Story of a girl- One Shot


Hey, hii friends!!!!
Its a true story of a girl..
I just wanted to share this to u all i have writen this by my own..
If u all liked this plzz do comments to appreciate and if u dont like this do tell me my mistakes..
Guys i have writen this from the deep inside my heart and just wrote ot to give courage to all those who r sad in their life..

Its a story of a girl,
Who was brave and bold..
A girl who love to fly..
A girl who was born to be on sky…
But one day she loved someone,
She was on ninth cloud,
She thought she found her world,
But why love has cruel side attached to it?

She was proposed, engaged and was loved by the one she loved,
She found everything which she never thought of,
She became the happiest girl in the world,
But do all stories have happy ending?

In this relation she tried to fly and touch the sky,
But the piece of her sky was snatched by her love,
She loved the one who was brutel and cruel,
She loved the guy who love to flirt,
She made him her life,
But whats going to happen bcoz of this wrong choice?

They both laughed together,
They dine together,
They were seem like world’s best couple,
But in truth there was something which was not clear…

Her dreams were snatched,
Her world was shattered,
But with very broken pieces of her heart she loved him deeper,
She sided her dreams,
And became the girl whom he can love,
But at the end what she got?

She cried all time when she was alone,
She was not allowed to have any decision of her own…

She loved him more and forgot her world,
She lost everything in this love,
She was desperate to remain his world…

So, She gave everything her dreams, her friends to maintain this relation…
She lost her respect and her self in this relation..
She was shattered from inside but kept happy in front of him..
She need sumone who can understand her but she was the only one who kept undrstanding everyone,
She wanted to fly but was kept in cage which was not visible,
It was her desperate love which kept them together,
But the pershon she loved was not worth f this relation,
Life became difficult for her,
Love seems punishment for her,
She kept crawling in search of love,
She kept begging to get his love,
She kept asking but remain in need,
Was all her love just a dream?

He kept punishing her for all silly things,
He never thought of her feelings,
He loved only himself,
And she loved only him….

She became alone,
She remain alone,
She kept shut bcoz she loved him a lot,
She beared all this bcoz she never wanted him to go,
She did all this bcoz she cared for him,
She loved him from the core of her heart,
She wanted him everytime in her life,
She did all this bcoz he was her life….
But what she got from all this?

Was she so bad that she dosent deserved to be love?
What she asked after giving so much?
What she desired was only his love…..

She kept loving him to the extent she can,
But Her life was shattered..
Her loved was crushed…
But one day she got the courage to break the threads…

She gathered herself to stay apart and move on for her life.,
She was a girl and was brave enough to fight for herself,
This was the time when she realise that loving herself is better than loving to someone who dosent deserve it..

She is shattered to the core but now she is herself,
She love herself the most..
She is trying to make the world of her own,
She is trying to stand on her own,
Now she is trying to fly high and touch the sky…..

Guys i just wanted to share the courage u all can have..
All those who r suffering from bad relation disease this is just a hope for them n believe me sumone has really done this and i know all those who r hurt can do this in ur life..
It was not difficult for a girl to copeup such a long relation but believe me its not that difficult…

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  1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    A bad relationship will make u feel more alone than u were single ( read it somewhere)

    I wish my di read it and realize it … she still loves her husband who left her in India and went some other country and posted status separation … till he left this country there was no issue between them … no one knows why he suddenly changed

    Btw veryy nice … keep inspiring

  2. U r amazing…… u have shown girl’s heart, her dream….. her patience….. her ability
    … her determination…. her power to love someone more than her own self……. and of course….. strength to fight from every one for herself……u r just incridible…….. u have proved that if a girl can love someone to the extend then she can also fight with her love for her own self respect.. for her freedom….. Awesome….. shiya…… love u take care…….

  3. Thanks yaar…
    I just wanted to inspire those u r heart broken and have lost themselves in their love relation..
    Its just a inspiration to come out from a bad relation and fight for urself and find urself..
    Life dosent get over after sumone is gone we just have to look for our life with new directions nothing else…

  4. Deepika post this story to ur sister she will read it and i hope will inspire through it…
    I can just hope i can inspire more and more people to live for themself..
    Its a journey of a girl from loving sumone to loving herself..

    1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

      Sure shiya
      I hope she move on

  5. Amazing one shot 🙂
    You put forward the emotions of a girl very nicely.. 😀
    She tolerated a man who physically and emotionally abuses her only because of the selfless love she has for him.. But he was not worth it..
    And last but not the least she loved herself enough to break the relation and lead a happy life..
    Stay blessed dear.. 🙂

  6. Thank u sweetie…
    Thank to deepika, deeva for liking it…
    Love oneself is more imp than loving others..
    She learned it thus moved on..

  7. I completly agree with u..I like it..Inspiring..

    1. Thanks umama….

  8. Awesome, wowwww shiya…it’s really very heart wrenching n emotional story….I’m very much satisfied with your amazing story. …it’s true. …it’s not easy but not hard either…but need lots of courage. …but if there is not one but more ties binding you then what???…my mind n life always in this turmoil. …loved this inspiring story
    …keep it up honeyyy….love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. It may happen that there may be many strings to tie u or binds u but u have to fight 4 urself bcoz the person who needs u most is urself…
      Believe me if u cant understand wat ur heart needs than always choose urself if conditions r like what i stated…
      N thanks for appreciating n hope to see more people liking n inspiring by this story

  9. I’ve no words. Honestly, I dont wanna judge your skills but the way you depicted this! Oh God. You took my breath away. Flawless. And also great job dear for spreading such a nice message. I hope people get out this screwed messy relationship which only snatches and robs most of themselves.

    And a bear hug for this one. Im glad to read this ❤❤

    And I’m ur fan ???

    1. Thanks anu…
      It feels awesome when sumone say like this…
      I just wanted to put forward wat a person has to bear if he or she doesnt undrstand at ryt tym that wat ur relation is going through..
      N thank u all for liking it n suppoting me i m just glad u all liked it…

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