Story of Friendship and Love – Part 5


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Here is the next part

Sanky called kavita
Sanky: hello kavita come to kolkata with everyone
Kavita: ok done

After 3hours
Sanky and gang were sitting on the terrace. He told them everything
Sahil: samrat mallik is his name right
Sanky: yup, do you know him
Sahil: yeah man we were together in college same class
Kavita: thats great
Kavya: and how it that great kavita

Kavita: arey sahil knows him (to sahil) and I’m sure he also knows you I mean remembers you
Sahil: yeah so
Kavita: toh if you talk to him then I’m sure he will tell you everything and we will record his confession and expose him. What say guys?
Sahil: hmmm not bad wifey we can try
Sanky: hmmm but before we give the recording to the cops we will show it to his father. Cause samrat mallik is hell scared of his father. So lets do it
They discuss the plan

Next day
Sahil went to mallik villa
He met samrat and they talked a lot about their college life business. Just then sahil asked
Sahil: hey samrat I read in the paper yaar about that colony incident. Tell me more about it na. Cause as far as I know samrat mallik doesnt like to lose
Samrat: that’s right I dont like to lose and he told everything to sahil. How he married ragini how he tortured her and threw her out of the house. Just then he felt a tight slap on his face. He got shocked to see the person
Samrat(shocked and holding his cheek): DAD

(Veer mallik father of samrat)
Veer gave him another slap: just shut up dont call me dad with you filthy mouth. I’m ashamed that you are my son. Shame on you(turns toward ragini) I’m really sorry beta. I didnt know that he has done this mixh with you(to sanky and sahil) thank you boys if you wouldnt have put the camera on your shirt button I would never come to know that my son can stoop so low
Veer to ragini: beta I know that what samrat did in unforgiveable thats I want you to punish him. He has tortured you alot na now its your turn
Ragini looked at sanky and sanky went towards her

Sanky: rago this is why I brought you here. So that you could punish him before the law gives him punishment. Ragini looked at sanky with tears in her eyes. Sankh gave her a belt. Rago took it and started beating samrat very badly. She kept on beating for almost an hour when she got tired she stopped. Samrat was looking very badly with all those marks of the belt
Sanky: officers take him away. The cops took samrat from there. Then everyone came back to baadi. Sanky could see a relieve on ragini’s face and he was very happy to see her like this
Sanky: guys this calls for a celebration right
Ragini just jumped in happiness: partyyyyyy lets go adi
Everyone was happy to see ragini like that

Hope you all like this part

Precap: Ragsan rocked baki sab shocked

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  2. hehehehehe khushi i loveddddd ur precap yaar…awesome 😉 …waitng for it!!! n episode ws fantastic…keep rockng dear 😉

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    Hi kushi.. bt sorry for being late.. i read all chapters.. wow its different nd bonding btwn ragsan was awesome.. hmm suprb story line.. all are showing positive vibe. Y shock?? Is samrat out frm jail??? Waiting for nxt kushiii

    1. Khushiii

      Hey don’t be sorry dear I’m glad you read it and liked it also and no samrat for some time maybe ☺☺

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