Story of Friendship and Love – Part 9

Hey guys so sorry for late update. Thank you so much for the comments. As I said the pairs are swasan and raglak. And whether sanskaar loves ragini or not you’ll get to know soon.
Here is the next episode

Raglak were inside the house.
Ragini: why did you leave the college before graduation day
Laksh: I was really heartbroken when I came to know that sanskaar and you were in a relationship. It always pierced my heart whenever I saw you both I couldnt bear it more. So I left the college
Ragini: it was just a prank.(looking into his eyes) I have loved YOU since the first day. And I will always do
Laksh(hugging her): I love you too ragini
They were in each other embrace
Laksh(teasingly): but you didnt answer sanskaar’s question
Ragini(sad voice): do you know what had happened with me
Laksh(cupping her face and soft tone): yes sanskaar told me everything about you. And dont worry I will never let your past overcome OUR future. Kisses her forehead
Ragini(tears in her eyes): I love you laksh I love you(hugs him tightly)
Laksh reciprocates the hug: I love you too

Meanwhile outside
Kavita: how did you find him
Sanky: woh I hired a private detective
Kavita: for the first time in life you have done something good
Sanky takes a bow: thank you mrs SK
Kavita: stop calling me that(hitting his shoulder) idiot
Raglak came outside
Kavya saw them: guys they are coming
Sanskaar(teasing): welcome love birds all set
Laksh smiled while ragini blushed😊😊
Sahil: oy hoy someone is blushing sanky
Ragini was now crimson red☺☺
Sumi(side hugging rago): stop it boys dont tease my daughter
Sanky: so rago rani are you happy
Rago: yes very much (realised what he said)
what did you say
Sanky: rago rani
There were tears flowing from her eyes listening rago rani

Sanky: arey yaar(hitting his forehead) rago rani why are you shedding so much pani(water)
Ragini(hitting him playfully): shut up stupid
Everyone was happy seeing ragini so happy
Laksh: aunty I’ll take your leave
Ragini got sad hearing that. Laksh saw it and said
Laksh(looking at rago): but dont worry I’ll come soon but this time with my parents for our marriage
Ragini blushed
Sanky(scratching his head): but she didnt say yes for the marriage
Laksh: dont worry she’ll say it very soon
He bid everyone bye and went. Here everyone was getting inside the car and sanky was looking at the farmhouse
Rp: sanskaar lets leave now son
Sanky: dad can we stay her for tonight
Rp: why all of a sudden
Sanky: I dont know I just wanna stay here
Sujata: why dont you kids stay here
Rago: thats a great idea thanks mom
Sanky: okay we’ll come in the morning
Rp: okay bye
All friends: bye

Everyone was sleeping when rago got up to drink water. She was drinking water when she saw a shadow. She got a little scared she opened the door and saw a person going in a room. She followed him to the roon and turned on the light. She got shocked to see the person
Rago(shocked): adi what are you doing here in this room
Sanky: calm down rago
Then ragini saw the room it was full of pictures of a girl
Rago: who is she sanky
Sanky: SWARA…

Thank you guys once again for reading and the comments and a big sorry for a short update. The next one will be very long

Precap: swasan past. (present)Maheshwaris at bose house and swara…


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