Story of Friendship and Love – Prologue

Hello everyone I’m Khushi. I’m here with a new story I couldn’t continue my other story “the prank that changed our lives” cause I was out of ideas. So here is the new story
“Story of Friendship and Love”.


A black car stops infront of a huge building “Kashyap group of hotels”. A dashing young man gets out from the car and enters the building hurriedly cause he’s late for his meeting. He runs towards a cabin and enters in it. A girl is seen standing there waiting for him with a black tie.

Boy: hurry up tie it fast I’m getting late
Girl: oh please don’t tell me to hurry up cause you’re the one who’s late

Just then the boy’s phone rings
Boy: hello… WHAT
(conversacion is muted)
Boy: I’m coming don’g worry just take of her

The boy to the girl
Boy: Kavita cancel all my meetings
Kavita: but why? Any problem(worriedly)
Boy(tensed): I’m going to Kolkata pls book my ticket asap
Kavita: but what happend and why are you so tensed
Boy: I need to go there she needs me. When I call you just come to kolkata okay
Kavita: okay

Who’s the boy? Whose call was it? For whom is the boy so tensed?


Sanskaar Kashyap: top business man in India. His parents live in London and he has a sister Preeti

Swara Verma: a doctor by profession lives in New York only child of her parents

Ragini Bose/Gadodia: daughter of Sumi and Shekhar (rest will be revealed later)

Laksh Maheswari: a psychiatrist in India. Younger brother of Adarsh and son of Ap en Dp.

Pairs: Swasan & Raglak


  1. Fairy

    Superb dear…loved ragini/raglak πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ …, n d boy is sanskaar :)..keep rockng dear…waitng for ragini’s entry πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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