Story of a Girl – Ragini (pt 1) by Aliya

Hey friends Aliya is back again with brand new story….
This story is abt girl being harassed
This will be real story wch hpns around us..i heard these type of story wch also made me cry….i wanted to write the story on my favourite ragsan abt struggle wch girl faces and her love and families support
So this will be Ragsan story…wr sanskar’s entry vl be late…may be after 3 or 4 parts…..hope u all vl like my story and support

Let’s begin…

This is a story of a girl RAGINI who dreams to hv a prince charming like every girl….a sweet innocent talkative shy girl…
Lives with her parents shekar and sharmishta and sister swara who is currently studying in some other state

Rag shares her every pain and gain with swara even it is a very small thing
Same goes with swara….
Swara is love with laksh..only ragini knows abt it… Even ragini met him… He was kind hearted caring sweet guy and she was happy for swara…..raglak became a good friends like friends for life

Ragini too wished to get a life partner who vl care for her in very small small things…

Soon there was an alliance for ragini..
Everything went well… Ragini liked the guy Dev he was well educated and was working in a well reputed company and his family he has 2 sisters and parents..while both his sister’s were married….like any other girl ragini too thought wat can be better than this..she was lucky to get this family and a life partner like dev

Who knows wat stored in the fate??

And laksh asked shekar swara’s hand for marriage….shemish accepted..
Swara wanted to complete her graduation before marriage so their marriage were postponed…

Soon the wedding preparation of ragini has started
Days passed mehendi sangeet haldi everything got completed……

And it was marriage……

Rag got ready in beautiful red lehenga
Sw hugs her from back

Sw:my sister is looking like an angel..and sad that she’s leaving me
Rag:even you left me here alone…to go delhi….
Sw:its not leaving u know how much i missed you…
Rag:lier..i know laksh would never left you to miss me…
Lak comes there:wat’s hpng here..looks like i m the torpic of your talks
Rag:tell me laksh…did u left my sweet sister to miss me…
Lak: actually yes.. I didn’t left her to miss u…now i m so happy u r that even we wont get your thought

Rag oprns her mouth in shock
While swalak laughs

Rag kiddish:ok…i vl be married today and vl leave you and go to Mumbai then who vl be there for u in Kolkata..i vl not call you…i vl not even come here to meet you i vl be vanished from your life’s then u vl understand my importance

Swalak laughs seeing her pout…
Lak:u and vanishing..its Impossible…u know u always calked swara in betwn our romance..thankgod your leaving
He acts as a most happiest person

Sw hits him

Rag:haww…see there vl be one day that u vl cry for me..u vl beg me to come back.. it’s a promise(childish)
Swalak smiles…they continues to tease her…

Who knew that her each and every word is going to be true which swalak doesn’t even bothered abt!

May be this was the last day for her to smile laugh enjoy…. let’s see wat future awaits for ragini!

Soon rag was called…..and marriage completes…..

After the mrg…swalak went back to delhi……
At first rag used to call…later her phn calls got reduced… everyone didn’t take it serious…by days passing she didnt called them…..

Its been 6 month ragdev mrg

Its not like ragini didn’t calked anyone it’s like her words has no life….

Swara was somewhat worried whenever she calls ragini she doesnt pick her call or either its switched off

Only she has to wait till ragini calls

If she calls dev he tells her that rag joined job or she went shopping or v went for a trip..she is busy

Shemish were worried bt they trusted dev for some reason

Even when they goes to meet ragini to Mumbai they were sent back….by some or other reason

Lak:she has prooved her words swara… Its like she’s full mode in she vl directly come to meet us on our wedding
Swara was lost….
Sw:tumhe nahi lagta laksh bohoth kuch choot raha(dont u think laksh something more is missing)

Lak:wat u want to say swara…
Sw: she’s my sister swara…jitna mein usse jaanti hoon utna koi bhi nahi samaj sakta…the girl who couldn’t stay without talking to fully silent…whenever she call uske baaton mein woh jaan nahi hai..jitna pehle hua karta tha
This even laksh cant deny..may be he hv met for a little time…he got to know that she was full of life happiness….

Sw:i m feeling something’s fishy….
Lak:so wat to do next?
Sw:why dont we go Mumbai and check that wat work she has that she doesn’t even has a little time for us…

Here one girl was shown who was tied and she was in floor
Many scars can be seen ….
By seeing her state can be seen that she didnt had food for many days..

Here swalak moves to Mumbai

Precap:wat hpnd in these 6 month with ragini?

So guys next part will show wr is ragini and wat hpnd with her???do you think she is busy with her job or is dev lieing?

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