Story of Friendship and Love – Part 7

Hi guys, I’m back thank you so much for the wishes and comments. So here is the next part

Rago: the idea of putting apple juice in champagne was superb (laughs)
Sanky: of course it was , whose idea was it after all
Rago: MINE hahaha
Sanmy: yeah whatever haha

Ragsan were shocked when they heard the voice. They looked towards the door and saw Kavya

Kavya: you guys fooled us
Ragsan looked at each other and then kavya: uhhmmm yessss(with a proud smile)
Just then kavhil and arjun entered the room
Kavya to kavita: kavita these two fooled us at the restaurant and told them the whole story
Kavita: you guys didnt change at all. You(ragsan) fooled us AGAIN
Sahil&Arjun(confused): again??
Kavi: yeah the fooled us 5yrs ago in college
Sahil: wow tell us what they did

Ragsan kavita and kavya were in the same class. One day ragini came to kavita and kavya and told them
Rago: heyyyy, there is a good news
Kavya: hey and whats that
Rago: I love him yaar
Kavya+kavita(shocked): who?!
Rago: adi, you know I love him so much
Kavita: omg I’m so happy for you
Kavya: did you tell him

Rago: not yet. Thats why I came here. I need help yaar
Kavita: help??
Rago: yeah how should I tell him
Kavya: listen he’s your bestfriend na then just go and tell him.
Rago: but if he breaks our friendship then
Kavita: I dont think that he’ll break the friendship and I think that he also likes you. Just go and tell him
Rago(taking deep breath): okay

Kavita+kavya: good luck
Next day ragsan came to college hand in hand. Kavya and kavita were waiting for them in canteen. When they saw ragsan they were really happy
Kavya: welcome love birds
Sanky looked lovingly at rago while rago was blushing
Sanky: hmm so girls today my treat. Tell me what you all want
The girls said what they wanted sanky brought everything. Ragsan kept acting as if they were a couple till graduation day. And when they told they were just playing a prank and fooled kavita and kavya. That they kavita and kavya made ragsan run from college to baadi
Flashback ends
Sahil: haha guys you both(ragsan) are just too much
Arjun: really yaar
Sahil: but sanky did you ever have feelings for ragini
Sanky: no yaar but I proposed her once
Kavhil+kavjun: whatttt
Arjun: really

Sanky: yup but she rejected my proposal
Sahil: why
Sanky: cause…(before he could complete rago spoke)
Rago: he’s not my prince charming
Sanky: thats right
Just then sumi came to the room
Sumi: you kids didnt sleep yet. Come on go to sleep. Tomorrow you all need to help me
Rago: help you? In what
Sumi: arey sujata and rp are coming tomorrow
Everyone just jumped in happiness. Sumi was glad to see the bonding of the friends. Later everyone went to their room to sleep
Sanky was just going to lie on his bed when his phone rang
Sanky: hello
Caller: hi sir its me aman(sanky’s pa
Sanky: yeah aman
Aman: sir I found the person
Sanky: good text me the adress
Aman: okay sir
Episode ends with smiling face of sanky

Precap: Sanskaar proposes Ragini

Hope you guys like this one. Thank you very much once again

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