Story of Friendship and Love – Part 4


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Sanky was sitting was sitting beside ragini. Just then he saw her fingers moving and he got happy he immediatly called dida and sumi. Ragini got up sumi helped her in sitting properly
Sumi: rago you’re fine na
Ragini(weak voice): maa dont worry I’m fine
Dida: rago I’ll go and bring some soup for you okay
Ragini: dida… She was cut off by sanky’s voice
Sanky: dont worry dida I’m at her service(looking at ragini
Here ragini was surprised to see sanky(she didnt know that sanky camd causs she was not in her senses when sanky came)
Ragini(weak voice): adi, when did you come
Sanky/adi: when you were sleeping like a lady kumbhkaran (he said all this to divert her mind to make her smile) now come and have this special soup made by the great chef
Ragini: no I’m not hungry
Sanky: but I am and I dont like to eat alone. And you know this very well.
Sankh made ragini have the soup
Sanky:maa dida if you both dont mind can I talk to rago alone please
Sumi and dida nodded and left the room
Ragini: why did you send them
Sanky(cupping her face) look rago I know this isnt the right time to talk about this but its needed. Please tell what happened actually
Ragini was thinking about all the things that happened and she started panicking. Sanky saw this
Sanky(very calmly): rago just look at me(he made her look at him) dont panick I’m right here look your adi is with you. Now tell me what happened
Ragini held sanky’s hand vey tightly and she started telling sanky everything from the begining

A car is shown coming with full speed towards a colony. The man came out of a car by looking at his clothes you could say that he was a business man. He came there with a lawyer. The manager of the colony came and asked the lawyer
Manager: sir what happened(by that almost everyone of the colony came there)
Lawyer: you all have to evacuate this place
Everyone got shocked
Manager: but why all of a sudden this is goverment property you cant tell us to evacuate this place
Lawyer: yes we can cause this property is now of mr. Samrat Mallik he is the owner.of this place. He will build a 5star hotel here(he showed the papers to the manager)
Just then samrat spoke
Samrat: listen everyone I give you 2days to leave this place and if that doesnt happen I will all out from here. And he left with his lawyer from there. The people didnt knkw what they should do and at that time ragini came there to meet a girl from her class who was ill. She got to know about samrat and what he did. She decided that she will fight for the rights of those people and against samrat. She had to face many hurdles but atlast she won against samrat
And one day samrat came to baadi. He went to the gadodia house and met shekhar and dadi. Sumi and ragini went to the market
Samrat: mr. Gadodia I want to marry your daughter ragini
Dadi and shekhar were shocked but then became happy cause samrat is a very rich man
Shekhar: ofcourse mr. Mallik I would be the happiest person if my daughter marries you. At that time sumi and ragini came back. Ragini was shocked to see samrat there
Ragini(angry): you!! What are you doing here huh
Sumi: rago you know him?
Rago: yes maa he is samrat mallik who wanted to snatch those people home
Samrat(fake tears): look I’m very sorry for that. I know I did wrong but now I’m changed and I love you alot please marry me
Ragini got shocked hearing this: what!! Have you lost it I will never marry you
Shekhar: beta atleast give him a chance
Samrat: no let it be mr. Gadodia dont force her. I’ll take your leave now (looking at ragini) I’m really sorry. He left from there
Samrat(in mind): you’ll havs to marry me ragini. You’ve hurted my ego I wont leave you that easily I’ll take my revenge for sure(smirks evily)
The next day samrat called shekhar to meet him
Samrat: please sit. Look I’ll tell you frankly I wanna marry your daughter
Shekhar: but she doesnt want to…(he was cut off by samrat)
Samrat: I dont care convince her to marry me and I’ll make you 25%partner of my company. But convince her by hook or crook
Shekhar immediatly accepted his offer and went from there. He came home and went to ragini’s room
Shekhar: ragini
Rago:yes papa
Shekhar: beta please marry samrat
Rago: no papa
Shekhar(fake tears):beta please I know he did wrong with those people but now he’s really regretting. And he also loves you. Look beta I’ve never asked anything from you this the first andast time please marry him I’ll never ask you anything but please marry him(folding his hands)
Ragini became emotional seeing her father like that. All she wanted was her father happiness amd she agreed for the marriage
Soon the marriage day came. Ragini and samrat were married
That night itself samrat started showing his true colours. He told ragini everything why and how he married her. He used to treat her a servant. She used to do all the chores in tbe house. Like this 6months passed. And one day samrat came drunk home. He went to a party and someone hurted his ego by telling his business partners about th colony incident. He went to the servant quarters and saw ragini sleeping on the floor he became very angry and threw a jug with cold water on her and she woke up
Ragini(scared): what are you doing here
Samrat(very angry): because of you I had to face embarrasment in that party all becuse of you. Now I wont spare you.(he removed his belt and started beating ragini almost the whole night)
The next day ragini somehow managed to go to the police station to file a complaint. It no one helped her then she went to gadodia house. Shekhar didnt want her to stay there and told her to ho from there but sumi stopped her and fought with shekhar to let ragini stay there
Flashback ends

Ragini was crying miserably hugging sanky even sanky was crying
Sanky composing himself: but when did you help those people
Rago: remember when you had to go to london for one month, that time it happened and do you know when you came to meet me and a servant came to you to tell That I dont wanna see your face
Sanky: yeah I remember
Rago: it was samrat who told that servant to say that to you. When I came to know taht you were there I wanted to hug you and say just take me away from you
Sanky just hugged rago and said
Sanky: dont worry rago wverything will be fine and I make sure that samrat mallik suffers (with determination
Rago just looked at him
Sanky took his phone and called someone

Hope you guys like this part

Samrat Mallik: Mohit Malik
Kavita Singh: Nikita Sharma
Sahil Singh: Anuj Sachdeva

Precap: Samrat Mallik chapter closed

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