. Superb dear .

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