Story of Friendship and Love – Part 6


Hello everyone I’m Shurojnie Khushi’s sister. Actually khushi is ill that’s why she couldnt update her ff. So sorry everyone for the delay. So here is the next part

The friends went to a nearby restaurant. They had dinner there and after that they ordered champagne. The waiter brought 2bottles of champagne and he signalled something to ragsan

Kavita: arey why 2bottles. 1 is more than enough for us
Ragini: 1 is for you guys and the other 1 is of ours(ragsan)
Arjun: and why is that so
Sanky: cause you guys dont drink like we do. You all have it in glasses and we drink direct from the bottle
Kavjun&kavhil had the champagne in glasses while ragsan drank from the bottle
After sometime ragsan were fully drunk their eyes were red they couldnt even walk properly. Sahil and arjun somehow managed to get them in the car
Kavya: if dida sees them in this drunken state then she’ll not leave any of us
Rago(drunk): dont worry we can manage. Right adi?
Sanky(drunk): 100% (hiccups)
Ragsan put on their sunglasses and went inside baadi. They entered the house
Dida: why did you come so late. I was so worried
Rago: dida just chill yaar it was just a party

Sanky: yeah dida you should have come with us
Dida: wait a sec. Why are you both wearing sunglasses in the night
Rago: dida night vision
Dida: you shut up
Rago put her finger on her mouth
Dida: sanky you tell me
Sanky: these sunglasses uhmmm I forgot. Rago do you remember
Rago: no even I forgot
Ragsan started thinking and suddenly they started singing
Ragsan(singing): Menu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda hai gore mukhde te
Jachda hai gore mukhde te
And they ran to sanky room

In room
Ragsan sat on the bed and both burst out laughing
Rago: adi we fooled them (gives hi-five to sanky)


The friends sat on the table
Sanky: guys I forgot to lock the car. I’ll be right back
He came back with 2champagne bottles. The one that he gave to sahil had champagne and the other one had apple juice and ragsan started drinking from the bottle
Kavita: sanky are you both really drinking champagne
Ragsan looked at eachother
Kavita: I dont believe you guys let me smell the bottle
Sanky: okay
Just then kavya was going to drink from her glass and sanky dropped her glass deliberatly.
Sanky: so so sorry kavya
Kavya: its okay
Then sanky held the bottle in such way that when kavita would smell the bottle she would only smelle champagne that fell on sanky hand
Kavita: hmmm it is champagne
Rago: can we drink now please
Kavita: yeah sure
Flashback ends

Ragsan were laughing like 2 maniacs
Suddenly they heard a voice. And they got shocked

To be continued…

Guys when khushi will get better she will update the next part. Again really sorry guys
Hope you like this one

Note: guys I’m just uploading this ff on khushi’s behalf

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